Walking the GV Path With Betty . . . or It’s the Launch of a Shy Person’s Blog!

What the heck does GV stand for? 2, 4, 6, 8 . . . who do we appreciate? GV! Good Vibes! Good Vibrations! That’s the cheerleader in me talking.

Out of everyone I asked, all were excited about the idea of me joining the GV team except one. They all smiled big when they heard, except that one. She wanted me to, as she put it, “use your talents for the movement and go work for a politician. I said, “Not!

The movement is, in my view, creating the sex positive community that I want to live in, and doing that is what the mission and values of GV is all about.

That said, this blog may be a hard one to write. Maybe not. From the very moment the idea of my joining the GV team was first posed, I have been intrigued by the thought and smiling to myself.

This blog may be a hard one to read. Maybe not. From the moment I heard there would be a Betty Blog on the GV site, I knew this one would win the award for the least sexy spot on the whole site.

Some of us are shy about sex. Some of us can be majorly passionate about sex and with sex once we get passed the shy part. But, we may choose to be private about it. Some of us live way up in our own heads!

This blog, then, requires me biting the bullet and letting it hang out, so to speak.

Maybe you are shy too, because every one of the hundreds of thousands who visit the GV web site can’t possibly all be a queen, as in Carol, about her sexuality. Today I learned, reading the analytics, and that the GV web site you are on if you are reading this, this site has thousands and thousands and thousands of visitors every day. Like woo-ah baby!

It’s okay to be shy . . . and shy does not have to be about shame. Overcoming shame. That’s a theme my new colleague down the hallway has posed for us to explore. So the part of me that has spent years in therapy says, yes, it’s okay to recognize shame, call it by name and jump over it into . . . pleasure. Now there’s a word I’ll need to practice saying. Pleasure. Pleasure. Pleasure. Pleasure . . .

Well, truth is, you can find blogs and such on the GV site that are much more erotic than this one, but there’s one promise I can make. This one will be personal because I’m going to tell about what I’m learning and seeing and doing on the GV path. What that feels like. What it means to be lost before you’re found by GV. What it’s like to rekindle one’s focus on sex like you never thought might happen again . . . well, not since the sexiest person I was ever with said goodbye and went back to . . . a guy. Imagine that.

She had this way of saying, “I’m not a lesbian. I’m bisexual. To which I replied, “I don’t care what you call yourself, honey, so long as you’re with me. So there was this long dry spell that followed all that.

Now, I’m not really shy, when it comes to standing up in front of an audience of thousands. But, I am shy . . . when?

Stay tuned. Come back. Same bat time. Same bat channel . . . til then, it’s a launch! To be continued . . .

(More from Betty: “The Betty Blog: www.bettyslist.com)

Good Vibrations

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