Waikiki Rob

I was fully clothed and sitting outside in the hot sun. My body was chiseled from my constant workouts but, unlike most gay men, I was shy. My friend Louisa sat on my right. We had gone on vacation to escape Los Angeles for a bit and because we both hadn’t been laid in a while.

Our first dinner at Waikiki was sushi. I ate a lot of sushi in LA but it was different here, more authentic. It felt that way, anyway. When I looked up from the blur of raw fish varieties on the menu I was startled into a stuttering mess. He was gorgeous. He had dark brown hair and dark eyes. His lips were perfectly shaped and his cheeks had just the right amount of stubble with amazing cheekbones. I looked down at the menu again and then up at him again. I was stunned. I see beautiful men all the time but there was something about him that struck me like nothing ever had before.

Louisa and I dug into the sushi and had only gotten through a few pieces when he reappeared at our table. Not only did he have another Long Island for me, he had a shot of something to accompany it. It seemed like he was giving us the special treatment. I had taken note that he hadn’t visited his other tables nearly as much.

“It’s our rum, he said. “Our specialty. I noticed that he hadn’t brought one for Louisa. He was obviously paying more attention to me. There was no question about it; he was on my team. With his rippling muscles, nice body, amazing smile, and perfect hair, he had to be gay.

My suspicions were confirmed when Louisa went to the bathroom and the hottie came back and slipped a card under my plate. “You should come by tonight, he said. “I get off work at nine and then I’m heading over there, he said. He kept eye contact with me a little longer than necessary and then walked off.

“Club Honolulu said the card. It had two rainbows on it and a DJ named Martini was spinning. Gayness confirmed.

“We’re going here tonight, I flashed the card to Louisa when we paid the bill.

“Where? She looked at the card and asked, “Where did you get that? In the bathroom?

“Did you see me go to the bathroom?

She tilted her head in question.

I winked at her.

“No way, she said. “No way!

Club Honolulu was a swirl of colors and excitement. We got there fairly early, it was only 8:30 but there were already people there. The atmosphere was a little different than LA when people waited until 11 to go out. The island, as a whole, was party central. “What was his name? Rod? I asked Louisa. “I thought I saw that on his nametag, but my mind wasn’t exactly clear. I could be wrong about that.

“I dunno, maybe?  She smiled as she checked out all the guys in tight tank tops. “Well, at least y’all are good to look at. I’m gonna go get a margarita. You want anything?

“Nah, I’ll go get something in a little while.

I made my way around the bar and the three dance floors on the three different levels of the club. There were men scattered around the place. Some were in groups, some were in couples dancing on the floor and some were standing alone, cautiously sipping their drinks and inspecting everyone who walked around.  The music pumped dance style with a little bit of Rihanna and a little more Beyonce. About an hour into our time at the club, boys started to take their shirts off

“Hey, Charlie! I heard Louisa’s voice in the distance.

I turned to see her dancing up on a box on the dance floor. And, not surprisingly, there was a man dancing with her, looking extremely interested. She never failed to attract the only straight man in the bar. Every single time we went out she found the token straight guy. The girl was magic. I hoped it rubbed off on me for the night.

I turned around to see my dream man walking through the doorway. He wore a white button up shirt with the top few buttons unbuttoned and some jeans that looked delicious on his wonderful body. I shuffled my feet unsure whether or not to approach him or let him walk around a little bit.

I only hesitated for a few seconds. Why the hell would I let him walk around? I took a deep breath and walked toward him.

“Hey there! I said.

He smiled. “You made it!

“Rod, right? I asked.

He laughed immediately. “I can tell what’s on your mind, he said.

I felt myself flushing with embarrassment.

“No, he said. “It’s Rob. You were close, though.

I joined him in laughing even though I felt completely idiotic about my mistake. I was such a putz sometimes. We continued talking and both had enough drinks to fully relax us. I stopped feeling like a high schooler and started getting lost in his mouth. I found out he had played football in high school then played a little bit in college until he dropped out to join the army. That’s how he’d landed in Hawaii.  I got chills up and down my body when he said he’d been in the army.

A couple shots later we were on the dance floor. Rob unbuttoned his shirt all the way and I felt like taking off mine, but I didn’t. I was still a little too inhibited. My shirt didn’t keep him from running his hands up and down my abs, though. We were about the same height. He stared into my eyes on the dance floor. I was a little buzzed and a lot aroused. I put my hands on his chest. It was smooth. He was groomed just the way I wanted him to be. I moved up closer to him and grooved with the music. I could feel his hard cock against my thigh and I immediately wanted it in my mouth.

Before I knew what was happening Rob grabbed my hand and led me outside to the sand. The club was on the beach. He pulled me a ways; the music was just a thumping in the background. I could barely think I was so hot for him.

I wasn’t shy anymore. We were on the beach in the dark. I couldn’t handle it any longer. I took him by the other hand and pressed my lips to his. Just as I had hoped, he melted into me, taking my face in his hands and sucking delicately on my lips. His lips were so thick and perfect. The blood pumped through my body.

He put his mouth on mine again and tasted my mouth. He tasted like alcohol and had a mint sweet taste to him. The slight stubble rubbed against my lips and made me even hotter with desire. I put my hands all over his toned abs and chest. We were on the middle of the beach, but he started to back me against a palm tree away from anything else. No one was around us. I threw his shirt to the sand and kissed his chest.

Nothing turned me on more than a nice smooth muscular body. I kissed his abs all over and ran my hands up and down his back. When my fingers came across the dimples in his back I almost came right then. I didn’t know how far this was going to go, but I wanted it to go as far as it could. I didn’t even care that we were out on the beach. It actually made it hotter. I spun around and pushed him against the palm tree and undid his jeans. I slipped his boxer briefs down to his knees and gazed at his cock that was as gorgeous as he was. His pubic hair was mostly all shaved except for a small dark patch on top. His balls were even attractive, the way they hung. I looked up at him when I took him in my mouth. He closed his eyes and moaned softly.

I sucked on the shaft, teasing the head with my tongue. My knees sunk in the sand and I gripped the back of his knees with my hands. I was on the edge of coming when I felt his cock start to pulsate in my mouth. He came on my lips. With the cum still on my lips he undid my pants and fondled my nearly bursting cock. I wanted him to fondle every part of me but I couldn’t take it. When he took me in his mouth I exploded, my balls releasing every bit of cum I could. It kept flowing all over his chin.

I looked down and realized I was clothed while he was pretty much naked. We both had cum on our faces.

We said nothing as we put our clothes back on and dusted the sand off of each other. We smiled and walked along the beach silently.

It was going to be a fantastic vacation.


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