Please, Hunter, please…”

Hunter and I fuck raw. We fuck like animals. Hard, heavy, the sweat-sheen gleaming on our bodies. We fit together like pieces of a puzzle, two strikingly similar bodies, long, lean, muscular. And when we do it doggy-style, he seals himself to me, until we’re as close together as possible.

At least, that’s what I always thought.

Because last night was different. Last night, we got closer than ever before.

You see, he fucked my ass last night. It wasn’t the first time we’ve engaged in this super-sexy act, but it’s the first time it made me come. More important than that, it was the first time I asked him to do me like that, begged him to.

“Please, Hunter, please…”

Whenever we fuck in the bedroom, Hunter puts the mirror right next to the bed so that we can watch. He likes to watch. It’s one of his all-time favorite turn-ons. He says, “See, that’s you. That’s the way you look when I’m inside you.”

I stare at my reflection, seeing but not seeing. Falling into myself, into the hot gold glow of my brown eyes, the parted-helpless look of my lips. I look hungry when we fuck. But I also look overwhelmed by the pleasure, by the decadence, by the base quality of his skin on my skin.

Last night was different. Last night, we went beyond skin on skin. I felt as if he dove deep inside of me, inside my thoughts, finding out my private fantasies and exposing them to the light.

He said, “Touch yourself. Find that clit of yours and stroke it.”

My fingers were wet, clumsy, and I had to work to connect with the hard nub of tingling flesh and rub, rub, rub. I love touching myself for my man, but usually I close my eyes, slipping into my daydreams as I stroke up and down. Last night, the rules changed.

He said, “Watch while you come. Watch your face change.”

I wasn’t even close to coming. I was on fire. My skin burned. I wanted something more. I tugged at my clit, rubbed it fiercely with my third finger, knowing I’d be sore the next day, but not caring.

“Please, Hunter, please…”

“Lube yourself up,” Hunter said, passing over the bottle of glistening liquid.

I obeyed, as always. I squirted out several shots of the thick lubrication and spread the slick substance over my pussy. Now, my fingers squished in the combination of synthetic juices and my own natural cunt-made love potion as I continued to try and get myself off. It’s not as if I don’t know how to make myself come. I’m great at it. I’ve got an incredible resume of experience. I know how to touch myself when I’m alone, and how to put on a grand show for a partner. But last night was different. Last night, I needed more.

I looked into my eyes, as he wanted me to do. Then I looked into his eyes and I said, “Please, Hunter, please….”

“Please what?” His cock was stroking me inside, pushing against the walls of my pussy, touching me in all the places that usually work to get me off but weren’t working last night. “Please what?”

I think that he knew what I was going to say before I did. I continued to make those roving, sweet circles up and over my clit. I pinched my clit firmly between my thumb and forefinger and then let that hot little button slide free. I used two fingers together to rub in a slippery downward stroke. I did all these things while I got up the nerve to say what I wanted. Then, finally, I drew in a deep, trembly breath, and whispered, “Put it in my ass.” The words were so difficult for me to confess, and I looked down at the mattress immediately. Hunter was having none of that. He reached forward, cupped my chin in his hand and forced my head up.

“Look at yourself,” he demanded.

I did. Oh, was that difficult, but I did. And now, my fingers made juicy-wet noises as they rotated faster and faster over my clit. I felt as if I was hovering over the brink of pleasure, as if I only needed one good strong push and I would fall into the ocean of bliss that awaited.

“Now, say it again.”

I bit my full bottom lip, not wanting to obey his command. But I kept my fingers going, making those endless rotations that only I know how to make. God, did that feel good. Circles, spirals, hearts, diamonds. I was hitting all of the right spots, and now, as I found myself ever closer, I started to give my pussy firm little love-taps with four fingers together. A soft pat, and then another circle. A little harder tap, and then two diamonds.

“Say it again,” Hunter demanded. “Do it for me, baby.”

I felt dizzy with craving, useless with want, and I said, “Please, Hunt. Please…” My voice got hoarse and lowered in pitch. “Please put it in my ass.”

“Put what in your ass?”

My head wanted to go down again. My eyes wanted to focus on the bed, on the black satin comforter, on the fluffy white pillows, on anything but my reflection. He wouldn’t let me.

“Put your cock in my ass,” I whispered, in a rush, all at once to get it out.


He pulled out of my cunt and moved away as he asked, and being emptied was a horrifying sensation. I needed his touch. I needed his body against mine. I watched as he poured a river of the lube over his cock and then pumped his fist up and down several times, lubing himself with a graceful motion.

“I want…” I started, unsure, “I want to feel you.”

His cock was already wet with the medley of my warm, sticky juices and the slick lubrication, but now he parted the cheeks of my ass and let a rainfall of the lube ready my waiting asshole. He used his thumb to spread the greasy wetness all around before pressing the head against my hole. I almost came from that sensation alone. “You want to feel my hard cock deep inside you–”

“Yes,” I managed to say, finally managed to say, “Oh, yes, that’s exactly what I want.” And as I spoke, I nodded, keeping my eyes on his in the mirror as he bucked his hips forward slightly, letting the head work slowly in. I sucked in my breath at the intrusion, and tried to will my muscles to relax.

“Easy, baby,” Hunter said, his fingers gripping my hips as he slid a bit deeper. I knew that there were several more inches to go, and that thought filled me with a flare of joy tinged with fear. My fingers continued to make their tantalizing trip up and down my clit as Hunter pushed in deeper still. Gently, he slid in further until I knew he was all the way inside me.

And I liked it. That’s the truth.

I liked the fullness of it. The weight of his cock inside me as he began to fuck my back door. He rocked back and forth, not sliding all the way out, leaving the head within me as he worked the shaft. My body contracted on him, connecting with him, and I gave myself over to the rhythm he set. For some reason, fucking like this was different than all the other times. This was a partnership, and I moved back on him and used my body with his. I slid up and down, actually fucking myself on his cock, and as I worked him, I relaxed.

“That’s right,” Hunter said. “You take it, girl. You fuck me.”

My fingers continued their magic, mystical motions, and the combination of my touch and his stroking took me right where I needed to go — and although I come every time we’re together, for some reason, I felt as if I’d reached a new height. I felt as if I’d uncovered areas that had been previously closed to me, as if all doors had opened.

Occasionally, when I stare at my reflection while we fuck, I look overwhelmed. Last night was different. Last night, I looked satiated. I looked complete.

I looked whole.


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