Upgrading your Toybox

This month, the Call Center Girls give tips on upgrading your toy box and keeping ˜em all clean.

Hello Wonderful Readers! Welcome back to this month’s Call Center Confessions! It is spring¦well almost spring for those having one last flurry of snow in the Midwest, and spring means new things! Read on for suggestions on how to upgrade your toy box and how to keep all those new and existing toys clean!

Hi Molly and CeeCee;

I am a long time fan of yours, and now that spring is here, I decided I need to upgrade my toy box! I see so many new and nifty items on your web site and thought maybe you could help me make a few choice selections that every naughty-but-nice girl needs to entertain a guest or several. (And myself of course!) I am polyamorous and have play partners as well. Goodies for grown up girls and boys are what I need; can you put your wonderful selves to thinking up some new must-haves for me please?

Perfectly Poly in Every Way

Hi Perfectly Poly,

Thanks for contacting us with your needs! Shopping for toys for grown ups is one of our favorite things to do, and we are bursting with ideas for you! Everyone should have a well-stocked toy box, and with all the new technologies out there, there truly is something for everyone!

Let us start with basic black shall we? Sinful Intensity is one sexy player that is always ready for some action. You never have to worry about batteries and keeping this hottie clean and ready for some lovin’. Made in Germany, the Sinful sits in its own charging station, so it’s ready to play when ever you are. The design is sleek, smooth and ultra inviting. The vibe is seamless, which makes it waterproof, and the joystick control at the base means changing speeds from warm up to hooo-yeah-baby is done by a touch of a finger. Want more? How about a velvety-textured shaft made of nonporous silicone? You got it! This is a great basic vibe for a variety of uses.

Variety is our favorite word around here, and variety is going to be a snap with the Pretty Boi Harness. Not only is the craftsmanship and design of this item delightful, but it is also the first harness of its kind that can accommodate two differently sized dildos at the same time! Now that’s crafty! The center hole is placed lower on the pubic bone than most harnesses, so you will be able to have a more natural angle of penetration plus perfect pressure on the clitoral area for the wearer. And, the harness comes in a beautiful velvet pouch for storing. Yummy!

And, now that we have our harness, let’s fill up those holes shall we? Ever since the new VixSkinâ„¢ line of dildos came in we have heard nothing but raves from customers about how revolutionary these items are. Yes, they are made of silicone, but, they look and feel like the real thing. Made with a firm core and a velvety, skin-like textured surface, you can get up close and very personal with these riders. Bandit might just steal your heart with its slightly smaller head than the rest of the shaft, allowing you to ease into the girth. The shaft is 7 in length, perfect for harness play, and the bulbous head will hit that G-spot or P-spot spot-on! Bandit is a representational dildo, so it looks just like a cock and balls ensemble and is great for those that like fantasy play or packing for a night on the town.

For a slightly slimmer dildo, why not corral yourself a Mustang? Mustang will take you on a wild ride with its curved shaft and balls-free base; perfect for harness wear. Having a couple or a few differently-sized dildos is a must for any toy box. Moods change and sexual moods change as well. Sometimes that finger-width model will do the trick, or maybe you’re craving that long, thick and hearty model for some deep stimulation. Molly says you can never have too many dildos or shoes, which sounds about right to me!

What about those times when a little tie-me-up play is where your juicy mind is roaming? You can be as prepared as any good Girl Guide when you have LBD Grip Cuffs on hand (or wrist for that matter!). What makes these cuffs stand out from the rest is the unique design where the wearer can grab and squeeze the restraints! No more numb hands! Made of sexy leather, the cuffs have a padded grip between the attachment chains, giving the hand room to stretch and something to grip, which distributes stress on wrist bones and tendons. And even the most wiggly bottom will not be able to slip free of the secure buckle style closures. Molly has a set of these under her desk for those times when her human doggie is here visiting.

Sex toy or art piece? We pondered this question when Luminous came into our store. Stunningly beautiful, this strong borosilicate glass dildo has length, 7 inches, is anal safe, and has small nubs at the tip for excellent G-spot or P-spot play. Don’t be fooled by the slender diameter! The longer length and slender shape will allow for deeper penetration plus deeper sensation with the nubs on the bulbous head. We love the pink glass infused with silver-tipped nubs. Molly just got back from a holiday in England and wants Luminous to be a show piece at the British National Museum. We think you will want one to show your special friends and maybe even your Mom!

Sexy glass, sleek silicone, luscious leather, what element are we forgetting here? Why stainless steel of course! Every toy box worth its weight in lube should have New Wave, as a member of the supplied and ready-to-ride club. New Wave features a slightly S shaped curve with three bulbs of varying sizes at one end, and a pronounced head at the other. Weighing in at over half a pound you can get lots of uses out of this one pleasure piece. You can use New Wave anally for P-spot massage, or vaginally for G-spot romps; or use the weight as a tool to strengthen PC muscles. And, strong PC muscles will result in more powerful orgasms! What is not to love about that?!

Hi CeeCee and Molly,
I love your store on Polk Street! Your store is one of the things I just can’t find a replacement for since I moved to Connecticut. Luckily, one of your lovely staff tipped me off to your great web site where, on some nights, I have a hot date with me, myself and I. I cruise the erotica and add items to my wish list. I am just about ready to buy some new toys and have some questions on care. I would like to get a new Rabbit but am not sure what the difference is between the Rabbit Pearl and Elastomer Rabbit Habit . I also saw the Jaguar Luxe harness (super hot) but am hesitant to get a white harness. How do I keep it clean? Do you have any suggestions for a dildo that has some texture along the shaft and how to keep it clean as well? I am low-maintenance so the less work the better! You all are the best and provide an amazing service! Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Clean

Hello Masseuse Gina,

Thanks sooo much for writing in and for all the kind words. Your personal shoppers have arrived and boy, do we have some goodies for ya! We just love a lady who knows what she wants. We don’t want to keep you waiting, so lets get started.

The Rabbit Pearl and Elastomer Rabbit Habit are made by the same manufacturer, known for their high-quality Japanese motors. The Rabbit Pearl is the original, you may have recognized it from its cameo on super cute re-runs of Sex in the City; you know the episode where Charlotte can’t get enough of it, and the girls had to have an intervention. Not to worry, that was just make-believe; the Rabbit Pearl is good, but not that good.

Overtime, being the innovative folks that the Rabbit Pearl makers are, they decided to modify the Rabbit Pearl and create the Elastomer Rabbit Habit. Elastomer is a newer material for sex toys; it is easier to keep clean than vinyl and jelly rubber, is latex free (which CeeCee loves since she has a latex allergy; quite common), phthalate-free, and durable. Recently, researches have found that phthalates\’plasticizers: things that soften plastic\’have toxic properties. We here at Good Vibrations are making a big effort to offer affordable non-toxic alternatives, like products made of elastomer. To read more about phthalates and what GV is doing, go to the Info Desk section on our site, scroll down and click on Sexual Health and Product Information and than click on phthalate-free. The Rabbit Pearl is made of vinyl, and has the battery pack attached via a cord, where the Rabbit Habit is all one unit. The latest modifications to the Rabbit Habit also involved changing the angle of the clit-tickler and now the pearls are running on a track instead of tumbling. Otherwise, the vibes do have identical dimensions, 5 by 1 ½.

The tried-and-true way to keep any toy bacteria-free is to use it with a condom. When toys are porous or slightly porous (toys made of elastomer for example), a condom is the way to keep the toys bacteria free; barring frying it with a laser and morphing it beyond recognition. Just imagine jelly rubber, vinyl and softskin toys being a sponge. The pores of the toys can harbor bacteria even though they have been cleaned. People who are sharing toys, using them both anally and vaginally or who are prone to sensitivities will need to keep this in mind.

To clean a non-waterproof toy like the Rabbit Pearl or Rabbit Habit, try a pack of MedClean Wipes. This is the easiest way to prevent any corrosion to motors because you don’t need water. Just wipe the toy down before, after or both, and let the toy air dry. Poof\’just like that your toys is ready for round two, three, four . . . . .!

The Jaguar Luxe is a beautiful and durable harness that is just as much functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. As with all leather harnesses, you can hand wash the harness with mild soap and water. You can use a moist cloth to cut down on drying time. Make sure to let the harness thoroughly air dry before storing. Gentle leather conditioners and saddle soap can also be used occasionally to spruce up a leather harness. Feel free to do some deep cleaning detailing of your harness with an old toothbrush, be gentle and get into any nooks and crannies. Suddenly, a craving for an English muffin and some jam has come over me!

Ok, so on to the easy-to-clean dildo with some texture. Hands down, no question the Rippler is the dildo you are looking for. This dildo will have you tripping down its spirals of ecstasy until you can’t take any more. This sassy dildo comes in purple or emerald green, it has a substantial curve for G-spot stimulation and a little larger than average diameter; great for girth lovers. The icing on the cake is that this dildo is made of high-quality silicone. Silicone is a great material for sex toys, it’s non-porous, and so it’s amazingly easy to keep clean. You can boil non-motorized silicone dildos for one to two minutes, use our GV Toy Cleaner, or a mild soap and water to clean. Our GV toy cleaner is gentle on your toys but tough on germs making cleaning as easy as getting turned on when reading erotica by Carol Queen

Wow, how’s that for some personal service? Now, go get your toys and let the fun begin!

Thank you all for reading with us again this month! Molly and I hope these helpful suggestions will keep your spring romances hot and sweaty and all cleaned up for the next round of bed bouncing fun!

Got any questions you would like us to personally address? Of course you do! Please send us your juicy details to advice@goodvibes.com; we are on pins and needles waiting to hear from you!

Molly and CeeCee

Good Vibrations

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