Where to begin…?

My goodness! So much to write about and so little time! First, how cool is BBQ’s new house?? Very that’s how! Congratulations, hon, on getting out/your cool new digs/your beautiful courtyard where I’m POSITIVE I will be invited very soon to partake of mimosas whilst staring up at the clear summer eve. :-]

Nextly, who found (on her lunchbreak, no less) the coolest pair of grey corduroy pants in a thrift store out there that are EXACTLY like the ones she wanted in the 10th grade but that her mom wouldn’t let her have because she said they were “impractical” — whatever that means — now all I have to find a fluffy pink sweater like that the girl in the Nov. 1976 issue of Seventeen was wearing with HER grey cords and my fashion life will finally have acheived PERFECTION!

Lastly, went on another date with the boy. Really. I know, I’m not sure what to do with that information either but I do know that for the first time in ever I’m actually going to watch and see what happens instead of developing my own bizarre theories, overanalyzing ever phrase/action into the freaking ground and then deciding that it’s not worth the trouble. See, that was kind of a grown up thing to write, huh? Thanks to the Bees for helping to support this new way of existing. I’m pretty sure I’d be a mess right now without their post-date support/triage! Seriously, I may have to put you guys on the payroll…

Good Vibrations

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