I don’t even think he kissed me once last night. It was an experience in which I was used. It was not loving, caring nor romantic.

The only moment I felt that there was a sense of calm was when he was between my legs licking my cunt. I could not help but want to grab his head and grind into his mouth till I came. He kept throwing my hands upward and demanding they stay above my head. He was very skilled with an ice cube in his mouth as he licked and it had me panting. He knew when it would be too much and would shift it around. He forced my legs spread the entire time.

“Don’t you move and shut your eyes”, he said.

He got up and I lay there not even having a clue what he was about to do. I could hear him pacing about and fidgeting with latex gloves. He sat next to me and covered my nose and mouth with his gloved hand, while rubbing my cunt with the other.

The smell of the glove and his insertion of a finger made me jut upwards.

My eyes fluttered and he let me breathe.

Not for long as he covered my nose and mouth again.

Another finger goes inside of me and I moan, he lets me breathe…

He covers my nose and mouth again…

A third finger forces its way in my cunt.

I shake.

He turned me over onto my hands and knees. He punished my ass and inserted a dildo in my cunt and a plug in my ass without any lube. He fucked me and talked to me…he made me repeat lines for him…

“I like being used… I like being used…”

“I want to be used by other men”

“I am a bitch”

He rubbed oil on my back and ass and continued to punish my ass with sharp stings. He told me I feel good and fucked good. He said he liked my pussy and that he should share it with other men, that he should let them fuck me. He fucked me with this cock and it got harder and harder. He started to grunt with each thrust. My body vibrated against the pounding from behind. He grabbed my hair and pulled me toward him each time. I have no control in this, but to take it, take it like the little slut I am.

He held a vibrator on my clit while he fucked me with a dildo again. I started to fuck these objects and my body arched upward grinding against the vibration and I am flooded with an intense orgasm. He pushed me back down on the bed. He wanted me back on my hands and knees. I could feel his one hand gripping my ass and I had this sense he was jacking off behind me. I sat there so submissively not knowing what he was going to do. His grip on my ass became firmer and firmer and he spread me apart. He pressed his cock against my ass as if he was going to shove inside of me and he came. His hot cum running from my ass to my cunt made me moan and he was still pressed hard up against me as I rubbed against his warm flesh.

He was not done with me.

He continued to violate my ass and cunt. If it was not his fingers, it was a dildo. I could not think straight and I felt so used and spent. After making me masturbate and coming two more times than I wanted to, he made me get on the bed. I laid on my stomach thinking it was over. He told me to put my ass up and I gave him a whimper. This was more then I could take. He then did it, he dared me to use the safe word or put my ass in the air. I was too proud to use the safe word, so hesitantly I stuck my ass up to him and he shoved in the dildo. He fucked me hard and when I finally screamed into the bed, he stopped.

Dark Gracie

Dark Gracie is a widely read sex writer, blogger, and deviant extraordinaire with a cult-like following. She gets up close and personal approaching sexuality with her trademark fallen-from-grace humor that entices readers. Her work has appeared in Fleshbot, Sex and the 405, BohoCrush,, Safeword Magazine and published in Erotica Diaries & Mayhem Magazine.

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