With a Closed Fist

Cassidy clapped her hands in delight as she stood over the naked woman kneeling on the hardwood floor. A respectful voice informed Cassidy that her mentor was gifting a toy for her achievements to date.

 “Whatever you chose Miss Cassidy. He leaves it to you to determine her fate, punishment or pleasure.” With that, the man slipped out and closed the door.

Low lighting shimmered on lightly tanned skin as Cassidy examined her toy. She noticed the woman’s eyes were cast down in the proper submissive manner. Short honey-colored hair framed a delicate face.

Cassidy nudged a slender thigh with the toe of her leather boot. The woman didn’t flinch or respond in any way. Cassidy tapped her crop on a smooth buttock, but still no indication or acknowledgement from her gift. In an instant Cassidy knew what she would do. She was going to force a reaction from this woman and rip screams from her throat.

With hands and leather crop, Cassidy arranged her new toy to her liking. Looking self-conscious, the pretty woman now lay on her back with her legs chained high and wide above her head, her sex completely exposed. As Cassidy stared at her, a rosy blush spread over the woman’s skin. Cassidy smiled and turned to grab a bottle of lube and a powerful vibrator.

“Do you have anything to say to me before we begin?”

“No Mistress.” Soft words that spoke volumes; Cassidy knew she would enjoy breaking this one.

Dripping lube onto the tip of the vibrator, Cassidy rubbed it over the woman’s smooth sex, pausing to press it against her clit before turning it on. She saw the quick blink of an eye and heard the barest intake of breath, but no other reaction. She turned up the vibrator, pressing down slightly. Minute by minute, she increased the speed and pressure of her powerful tool, watching as her toy began to breathe quicker and her juices began to flow.

Focusing on her silent submissive, Cassidy watched for subtle movements or reactions and when she judged the time right, changed things up. Maintaining pressure on the swollen clit, she lubed up her other hand and slipped two fingers into the wet well. Exploring the woman’s most private channel she slid a third then a fourth finger deep into the now dripping pussy. A low gasp made her smile. She pulled her fingers out and slid them back in, again and again, feeling muscles tighten as the pressure inside and out grew.

Cassidy withdrew her fingers and heard a slight whimper. She didn’t give her prize time to think, she plunged her entire hand back inside, her fingers forming a closed fist that pressed against that most sensitive of female flesh. She acknowledged the woman’s strangled cry by pumping her fist inside the hot, wet pussy.

This was meant to be a punishment and Cassidy did not hold back. She twisted her fist as she drilled it in and out, feeling the slick pussy walls clench on her hand and wrist. The sensation drove her on, as did the panting cries that grew louder and louder as she wore down her toy’s resistance. The vibrator continued its assault on the woman’s engorged clit.

Suddenly Cassidy ripped her hand out from the woman, pulling back the vibrator. Tears poured down her toy’s cheeks as she was deprived of the sensations coursing through her body. Her cries grew louder and louder until Cassidy slapped her quickly twice across the face. Panting gasps indicated she had broken through the downward spiral.

With a harsh smile she pushed her hand back into the swollen pussy, filling the woman and exploring deep inside her. Cassidy increased her speed and forcefully applied the vibrator. The whimpering escalated to shrieks.

The noise was broken by desperate pleading. “Please Mistress, may I come? Please may I come?” Her voice was ragged and hoarse.

“Do you deserve to come?” Cassidy’s voice was full of authority.

“No Mistress. Oh Mistress… Please may I come?” Her entire body shook and sweat dripped from her face.

“Do you belong to me?”

“Oh yes, Mistress, please Mistress. Oh, may I please come?”

More violent thrusts sent her body beyond its limits. Finally Cassidy looked down into wild eyes, “You may come.” 

A storm of sounds ripped from the woman as she submitted to Cassidy’s domination. Her pussy clamped down hard on Cassidy’s fist as she twisted again and pulled out. A stream of warm fluid squirted from the bound woman as shrill screams tore at her throat. Her body bucked and shuddered, straining against her bonds as her eyes rolled back in her head.

Standing, Cassidy stretched out her back and arms before turning back to her toy. Gently she released her, holding the shuddering, moaning body tight.

Parched lips kissed her hand. “Thank you Mistress!”

Shayna York

Shayna York writes erotica; sexy, steamy fiction. She is the raunchy alter-ego of a 30-something woman who was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. By day, she works in the field of communications, planning events and making things happen. Shayna believes erotica is all about getting your mind tuned in and your body turned on! Her first published story, 12 Steps to Desire is available now at: www.pinkpetalbooks.com!

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