Week-end was GRAND!

We had a potluck at the Spark’s Daycare which was excellent (I don’t know what they do to chicken to make it literally slide off the bone, dip itself in some amazing BB-Q sauce and actually walk into your mouth but damn… Tast-tey. Then off to Boo’s class which is going SPLENDIDLY. Finally we ended at a sleep-over type deal with the Rockstar and her mom… all-in-all an impressively full day.

On Sunday i was uber cranky (I’m blaming my hormones because I don’t feel like blaming the alcohol — Ha! KIDDING!!) and the kids were tired/sick of me but within all of that we still managed to salvage a bit of a visit to the CoParent’s house (where we watched the second season of the Baby Snatching Dingoes on VHS! Can I just say, “Gansta-Robics”? “Double D Dating Service”?? — my GOD we were funny once! {sigh} ah well…) We ended at home being civil to each other/counting the minutes until bedtime but again, it all sort of ended with kisses and squishy hugs so no real complaints from this corner.

For those of you interested in how the dating is going: the current tally stands at 2 very nice boys who I find very interesting while not exactly “my type” but who I also wouldn’t mind being e-mail pals with, 1 child who it kills me to even think about but who I will probably end up in bed with at some point and 1 gentleman who I am attracted to, who I think is attracted to me and who I like writing to but who (inexplicably) has announced that he wants “to get to know each other as friends” before we decide whether or not to jump each other’s bones…(!!) I know! Well, actually, I don’t but whatever. I guess I can actually see what he’s really like before we sleep together but really, on some level it does seem like it’s soooo not the best use of our time. :-]


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