What’s all this talk about GV Exclusives?

Hello! It’s time again for another Call Center Confessions.
The weather here has been absolutely beautiful and we just can’t wait to be outside enjoying the sunshine. We can tell that spring fever has struck outside so keep calling and writing in with questions!

Our new catalog just went out and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it! So fill out our survey and let us know. We’re featuring all our GV Exclusives and our most popular items that you all know and love. Our exclusive items can’t be found anywhere else. And of course, all our toys are staff-tested and staff-designed and made just with you in mind!

Q: Hi C & M, My girlfriend and I are looking for our first vibrator and we are wondering if there is one material that is better than the others?
— Kim

A: Hi Kim. We get asked this question a lot. Many of our customers have concerns about what makes up the material being used for toys they’ll be using in sensitive areas. It’s important to know what material toys are made of so you can make the best decision. Molly and I are enormous fans of silicone. It’s non-porous and easy to clean. We have two silicone vibes that we love, love, love to recommend to first timers. The G-Swirl Vibe was designed by GV staff and is a customer and staff favorite for lots of reasons. The silicone on this toy is velvety soft! The swirls offer extra sensation for internal stimulation and the slight curve at the tip is perfect for G-Spot stimulation. The ridge at the base of the toy can be used for external clitoral stimulation while using it in internally. It has an ergonomic dial that controls the multi-speed settings. The ladies who thought up this one knew exactly what they were doing!

The G-Twist Vibe has the same ergo dial and the same velvety material but has a longer length and wonderful stimulating ridges. The gentle curve along the length of the toy is also great for internal and G-Spot use. Both toys are waterproof so you can dunk them in the spa, shower, or tub. Just be careful on that rafting trip this summer, they don’t float!

These two toys make a great starting place for a high quality vibe. It’s always a great idea to make sure your first toy has different speeds. It’s so nice to start with a milder vibration and have the option to increase the speed as you figure out what you like. The GV Guide to Vibrators has some excellent tips on picking out toys and how to use them. And don’t forget lube! Water-based lube works great with silicone toys. You can get travel-sized testers of GV’s own Good lubrications Gel and Cream to try out!

Q: Hi girls! I have so many weddings coming up and I am wondering if there are any “no fail” gifts out there? Towels just seem so boring! Thanks!
— S

A: Ooh! We have this problem every year! I went to five weddings last year and at every shower I couldn’t help but notice that my friends would snag the gift I brought and open it first. Our GV exclusives make great, and unforgettable, gifts. Chances are your friends already have a toaster and a serving platter so give them something that will help them really celebrate their upcoming nuptials!

Naturally the Exotic Honeymoon Kit is a perfect choice! This adorable take-out container is full of delightful and delicious items that your couple can pack up for the honeymoon and have everything they need right there! The Mini Massage Bar, Sensuous Mood Massage Candle, Honey Buttermilk Bubble Bath, two Fizzy Balls (Sloe Gin Fizz and Grapefruit Martini), a waterproof Teeny Weeny Vibe, and of course some Good Lubrications Cream make this the must have kit!

The Black Tie Affair is another excellent choice to help your friends relieve a little pre-wedding stress. The Dirty Dice and the Sex Checks are a fabulous way to inspire a little passion before the big day. For wedding and bridal showers Molly and I always take the Pamper Me Pretty Kit. What girl or guy doesn’t deserve a little pampering with a massage of Champagne Body Candy lickable oil or with the minty GV Massage Bar, or even the Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Body Butter? Plus the packaging on this kit is so adorable and is the perfect little storage container for all their naughty honeymooning needs!

Q: There are so many dildos out there, what are some of your favorites?
— Andi

A: Ooh! This is a great question! When we, at GV, can’t find what we’re looking for out there, or a customer has a brilliant idea, we love to make it happen! We’re always full of great ideas and have a couple of exclusive toys that have become our favorite recommendations.

The Dotted Delight is an amazingly soft silicone toy that has a series of nubs that complement the smooth curve perfectly! They provide a lot of stimulation and it even has a little cavity where you can tuck an Itty-bitty Vibe for even more pleasurable sensation. Dottie has a flared base and can be worn easily in a harness and used for anal play.

The Flex Gordon is another wonder dildo! The smooth silky silicone length houses a flexible spine that you can move around and shape to the type of curve you want. Like it curved up for G-Spot or down for P-Spot? Like it a little bit to the right? Like with a slight curve or a pronounced on? This versatile toy can bend over backwards and end up in your favorite place. Like Dottie, you can strap it on in a harness and you’re good to go!

The Right Spot is a great beginner dildo. Are you on the hunt for your G-Spot? This toy can help! This toy is super smooth and is made of that high quality silicone that we just can’t stop raving about. It has a small curve right at the tip, which is just perfect for G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation. This toy also comes with a space for an Itty Bitty Vibe so you can increase the sensation and get right to it!

We hope you’re outside enjoying the sunshine and sneaking off to do naughty things when you get the chance. So, keep writing and calling cause we’re more than happy to help!

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