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I recently received a letter from a reader who wanted a few recommendations for older tapes that featured the legend Ginger Lynn. What a pleasure! Like her counterparts Nina Hartley, Marilyn Chambers and Juli Ashton, Ginger is an exceptional adult actress who has lasted the test of time, and is still making films that make headlines. By the standards of an industry where the average age is 19 these women are considered older (their collective age range is 35 to 50), but in reality they reflect women of today who are mature and sexually graceful — and they’re sexy as hell.

But what makes these women so damn hot isn’t simply that they have matured into sexual icons, have finely-tuned acting skills from years of experience or that they show us what it looks like when a woman knows how to get off. Each of these actresses started out with a spark, a burning need for satisfaction, and were just as amazing to watch on-screen when they started out as they are to watch today. And each of these fresh-faced females’ stories is just as interesting.

Beautiful blonde Ginger Lynn was born in Rockford, Illinois on December 14, 1962. Like many adult film stars, she came to California in the early 1980s with her sights set on film stardom, hoping to make it big. After answering an ad for “models” and becoming a Penthouse model the same day, she made it very big — in adult — and was the biggest star in porn from 1985 through 1987. Lynn starred in hundreds of films, most notably the Mitchell Brothers’ The Grafenberg Spot, Gregory Dark’s New Wave Hookers and a number of the notorious Swedish Erotica compilation tapes.

Ginger went on to break into mainstream films and television, and her talent and beauty brought her a measure of success under her real name, Ginger Lynn Allen. She made the news in 1992 when a bust for tax evasion and a relationship with actor Charlie Sheen hit the tabloids. She spends personal money and time with two charitable organizations, Save the Children and Life, and sponsors several children around the world. Lynn is currently a VCA contract star, and has set the screen on fire with her stellar acting skills in recent adult films such as Torn, Taken and White Lightning.

Nina Hartley may be one of the most beloved adult stars to ever grace the screen. With an infectious smile and a charming, effusive personality, she brings a sweetness and genuine presence to every scene she’s in — and has the finest backside alive. Like me, Nina is a local San Francisco Bay Area girl, and she graduated from Berkeley High in 1977. While it’s well known that she had an affair with her drama teacher while still in high school, few know that Nina went on to college and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in nursing. She worked as a dancer in a local club, but landed in adult films when her boyfriend ran into Juliet “Aunt Peg” Anderson in a supermarket and the two began to talk.

Since then, Nina has starred in over 650 films, including the notorious movies Dirty Little Mind and her first film, Educating Nina. An outspoken critic of censorship, Nina Hartley tours the country giving lectures at colleges about her unique and quite strong views on sexuality, feminism and pornography. She also has an entire line of outstanding sex education films. In 1997, Nina shone in a small but pivotal role in the porn industry epic Boogie Nights. Her web site, is my absolute favorite adult film star’s site, and you can see Nina in recent titles such as Tina Tyler’s Going Down and The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women.

Juli Ashton hails from Colorado, where she grew up, graduated from college and became a schoolteacher like her parents. She moved to Florida after graduating and taught Spanish for a year before she realized that her parents’ vocation was not her own. She tried her hand at waitressing — topless, for fun — and then started dancing in clubs. She found herself meeting top adult industry stars, and making another career choice. It was an extremely successful choice, and within a year she became VCA’s first-ever contract star. While she’s starred in dozens of films, the best taste of her early work can be found in Corporate Assets #2, and her own hand-picked collection of scenes, Deep Inside Juli Ashton. Recently, she’s proved herself to be one of the most talented actresses in adult by showcasing her skills as a professional actor in Bliss, Being With Juli Ashton and Love’s Passion.

Of all the women still working — and still turning us on — after all these years, the queen of the adult kingdom has to be the legend Marilyn Chambers. Born in 1952, Marilyn Chambers grew up in Westport, Connecticut. Young Marilyn wanted nothing more than to become a star, and as a beautiful young, wholesome teen she was soon getting plenty of work, including shoots for Ivory Snow and Pepsi. Success as a model led Chambers to Hollywood. After doing a bit part in Barbara Streisand’s 1970 The Owl and the Pussycat, Chambers moved to San Francisco to rethink her career. This is where she met producers Artie and Jim Mitchell, and then starred in their infamous film Behind the Green Door.

The movie was a huge hit, and led to her memorable performance in the 1973 smash, The Resurrection of Eve. The two movies combined reportedly grossed close to $30 million at the box office. She starred in only a few films, but her films have been among the most famous and critically acclaimed of the adult industry, including Insatiable. The magic of her performances created an aura of true enjoyment, and the former Ivory Snow model used the “girl-next-door” archetype to its fullest, which drove audiences wild. She still dabbles in mainstream film. You can also see her in recent VCA flicks Still Insatiable, Edge Play and Dark Chambers.

Want a taste of each, all at the same time like a yummy dessert tray? See them all in Older Women, Hotter Sex.

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