Wave Your Vibe in the Air like You Just Don’t Care

If you are in the habit of leaving notes in people’s suitcases commenting on their vibrators, I hope yours are more inventive than “Get your freak on girl.  I mean, when the airport baggage inspector in question found the vibe in Jill Filipovic’s suitcase last month, what else, exactly, did they guess she might do with it?  Roll out a piecrust?  The mind boggles.

Irony aside, Filipovic — a New York lawyer and feminist blogger — has a good head on her shoulders, and I agree when she says that the note is representative of the daily privacy intrusions of the U.S. government.  But why is a sex toy so darn private for so many?

As it happens, the other day, on a Boston subway platform, my new feather teaser fell out of my bag.  I was on the way to a fun, sex-positive evening and the teaser in question was as long as a riding whip.  It was too big for my tiny case, so I’d wedged it into my hand baggage, ostrich feather hidden, handle sticking out.  As I adjusted my shoulder strap, out the teaser fell, and I had to rearrange the whole shebang.

By the time I’d got myself together, a young woman was glaring at me.  Her look said, How dare you be kinky! and How come you get to have fun when I’ve been avoiding it for years!

I responded with a pantomime wink.

I’ve never seen a woman blush so hard.

Happily, I live with wonderful, smart housemates.  No one gets offended if they see someone’s vibrator lying around.  We know sexuality is about identity “ if you’re in touch with it, you’re beautiful, humane and alive.

So I don’t give a hang if they find my vibrator while they’re going through my wheelie case at Boston Logan.  And if you leave me a silly note, I, like Jill Filipovic, will find it pretty laughable.  If we think the government is controlling us by invading our privacy, then let’s make it so there’s nothing to invade.  We’ll wave our vibrators in front of these screeners and ask, “Wanna comment?  Because our solo sex lives won’t be whispered any more. We’re loud, we’re proud.

And we know how to get our freak on.

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