On Christmas Eve, I worked slowly to get myself ready. I knew I had plenty of time. West was playing with his band at a local holiday party, and he wouldn’t be home until a bit after midnight. I’d told him that I wasn’t in the mood for a party, but that wasn’t the truth at all. I was definitely in the mood for a party — but only for a party of two, and by the time he returned home, I would be fully prepared.

Standing in front of my vanity, I did my make-up first, using black mascara to emphasize my big, brown eyes before adding a glossy ruby lipstick. My curly brown hair was up on my head, a few sexy strands falling free around my face. I looked taller with my hair like that, and out of the ordinary. That was my goal — I did not want to appear like West’s regular girlfriend with the standard ponytail and natural looking make-up. I wanted to transform myself into someone festive and magical, a glittery sex angel ready to make his kinkiest wishes come true.

For clothes, I had chosen a sheer black teddy trimmed with satin and matching G-string. On top of the naughty knickers, I buckled a sleek leather harness with a brand-new silicone cock. I wasn’t going for an androgenous appearance, turning myself into a man who was hot to fuck my beau — not tonight, anyway. For this erotic event, I simply wanted to be West’s sexy girlfriend — but one who sported a cock as long and hard as West had ever dreamed about. And I knew all about those dreams. Visions of sugar plums didn’t dance in my man’s head. X-rated images of me with a strap-on were what gave West pleasure in bed.

My heels were high and trimmed with tiny silver bells, so that I jingled whenever I walked. I strode around the apartment, feeling the arousal build inside of me as I made my way from room to room. This was going to be amazing, an evening to top all others. I lit twisted ivory candles on the mantle, the checked the clock in the center. Nearly time! I hoped he wouldn’t be too late. I was as excited as a little kid waiting for Santa Claus.

When I heard his key in the lock, I slid into the gold lamé robe that was my final touch for the festive outfit. I wrapped the tie tightly around my slim waist, but it did nothing to hide the sexy bulge beneath. That was fine. I wanted West to see that bulge. I wanted him to understand. I faced away from the door, acting as if I were straightening the Christmas stockings.

“Hey, baby,” West said, coming behind me and grabbing me in his standard bear-hug embrace. “Why are you all dolled up?”

I turned to face him, and I could see the surprise in his eyes when he felt my own surprise against his thigh.

“It’s Christmas,” I told him. “See? It’s after midnight.” I motioned to the mantle clock. “I wanted to give you your present now.”

“My present –” he stammered as I took one of his big hands and placed it on the front of my robe. He knew what to do, even if he couldn’t fully speak. His hand stroked my cock through the glittery fabric, and I watched him swallow hard.

“My present,” he said again, his voice no longer holding a questioning tone. It was clear to me that he realized what I had in store.

“You’ve been so very naughty this year,” I grinned at him. “Santa prepared a special gift for you.”

“Special –” he repeated as I pushed him back onto the sofa and watched him stumble into a sitting position among our many over-stuffed pillows.

I walked in my jingling stride back to the mantle where the stockings had been hung, and I pulled out a package decoratively wrapped in silver and gold. I handed it to my sweetie, but he just sat there, staring at me.

“Open it,” I instructed, realizing that I was going to have to lead him through all of the evening’s events. Still unsure, West looked down at the box in his hands, then back at me, and then finally he tore into the wrapping and ripped off the box top, quickly revealing a pair of fur-lined cuffs.

“Take off your clothes,” I told him next. “Everything but your boxers.”

West didn’t need any additional prompting. He stripped off his boots, slacks, shirt and blazer, and then immediately held his wrists in front of him. He was nervous; I could tell. But he was excited, too. That much was obvious from the way his green eyes watched every motion I made. I captured him easily, then returned to my stockings filled with tricks. From the second one, I pulled out a another package.

“You’ll have to unwrap that,” he said, attempting a joke as he indicated his cuffed wrists. While he watched, I shredded the shiny paper to reveal a large bottle of expensive lube. I saw West’s dark eyes grow big.

“Are you ready for your big present?” I asked.

He nodded slowly.

“I’ll unwrap it for you,” I told him kindly, pulling the tie on my robe and letting it fall open. West groaned when he saw my cock. He’d known its presence, but seeing it right there, standing away from my body like that, made him understand how real this evening was.

“All right, naughty boy,” I murmured to him. “Now, it’s time for me to unwrap my present.” I worked his boxers down bit by bit, watching excitedly as his erection sprang free. Then I locked his cock between my full lips and gave him a few slow sucks. West groaned appreciatively, settling back into our deep sofa as I worked him. I took my time, licking his shaft up and down before turning my attention to his balls. I cradled each one in my mouth, then cupped both together between my lips and flicked my tongue against them. West started to breathe faster and faster as I played with him, and he set his handcuffed wrists against the back of my head, helping me set the rhythm.

“Oh, Alex,” he whispered. “Alexandra. That feels so good.”

“It’s going to feel even better,” I assured him. “Now, roll over for me, West…”

He didn’t move. I could tell that he wanted to, but he was scared.

“Don’t worry,” I assured him. “This is something I want, too.”

Quietly, he rolled over, his knees on the floor, ass to me, elbows bent and cuffed wrists near his face. I got the bottle of lube and poured a generous amount into the palm of my hand. Slowly and gently I readied him for my toy, rubbing my fingers between his asscheeks and then in delicious circles around his opening. West lifted his hips each time I touched his anus, and when I put one hand beneath him to feel his cock, he was already dripping pre-come.

Recalling how I feel in the same position, I took my time. I massaged and teased, taunting him with little dips of my fingertips inside his ass until he couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Please,” he begged me. “Please, baby…”

I knew he was ready, and I was definitely ready, so I parted the cheeks of his ass and slid just the head of the cock forward. He groaned and turned his head to the side. I saw that his eyes were shut tight. I ruffled his blonde hair lightly, reminding him that this was me, his loving girlfriend. That he didn’t need to hide behind closed lids. Then I pushed forward a bit more with my hips, sliding the cock deeper inside him. Or, rather, my cock deeper. I felt as if I’d joined with the toy, become one with the synthetic object.

I fucked West the way I like him to fuck me, long and slow at first, going in a bit deeper with each thrust. Then, as I got into the groove, I worked him a bit harder, gripping onto his hips for leverage as I took him. West started to make noises that I’d never hear from him. Low, harsh grunts that let me know how turned on he was. He panted with each thrust forward, and groaned as I pulled back out.

“I’m going to –” he said, his voice a husky whisper.

“Not yet,” I insisted, and now I gripped under his body and started to milk his cock in time with the ass-fucking I was giving him. In and out, stroke and hold. I made him shudder all over as he tried to desperately to reign himself in.

As I fucked him, I thought about how West had confessed this fantasy to me. Late one night after Thanksgiving, we’d curled around each other and revealed our deepest secrets. I’d felt as if he’d unwrapped his inner soul for me, showing me who he was for real. Now, in the middle of the living room, amidst scraps of the glittering wrapping paper, we were as naked for each other as we could possibly be, completely and utterly unwrapped for one another.

When I could tell he was at his very limits, I said, “All right, baby –” and he came in great shivering gasps, bucking and coming as I jacked him off.

We lay there together, connected, until our breathing grew steady once again. Then I pulled out and tucked myself back into my robe, adjusting the tie but leaving my cock in place.

“So Santa arranged for all of this?” he smiled at me as I unlocked the cuffs.

“Yes,” I nodded. “All the way from the North Pole. Or, rather, San Francisco. I ordered it from an adorably kinky mail order catalog.”

“Well, Santa can always use a little extra help,” West grinned, wrapping me tightly in his arms.


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