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What A Funny Girl Finds Sexy

I have to admit I’m not much of a porn aficionado.  I understand why people enjoy it (well, sometimes I do) but mostly, I just don’t get it. As a sex positive advocate and writer, I support the facilitation of unionized, safe-space, women produced and fair-trade films and so forth, but I don’t ever buy the films. Most erotic films I’ve seen (and to be honest I’ve not seen all that many) don’t do it for me. At best, I can feel bored and at worst, very uncomfortable.

It’s like blue cheese. I’ve tried it and tried it and I know people LOVE it, are passionate about it, can’t live without it, but to me, it just tastes like mold.  I wish I liked blue cheese because so many people get so much enjoyment out of it.

A good friend of mine and I were discussing pornography recently, and she said with so many options out there there’s something for everyone. Not me, I thought, resignedly. Most of it seems too degrading, too Kabuki theater-esque for me. Too SERIOUS. Something about most of the options I’ve seen advertised just hit a wrong chord.

I’ve pondered the why of this a long time-did I have a traumatic childhood? Am I a terrible sport?? Does it make me feel insecure about my femininity??? Am I a humorless feminist?????

All of these things are true.  Except that last one.

I am indeed feminist, but I’m damn funny. In fact, I produced and performed comedy all round these United States. I know from humor.

And I saw something today that really made me happy and, dare I say, kind of turned me on. And made me realize what I’ve been missing in my visual erotic experience!!

So, why is this so awesome? Because it’s funny men. Hot men. Hot funny men. Hot, funny men being serious about their own light-heartedness, laughing, being ridiculous, allowing the ridiculousness of the game and actions to let everyone in the audience laugh and feel good about the “competition” “humiliation” and subsequent soaking of expensive clothes on air. And did I mention they were hot?

It was a professionally produced piece that didn’t take itself too seriously. I laughed and I enjoyed it.

So, I need to find me some of that, clearly. Cause Funny is Hot.

But no clowns, please. Clowns kind of freak me out.

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