Two into One

I know you’ve heard all sorts from the guys, but you don’t believe me? Come on, let me convince you. Here’s a drink. Sit back, relax and listen.

Last Friday night I went out with the girls to The Reflex club in town. I wore a totally cute Victorian-style see-through shirt with a black pencil skirt — I thought it was classy, but after numerous times of being asked to do some typing and filing, the final straw was this sleezeball asking me to use his dictaphone. I cut my losses, said goodbye to the girls, and grabbed a burger with the intent of heading off home.

Whilst at the burger van, who should come up and grab my arse but Bryn, my shag-buddy. He’s quite sweet in a — sorry? Shag-buddy? Ah, yes. We’ve been proper mates for absolutely ages, but if we’re ever single at the same time, and we’re feeling a bit horny, then we’ll ring each other up, grab a few beers and get down and dirty for a night.

Works a treat.

Bryn is tall, stocky in a rugby-player sort of way, wavy dark hair, definitely larger than the average bear. He gave me a big matey hug and I kissed him happily. He tasted of whiskey and cigarettes, and I felt the old familiar goosebumps and butterflies starting up.

“You on your own tonight, Miss Moneypenny? he murmured.

“Stop it! I hit him with my handbag. “Do you know how many men have asked me to sit on their lap and take down their particulars?

“All of them, if they’re real men. His fingertips stroked lazily down my arm.

“Look, do you fancy a coffee back at mine? George is out on a hot date, so we can drink it in any room we like.

I’d never met George, Bryn’s elusive housemate, and hopefully that wouldn’t change tonight.

“Go on then, why not? Well, I thought, bugger it\’I’d nothing else to do.

We were lying buck-naked on his bed within half an hour. Bryn’s hot on foreplay; he was oh so gently licking and nibbling my nipples and slowly rubbing my cunt with his knuckles. His lovely thick cock was hard and hot against my hip. I just knew that this was going to be an excellent fuck.

“Mm, lovely and wet, he breathed. “I’ll let you suck my really large penis seeing as you’ve been such a good girl.

“Ooh, has it grown since last time? I giggled.

“Just for that, you dirty bitch, I’m only going to shag half your brains out. Shit, what was that?

The front door had slammed, and someone was swearing downstairs. Bryn wiped his hand, wrapped a towel round his waist and shuffled off to investigate.

Great, I thought. Foreplay interruptus. I wriggled under the duvet and waited.

Bryn came back into the bedroom, dragging behind him a short blond guy.

“Hi, said Blondie. “I’m George. I would shake hands, but I think I know where your hands have been.

So this was the elusive housemate, I thought. Not bad, not bad at all. Not as broad as Bryn, but certainly not a stranger to the gym.

“I thought you were on a hot date, I asked. “Did she turn out to be gay or something?

George shrugged.

“No such luck, he sighed. “It’s usually the other way round — I pretend to be gay, hoping that hot sex-crazed women will try to convert me, but all they do is ask me to go shopping with them. Honestly! How many shoe shops do you women need to visit?

He grinned and plonked himself on the end of the bed.

I grinned back.

“One word, I said. “Underwear.

George’s mouth gaped.

“Shit! he cried. “I never thought of that! La Senza, La Perla, even La M & S — damn! All those buttocks in white see-through panties, all those nipples rubbing against rough lace — phew!

“Down, boy! Bryn sat down beside me and kissed my shoulder. “If you want to see gorgeous nips, have a look at these. And he pulled the duvet down, exposing my breasts and very pointy nipples. Bastard!

George reached out and started stroking them. He had rough hands, and the sensation immediately made my cunt twitch.

“Cor, they are gorgeous, he agreed. “One of my exes was a real gym-bunny\’her tits were as hard as sandbags. They could knock you out with one blow, but these — they’re just like tasty cushions.

“You should see her thighs too. Bryn pulled the duvet completely away. I tried crossing my legs, but it was too late.

“Oh sod it, I said. “You might as well have a good look. I lay back and wantonly spread my legs, thanking the Lord I’d waxed just a few days ago.

“Actually, Bryn said, “we could both give you a good time, if you don’t mind that is.

I can’t have minded that much, as a few minutes later I had two guys doing very naughty things to me and I was totally loving it. George was paying attention to my cunt, running his tongue along the inside of my lips, pausing to swirl it over my clit before tasting my very being. Meanwhile, Bryn’s cock was between my other lips and I sucked and licked as if he were a melting Magnum.

“Mmph fmm mf, I said.

Bryn reluctantly released his cock.

“I said, you taste good, but maybe you should swap with George and let him have a go.

“Sounds ok with me, said George.

“I’m game, agreed Bryn.

So they swapped. I got to sample George’s juices, and Bryn feasted on mine.

Now, as you may appreciate I was getting rather carried away and really needed a damned good fuck.

“Scuse me, would you guys like to shag me instead of teasing me? Totally reasonable request, I thought. Luckily the boys thought so too.

Bryn wriggled up so he lay on top of me, gently crushing me with his lovely body. He gave me a long kiss, sucking on my tongue and lips, and whispered in my ear.

“You ok with a strange guy watching?

I nodded, too excited to speak.

He parted my cunt with the head of his prick, then slid in hard. I felt his prick stretching me, filling me completely, and I felt my cunt starting to contract and squeeze. I gasped — after all the attention, I couldn’t take much more.

Bryn moaned and started to fuck me, and I mean fuck me. I couldn’t move, he pinned me down with his cock and it hurt, it hurt so good.

I couldn’t help it, I bit his shoulder and whimpered as I came. Bryn gasped as he shot hot cum into me, and rolled off me, panting and sweaty.

No-one said anything; then we grinned at each other.

“George? Your turn, I said.

George was still standing by the bed, towel in hand, a pained look on his face. He shook his head, ruefully.

“Too late, he said. “Watching you two was just too much for me. Your towel’s a bit damp, mate. Sorry.

So no, I didn’t get to have two blokes screw me senseless — not that night, anyway.

You look a bit hot — more ice in your drink?

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