When Did Halloween Get So Sexy??

It happens every year. Go to any party or parade where adults are in attendance, especially at bars and adults’ only events, and you’ll see them wherever you turn “ sexy Halloween costumes.

I’ve often pondered why that is. Why Halloween seems to bring out the naughty side, mostly when it comes to women, and often when it comes to women who would never wear such a thing in “real life.

The idea is to be someone you’re not. So, it certainly does give the more tame of us a chance to break out a bit. But it’s also a chance to shock and surprise. So, I think that’s where some of it comes from too.

The best thing about Halloween is there’s nothing wrong with wearing a costume that your “real life doesn’t allow for. You can be as naughty as you like and for that one night you have free rein.

Of course, the neighbors might talk, but what does a sexy vampire queen care about the neighbors?

Although some men take this same opportunity for getting sexy with it, most do not. As for why that is, well, there’s something strangely socially acceptable about scantily clad women. Not so much when it comes to men.

We do still live in a mad, mad world of double standards. Even Halloween doesn’t get a free pass. That being said, if you are a man and do want to get a little sexy, crazy with the costume, I say go for it. Halloween only comes once a year.

Now, as to what costumes we can expect to see, there are some favorites what seem to never get old. Fairytale characters for one like Little Red Riding Hood or “ particularly popular this year “ Alice in Wonderland.

Other classics include the naughty nurse and superheroes like Cat Woman.

But then there are the truly bizarre sexy costumes, some which appear year after year despite their strangeness and others which spring up each year from someone’s bizarre imagination without warning.

Some of them include characters – that were originally male – from horror films.

There’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre Miss LeatherfaceSexy Chucky, and Sexy Mrs. Freddy Krueger.

Now, why women would want to play a sexy female version of these instead of the male version (which would be a lot more freaky, if you ask me) I have no idea.

Then there are the ones that are supposed to be funny like Trophy Rack or the ones that are completely random like Coffin Queen,  Candyland, and Sexy Remote Control. Huh?

Then there are the ones that are based on jobs, including Highway Hottie and Reno Sheriff. And don’t forget the props. How about this Donut Purse with Handcuff Strap. Can you imagine??

“It’s the unbeatable bag for sexy lady cops! the copy on the site reads.  Seriously. I could not make this stuff up if I wanted to.

Then there are the truly offensive costumes like, sexy mental patient “Ella Mental and (this one makes me ill) “Anna Rexia.” It comes with a bone headpiece and a tape measure belt. Yuck. It also come in plus size which seems particularly sick.

Back to the fun, albeit bizarre stuff.

Other costumes that made me wonder what was going on in the world, include sexy versions of Willa Wonka, Chewbacca, Mrs. Potato Head, a Penthouse Magazine Cover, a plumber (complete with, yes, you guessed it, plumber’s crack), a hot dog girl (with a tag that says “I love wieners real subtle), and a real estate agent.  All I could think was “Why?

If it’s to make people laugh. Well, mission accomplished. But, no offense to Mr. Potato Head but Mrs. Potato Head is not sexy…no matter what pieces you use. And Chewbacaa? I mean, maybe if you’re a furry. But other wise?

As for the offensive, I stay steer clear. Mental illness should not be a costume theme. This is supposed to be a fun holiday, after all. And although it is generally for kids, it’s also a fun time for grown-ups to be kids again. Unless you’re in the theater, when else do you get the chance to wear a costume and parade around in public?

Try to think age, size, and occasion appropriate. You don’t want to show up at Johnny’s school in a garters and a teeny skirt or at the neighborhood get together with all of your own goodies on display.

The thing is, it’s a very thin line between sexy and skanky and although skanky can be a blast at home for some private play, it can be downright embarrassing in public. Unless, of course, that is the look you’re going for.

The bottom line is this – There’s nothing wrong with a little sexy at Halloween. But, just like indulging in those Twix bars, it’s all about moderation!

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