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Up a Level

My boyfriend Frank and I have taken our sexual relationship up a level. We’re not conservative by any means. We love sex, love exploring and discussing fantasies but thought we needed to do something a bit more risqué, shall I say.

It happened while I’d been waiting on an important phone call from work. We were right in the middle of it when I answered the phone. He began munching on my pussy and this time I didn’t stop him. It was wild. Speaking to someone while that was happening was almost like doing it in front of someone so when I got off the phone we made love like never before, it really brought out something in me and I told him so.

˜Fuck, your tongue has never felt so good,’ I laughed. I suppose a part of me was thinking it was someone else’s down there while he was here with me, who knows, but it was great.

A week later we were at a road block. An accident had happened and the police were coming down to alert us all too how long it would be.

˜Go down on me,’ Frank said.

˜What?’ I shrieked.

˜Do it now,’ he grabbed my head with one hand while he unzipped his trousers with the other.

I was sucking away like crazy aware of all that was going on outside.

Ambulances, tooting horns and police going about their business. I was also terrified of getting caught and while sucking told Frank that.

˜That’s enough,’ I said.


˜With the cops and all. I don’t want to get caught.’

˜Why? It’s not illegal to give head,’ he laughed.

˜No, but I’m sure it is here in the open.’

˜What’s so open about it? It’s dark.’

˜Yes, but I’m sure the cops wouldn’t see it that way.’

˜Don’t care,’ he said pushing my head back down. ˜Just keep on sucking.’

He really is incorrigible. I did hear him say, “It’s fine, and I’m sure he was speaking to an officer passing. He came almost immediately afterwards so I’m not sure whether it was because of my fantastic oral administrations or because he was highly turned on because of the situation.

From then on it’s be anywhere we can and wherever we can. The more the risk, the hornier we both are. He even got me to jerk him off in the back of a taxi, now I know you’ll probably think so?, everyone’s done that but Frank is a judge and if we were to be caught, well, you can imagine the ramifications.

So when Frank suggested I get under the table at a restaurant to give him a head job I adamantly said “no.

˜Come one honey, there’s no one about.’

˜You’re joking, a waiter could come over.’

˜Look Laura, no one is looking at us, it’s dark and we’re right at the back. Who’d see?’

˜Is that why you reserved this table, you bastard? The answer is still no.’

˜I’ll do anything you want?’


˜I promise. Next time you just say the word.’

I peered about the restaurant. Sure enough no one was looking. It wasn’t crowded and the waiter was no where in sight.

I slid beneath the table holding my breath my knees almost hitting me in the eye. Adjusting my position I whispered up. ˜All clear.’

˜Yes,’ he said his hand finding my head and pushing me towards his crotch. I giggled but I was terrified. The only thing that had me wanting to do this was the fact that I’d been asking Frank for a threesome for ages and he’d been knocking me back.

For years I’d fantasized of having two men at the same time. One in my pussy, the other in my butt. Thinking about it while my hands fumbled with his zip had my hands shaking. With my mouth sucking down his shaft I thought about how I’d go about choosing the guy. I was enthralled, my mind conjuring up many men, my hand running up and down his leg but I froze when I heard a new voice.

˜So, you dining here alone?’

˜Yes, officer.’

Officer! Why would an officer be asking him that. What was going on? I attempted to dislodge myself but he tugged at my hair, forcing me to stay put.

˜But there’s another plate here,’ the voice said again.

˜It’s my girlfriend’s. She’s just gone to the loo,’ he said.

Fuck, why was he asking?

˜I remember you from the other night,’ the officer continued. ˜You gave me your card. Mouthed you needed me to call. So I’m here now, what seems to be the problem?’

˜Take a seat,’ Frank said.

Fuck, why did he say that? How was I ever going to get out from under the table?

˜I have a proposition for you.’ Frank was saying.

˜Go on.’

˜Can you undo your zip?’

˜What the fuck you talking about?’

˜Your zip, can you undo it.’

The legs under the table shifted. I still had my mouth on Frank’s cock but I wasn’t sucking anymore. What was Frank up to? Two black hands came beneath the table cloth and undid the zipper.

˜Pull out your cock.’

He did. A huge black cock flopped from it.

˜What now?’ the officer said.

Frank’s hand pushed my head towards the mushroomed knob. I eyed it greedily. Did he really know what he was doing? What if we got caught? Was this guy really a cop?

I yanked the cop’s shaft towards me. The table cloth lifted and I peered up into his handsome dark face.

˜Hmm,’ he said. ˜I see she didn’t really go anywhere.’

˜No, she’s been here the whole time. Why not let her make your day.’

He leaned back and I yanked his zip down further allowing his monster to fall into my hands. I stroke it, admiring the knobby veins, the thickness of its girth, the purple knob. I licked it tentatively and he stiffened quickly. Licking the knob I heard an appreciative moan so I continued on, enjoying the fact that he liked what I was doing.

The table cloth lifted further and Frank pushed his chair back to watch. My eyes almost popped as I tried to take this guys cock all in my mouth. Frank stroked his shaft openly; the man looked from me to Frank.

˜Enough?’ Frank asked me.

I nodded but still hung on.

˜My place or yours, Laura?’

˜Yours,’ I laughed crazily, knowing that this was my reward, that he’d known all along I’d go ahead with it as he’d organized this ahead of time.

As I scrambled from under the table I asked, ˜Is he really a cop?’

˜You bet,’ Frank said.

˜That’s even better,’ I laughed, thinking about all I could use when handcuffing one of them to the bed.

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