Under My Thumb

Spider was horny when he walked into the hotel room — he was always horny after a gig. But it wasn’t like he planned to do anything about it — at least, not right away. After all, he had a three am “dinner” date with Sierra Verdi from Darkness Calls magazine, who reviewed Spider’s last show in town by saying that “Spider is the only guy in creation besides Billy Bob Thornton whom I would gladly fuck for a dime and a cappuccino.”

Spider had a pocket full of dimes, and Daddy’s All-Night on Castro has the best espresso drinks of anywhere in town.

He’d already stripped off his sweat-soaked muscle shirt when he hit the lights. For a second, he thought Sierra had jumped the gun on him; in fact, he wondered if maybe she’d waived the cash fee and ordered room service. He’d never actually seen Sierra, and of course hair colors changed as quickly as sexual orientations in the land of rock and roll, so the possibility that Sierra had picked his lock — so to speak — was not dispelled by the fact that it was not a curvy thirty-something brunette but a slim twenty-something blond stretched out on the hotel bed wearing only leopard-print underwear and a pair of handcuffs.

But the gag — that definitely wasn’t Sierra’s style.

Spider walked over and sat on the edge of the hotel bed. The chick was young, mid-twenties or younger, and had a longish mane of platinum-blond hair scattered across the stiff hotel pillows. Her teacup breasts were clutched in a tight push-up bra in pink and silver leopard print with black lace at the top, and her cute little ass was cupped in a matching pair of panties. She lay on her side, twisted slightly so that he could see both ass and tits. Obviously she knew her ass was her best feature, but it received stern competition from the tits, which spilled lushly over the tops of her bra cups.

She was pretty. Her features were delicate, those of a perky rock and roll starlet affecting the pierced-and-primped look. She definitely wasn’t aping the sexy honorary femme-dyke aging punk style that Sierra sported. Truth be told, the latter was Spider’s preference, but the girl on his bed certainly wasn’t in danger of getting kicked out.

The girl’s big blue eyes blinked up at him cheerfully, only the oversized gag preventing her from showing a broad smile.

Spider rooted under the bed and found the girl’s clothes: skimpy black jean shorts, high boots, and a crop top. Tucked into the shorts was a small key-ring, a packet of lube and a tiny leather clutch purse embossed with the words PILL POPPIN’ COKE SNORTIN’ FUDGE PACKIN’ BABY KILLIN’ ROCK AND ROLL WHORE, which would have struck Spider as not making a lot of sense if he’d had the time to think about it. He didn’t, though; instead, he tossed the lube on the bed, unsnapped the girl’s wallet and took out the girl’s I.D.

The I.D. looked reasonably convincing — she was 22. Well within the legal range. Still, maybe the pills and coke had worn off by now, so he put his hand on the girl’s hip, turned her to her side, and unlocked the handcuffs. She wriggled slightly, resisting his attempts to free her and keeping her wrists pressed together behind her back. She whimpered in protest as he unbuckled the gag. It was one of those ring gags like Spider had occasionally seen on bondage websites — allowing full access while preventing effective protest. Though she whined a little, the girl didn’t say a word.

She was so petite that it wasn’t hard to wrestle her into a sitting position against the hotel headboard, even though she kept trying to rub her ass up against Spider’s crotch. She uttered little protests as he did, though, plainly preferring her prone position. But Spider wasn’t taking any shit. He turned her around and sat on the bed, opposite her, cross-legged, not even caring that his boots were on the bed.

“Hi,” the girl said with a smile. She had a pierced lower lip and a ring through her septum. He could see the faint glint of nipple rings, too, through the pink leopard-print fabric and black lace.

Spider looked at her I.D. “Kimberly,” he said. “Welcome to my nightmare.”

“Ugh,” said the girl. “Nobody calls me that. My name’s China.”

“All right. Listen, I’m going to take a shower.”

“I like you dirty.”

Spider slapped the girl’s thigh, making her jump a little.

“My dear China,” he said. “You’ll have me clean, if you have me at all. Of course, if you’ve got second thoughts or the E has started to wear off…”

“I had one rum and coke,” she protested petulantly.

Spider slapped her thigh again.

“Be quiet. If you’ve got second thoughts, there’s the door.”

China sat there watching as Spider unbuckled his belt and pulled off his motorcycle boots. He stripped off his stretch jeans as he walked into the bathroom, well aware that China’s eyes were burning an invitation into his ass.

The hot water felt good. He heard the doorknob jiggling and was glad he’d locked it. Showers were one of the few things in the world, to Spider, that were not sexy. He lathered himself up and washed the sweat from his body, brushed his teeth but didn’t shave. When he walked out of the bathroom, China was handcuffed and gagged again, spread out on her belly having discarded the bra and panties. Her legs were spread wide. Her head was turned to the side; she looked up at him with love in her eyes.

He could see that her pussy was both shaved and pierced — four rings through each of her lips. A similar ring glinted from her clit. Her ass was lifted slightly, invitingly revealing her pink asshole between her smooth, well-toned cheeks.

Spider glanced at the bedside clock. It was already 2:30, and he didn’t want to keep Sierra waiting after the months of e-mail flirtation they’d enjoyed. A 10 minute cab ride left… just enough time for a quick tryst with a groupie. It’s not like he and Sierra had any kind of agreement — on the contrary, it was an expected value of the rock ‘n’ roll world that double-dipping was customary.

He let the white hotel towel drop to the floor, and his China’s eyes zeroed in on his cock, standing hard and ready from his body.

“You realize you’re about to be used and discarded,” said Spider.

“Yes, please,” came China’s muffled reply from behind the ring gag. She lifted her ass higher into the air, displaying both her pussy and her ass for Spider’s hungry eyes.

He climbed onto the bed and took hold of China’s hair. She wriggled slightly to get into the right position as he guided her face to his cock and slid his cockhead through the ring gag. Her tongue immediately began working along the underside. He would have liked to see what those lips could do, but the sparkle in China’s eyes as he fed her his cock was more than enough. He eased his cock deeper into her mouth and with a smooth, expert gesture she opened her throat wide and pushed herself onto him, swallowing Spider’s cock all the way down to his balls.

Her muscles contracted against him as he began to ease his hips back and forth, fucking her throat. He heard a whimper of pleasure deep in China’s throat — without a hint of a gag. This was a well-trained groupie, he decided. He ran his hand down to her handcuffed wrists and savored the feeling of having her in bondage, then slowly drew his fingertips up her back, making China’s naked body shiver. He grasped her hair tightly and began to fuck China’s pretty face.

He could see the moist hint of water in her eyes as his big cock savaged even her well-subdued gag reflex. Leaning heavily over her, Spider reached down and pressed his hand between her legs, feeling that she was even wetter than he’d anticipated. When he touched her clit, her whole naked body shivered, and she lifted her ass high as if to invite him in.

As he fucked China’s face, Spider lifted his hand and gave her a hard, merciless spank on her pretty butt. That made her wriggle and whimper as he plumbed her throat. Spider spanked her again and a low moan shivered through his cockhead, trapped in China’s breast by the cock filling her throat. He spanked her harder, harder, making her lift her ass to beg for more as her round cheeks pinkened.

God, she looked glorious spread out on the bed like that. Her throat felt so good around his cock, bobbing up and down as she gasped for air between thrusts. But he knew time was short, and he wanted all there was to have of her.

Spider grasped China’s hair firmly and pulled her face off his cock. Her eyes flashed hungrily as she held her lips, forced open by the ring gag, just an inch from his glistening head. Then he grabbed her handcuffed wrists and pulled her up on the bed, forcing her face into a pillow.

Her ass lifted to reach him, her hips pivoting to accept his cockhead between her pierced pussy lips. She groaned as he entered her, and from the first inch of her cunt Spider realized that he was still underestimating how wet this little groupie slut was. He drove deep into her, his cockhead entering with a firm thrust, and a tiny squeal erupted from China’s forced-open mouth. She was drooling, a dark pool of spit already spreading on the pillow. He grasped her hair and pushed her more firmly into her own spittle as he started to fuck her.

Her pussy was tighter than tight. He ground deep into her, feeling the press of her swelling G-spot as his cockhead reached the perfect depth within her. Still holding her hair with one hand, he slipped the thumb of his other hand into her pussy, moistening it as he pulled his cock out for an instant. Then he was back inside her, thrusting deep into her cunt, and another squeal escaped her drooling mouth as he forced his pussy-slick thumb into China’s asshole. He seized the little packet of lube he’d taken out of her shorts and ripped it open with his teeth. He drizzled lube between her round cheeks, sliding his thumb in and out to slick up China’s asshole. Tight at first, it opened and relaxed as he matched the thrusts of his thumb to the pounding of his cock. China barely seemed to know what was happening as he pulled his thumb and cock out at the same time, positioning his cockhead between her cheeks.

Grabbing China’s hair, he forced her drool-shiny face to the side so he could look into her eyes. As he entered her ass, he saw them go wide at first, the heard her low moan, unmistakably a sound of ecstasy, as he forced his cock slowly into the young groupie’s ass.

China pushed her ass up against him, meeting his thrust and begging him to enter her all the way.

Spider felt China’s asshole enveloping his cock. He leaned hard against her body and reached under to feel her clit. It was rock hard, its metal ring standing fully at attention. Spider toyed with it as he took China’s ass, each thrust bringing him closer to completion. Spider leaned down heavily and forcefully grasped her hair, turning her face to the side. He pressed his mouth against China’s, loving the feel of its softness against her, the fact that her mouth was forced wide open and there was no more way she could resist the hard thrust of his tongue than she could resist the thrust of his cock up her ass. China began to moan wildly, her mouth forced open so wide that drool ran in a steady stream down her chin and onto her tits when Spider pulled his mouth off of hers. Her moans rose in volume. Spider pulled the buckle of the gag and tugged it out of her mouth, forcing her face to the side so he could kiss her, hard, not even caring that her lips and face were slippery with drool. As his tongue left her mouth again, Spider heard her moaning “Fuck me… fuck my ass… please… harder… fuck my ass harder… come in my ass…”

Spider obliged, pounding China mercilessly as he shoved her ass up into the air to present it for his use. Abandoning her clit, he reached under her and felt the firm, small mounds of her naked breasts, pinching her pierced nipples as he fucked her harder. Then he felt her body go rigid, heard her moans turn to wails, heard her struggle to get out the sobbing words “I’m coming” as he drove faster and faster into her tight asshole — and he felt the clutch, the rhythmic muscle spasms through China’s ass that spelled the intense orgasm of a groupie who’d trained for her moment in the spotlight. The grip of China’s no doubt Kegel-enhanced climax drove Spider right over the edge, and he came hard in China’s ass as she pushed her body up against him, begging for his come.

When he’d finished, he rested there atop her and listened to the whimpering sounds of China’s post-orgasmic bliss. He looked at the clock.

He slid out of her, off of her. He found the key chain again and unlocked China’s handcuffs, then slapped her once more on the ass, playfully, lightly this time.

“I’ve got a date,” he said.

“I know,” said China enigmatically, shooting him the most mischievous smile a drool-shiny mouth could allow.

Spider went into the bathroom and locked the door again, but this time China didn’t try to make her way in. When he came out, the scent of China’s body scrubbed from his, he discovered her curled up in bed, the covers pulled over her naked body. She hadn’t bothered to wipe her mouth.

“I’ll be back in an hour,” said Spider. “I’ll probably have company, so please don’t be here. I’m calling housekeeping to change the sheets.”

“I’ll do it,” said China, picking up the phone.

China listened to her sweet-talking the housekeeping staff as he got dressed. He wondered if the girl was a hotel groupie, too. “Call me a cab, will you?” he asked, and she did, obediently, without hesitation. Spider felt a strange sense of satisfaction about that.

When he was dressed the way he figured Sierra would expect him — stretch jeans, tight T-shirt, high boots and a leather jacket — Spider looked at China, the outline of her body still fetching despite the bulky covers.

“Gone,” he said warily. “In an hour. All right?”

She nodded.

“Steal anything, and my goons will track you down and break your legs.”

“I love it when you talk dirty,” she said with a drooly smile.

The cab was waiting downstairs.


Sierra was already there, sipping an Evian as he slipped into the diner booth. The place was practically empty. She looked even cuter than her pictures — dark hair, full features and thick, kissable lips. She was wearing a tight black dress that revealed the top of her bra with her legendary breasts spilling out. The bra showed black lace, and underneath it pink and silver leopard print. Spider puzzled over that.

“Sierra? It’s nice to meet you,” he said, shaking her hand. “Sorry I’m late.”

“No problem,” she said with a knowing smile. “Did you get my gift basket?”

Spider felt a momentary stab of guilt — he hadn’t even bothered to check for gift baskets. He hoped Sierra wasn’t the easily offended type; she didn’t seem like it. Still, she seemed even less like the type to send him a bunch of fruit and a bottle of cheap champagne.

“I don’t think so,” he said.

“You didn’t? I was sure it’d be there when you finished the show. About five-two, blond, pink-and-silver leopard-print underwear?”

“Excuse me?”

“Nice tight pussy, teacup tits, gag and handcuffs?”

After 10 years as a rock ‘n’ roll star, corrupting the morals of America’s youth and driving the world inexorably toward Sodom, Spider just then discovered he could still blush.

“Looks like I got it after all,” he said. “It was a lot better than a basket of pomegranates.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” smiled Sierra. “She was just warming you up for me. And, for the record, I can live without the cappuccino.”

“They’ve got decaf,” said Spider.

“If I’m not mistaken, China’ll have room service waiting.”

Spider looked into Sierra’s dark eyes for a moment, chuckled and took out a roll of dimes.

“Oh, please,” said Sierra Verdi, breaking the roll open and fishing out a single dime. “No need to overpay.”

The two of them left four dollars and 90 cents on the table — nice tip for an Evian. Luckily, Spider’s cab was still parked outside.

Thomas Roche is a widely-published writer and editor of erotica, horror, and crime fiction. You can visit him online at his new website, www.skidroche.com.


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