Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day for Solo and Partnered Lovers

Contrary to old-fashioned opinion, Valentine’s Day is a time that can be enjoyably spent either with partners or alone.  In fact, I’m against the notion that Valentine’s Day is just about “being in a relationship.”  Of course, it’s wonderful to celebrate shared love, but it’s also important to value the times when we are solo or have exceptional friends.  So for those looking to love themselves on Valentine’s Day, whether partnered, befriended, or otherwise, here are a few fun ways to have a fabulous time:

Sexual Pampering

You don’t have to be with a partner to pamper and romance yourself, but if you are, these ideas can also be enticing.  Lengthy baths or showers can be a soothing tool for either solo or partnered seduction.  Try out Lush cosmetics for delightful bath and shower products that aren’t animal-tested.  They do fabulous kits too — a great gift for a friend or lover.  If alone on Valentine’s day, you might plan ahead by investing in waterproof toys and tools, such as the Girls Nite in Kit, or plan a sex toy shopping spree with friends.  In fact, if you have a pal who has never bought or owned a sex toy, this can be a special treat.  The first toy is often the most exciting, and devoting time to choosing a first vibe or dildo can make for a wonderful memory.  What’s more, even if you’re nowhere near a sex toy store, you can always order together online, the obvious choice being Good Vibrations, of course!

The Ultimate Date

Whether alone, with friends, or with a partner/date, a luxurious meal can be glorious.  That said, if you’re alone, it can be hard to book a table for a solo date on Valentine’s Day.  But if you’d like to really pamper yourself, why not celebrate by prepping food for yourself?  Easy food is often the most luxurious.  For instance, I love plush cheeses with fig spread and warm baguette, accompanied by a gutsy glass of red.  Also, if you have the means, why not spend a night alone or with friends at a hotel?  As a book-lover, my personal favorite is the Library Hotel in New York.  This luxury, book-themed experience is like no other.  With reading material everywhere, and rooms organized via the Dewey decimal system, the staff and guests truly understand the joys of relaxing alone with a book.  In fact, each room is subject-themed.  You can stay in the Romance or History rooms, or, indeed, in the Erotica Suite where books include the Story of O and erotica by Anais Nin.  There are packages too, including the Erotica Package and the Guilty Pleasure Package.  These can make for luscious Valentine’s fun for solo lovers, partners, and friends.

An Erotic Night In

For the ultimate Valentine’s experience, why not experience some dark femme fatales or a fairy tale with a sexual twist?  With erotic books, you certainly can!  My own recommendations include Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Series, Anais Nin’s diaries, my own erotic collection, Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women, or a short, one-night, erotic story, such as Hunger by Zoe More.  Erotica gives you ways to tap your sexual imagination, making sex, whether solo or otherwise, all the more fulfilling.  Also, you might be surprised at how sexually powerful it can be to read erotic books with friends.  Laughing together, or talking about what turns you on, can be a delightful experience — a reminder that, whether solo or partnered, our sexual selves live on, whole, and deserve celebration.

Finish off the evening with your favorite vibrator, or some chocolates selected for you alone, and you’re sure to make this a night to remember.  Pamper, and enjoy!

Image by Takkk (own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Lana Fox

Lana Fox is a co-founder and Senior Editor at Go Deeper Press (www.godeeperpress.com) -- a publisher of erotica for the brain and the brawn. She has been an online sex columnist and blogger for Boston Magazine and the Nervous Breakdown, among others. Her erotica appears in numerous collections, including "Best Bondage Erotica 2012." Her nonfiction sex self-help book is represented by the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency, and her erotic novel, "Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee," is due to be published by Harper Collins’ Mischief (www.mischiefbooks.com) in 2013. Find her at: www.lanafox.com

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