Worried About the New Airport Scanners? Try These Pasties Out

You’ve probably heard the news about the new airport scanners that are able to see through clothes in search of hidden weapons. Unfortunately, they also show genitals, there are concerns about their safety, and if you want to opt out of the scan, you have to put up with a very intimate grope from a TSA agent.

Leaving aside the questions of effectiveness or safety, a lot of people are concerned about having an unseen TSA agent looking at their junk. So of course, someone has come up with a product to keep it from happening.

Flyingpasties.com is offering rubber shapes that slip under your clothes to block the scanner from seeing your nipples or genitals. Now, I don’t know if TSA is going to allow that- after all, the point of the scan is to look for hidden objects and I have to wonder if these will end up getting you sent to a hands-on search. And of course, they don’t protect you from the effects of the radiation.

But I have to give credit where it’s due- the pasties say things like:

Only my girlfriend/wife/husband/boyfriend sees me naked.
Objects are larger than they appear
Just hiding my junk

It certainly didn’t take long for someone to think this one up. πŸ™‚

Dr. Charlie Glickman

Charlie Glickman is the Education Program Manager at Good Vibrations. He also writes, blogs, teaches workshops and university courses, presents at conferences, and trains sexuality educators. He’s certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, and loves geeking out about sex, relationships, sex-positivity, love and shame, communities of erotic affiliation, and sexual practices and techniques of all varieties. Follow him online, on Twitter at @charlieglickman, or on Facebook.

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