XXXmas orphans oh my!

So ’tis the holiday season for egg nog, non-gender specific ginger persons cookies and Mystletoe, santa’s premier and friendly North Pole ho.
My ho-liday weekend was filled with lots of love and orphans. Lots of orphans. An orphan in the ho-liday dictionary is described as a person who does not return to their immediate/blood related family for the ho-liday season but instead spends it jammin’ out with the locals at the local queer bar. I was destined to be a ho-liday orphan but I was determined to make it a festive party at the very least.
I had about five hours being Mystletoe, santa’s personal ho at my other work establishment and decided to continue this new tradition of mine to the XXXmas orphan party. I came prepared with non-gender specific ginger persons cookies and all-inclusive star cookies that happened to be blue. and Fudge. lots and lots of Fudge.
I was trying to be a PC ho full of wonder and cheer.

The party was wonderful.

The next night I spent singing my little heart out at an annual karaoke sing-along. Nothing feels more like XXXmas than karaoke, improv dancing jingle elves, good people and a sandwich buffet. I can’t think of anything better.


That was a big But.

The real reason my ho-liday was not as dreadful as I thought it was going to be was for the mere fact of an amazing community that has entered into my life, quite suddenly. Nestled on the often avoided corners of Taylor and Ellis in the often overlooked neighborhood of the Tenderloin is a magnificent space that contains the most pure essence of revolution I have ever encountered. On that corner lies Glide Memorial Church.
Glide Memorial Church is first and foremost a social work organization providing much needed help to the area of the Tenderloin. It provides HIV testing throughout the year, three full meals a day, bedding and shelter to the homeless community Every Night, free primary medical care, support groups, and job placement. All these services are provided to THOUSANDS of people everyday and every year. It is truly amazing.
Over the holiday season Glide hosts toy drives, grocery donations and annual holiday dinners that really show the true meaning of the holiday season to a community is overlooked.

But. BUT.
Every Sunday Glide hosts a 9 am and 11 am Celebration that is so amazing. So So SO amazing. It is a space where you will hear amazing gospel music, see every hair/skin color of the rainbow, every sexual orientation, hear the pastor talk about the trans community and hear him refer to God as a She. I love it.

So I decided to go to the Celebration services on Dec. 24th and Dec. 25th. I couldn’t get enough of Glide this ho-liday season.

– passing by a sign that said “Gender Illusionist”. makes me think of a whole cache of magic tricks with my favorite dildo and harness.
-creating Tit Prints at Nude Aid with helpful advice from Ms. Annie Sprinkle
-going into Pearl Arts Store and trying to explain why I needed non-toxic paint for sensitive areas of my body. I finally just said ‘i am donating artwork that i am printing with my breasts. Tit prints’.
-buying my Hitachi Magic Wand and knowing the real reason why it is aaaamazing.
-the Ho-liday Party event of the Year

I will leave with a little limerick about a very special ho:
There once a grrl named Mystletoe
she was Santa’s personal Ho
her stocking full of coal
because she stroked the claus’ pole
she was the real reason Rudolph was all aglow!

xo rozen


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