Try Backseat Sex Escape

I know the backseat has a reputation for sordid trysts and backseat dalliances. Perhaps, rightly so. However, even those in long term, committed relationships can transform the backseat into their own private, church of “Oh! Oh! Oh!” hot rockin’ sex.

You can have the best sex ever in your bed; but when you finally roll out of the bed and put your feet on the floor, you’ll instantly be confronted with the realities of life. For a true, sexual escape, I highly recommend the backseat as a place where sex-play can really take off. It is a world apart.

Planning to meet your lover for a backseat adventure is, in and of itself, kinda fun. Location is everything. Personally, my lover and I would rendezvous in locales that offered us a long view of who might be approaching: An underused lakeside state park parking lot…almost always empty; the hilltop cemetery road; a boat launch along a river. Although, the night the state trooper pulled down the road we had some quick thinking to do! (Cover story, we pulled off the road because we were arguing. I used my best aggrieved-wife face!)

The backseat offers many opportunities to invent positions you might not otherwise imagine. The backseat is an instant sex swing! Heels can be hooked over headrests. You can brace yourself on the ceiling. No one can stretch out, so connecting in new ways is the order of the day. Don’t even try to use the backseat like a bed or a couch! Missionary position has no place in the backseat. The seat itself is there to sit on, the prop a knee on, perhaps sink your teeth into, should the passion move you to do so!

If privacy is ensured, open the door and really get into the jungle gym possibilities! Having one foot on the floor boards and one on the door handle while my lover stood and cupped my ass was one memorable open-door option. Oral opportunities abound, especially if you’re in a larger vehicle where sitting with your legs out the door has you elevated to a nice height for the giver to give.

There are some logistics to content with. The front seats should be pulled all the way up, maximizing floor room where one party can kneel, or recline into. Windows may steam; have a towel ready for the quick wipe down. As per any canoodling, bodily fluid are involved. Have tissue, napkins, and/or baby wipes at hand. Very often, you’ll find yourself going directly from the backseat to the world of work or other social interaction. There’s no shower in the backseat…plan accordingly.

You may be tempted, in the cooler months, to blast the heater. Just remember, you’re going to be creating a LOT of heat in a small space. Music is an option, but prudence dictates your ears be available to detect intrusion. And, I now believe that tinted window are the best thing ever invented. If your windows aren’t tinted, avoid the temptation to hang something in the window so no one can see in. It is far more important that you’re able to see out!

Be prepared for comic relief. After about four good whacks to the noggin, I eventually learned exactly where the goddamn dome light was! Once, in the throes of my passion, I lifted my hand from the floor gripping a small child’s snow boot. Set the E-brake, unless you want to be on the evening news. And, needless to say, you should get all the crap out of your car before expecting it to become the temporary church of “Oh God!”

I don’t use that word, “church,” lightly. A really interesting aspect to connecting with your beloved in the backseat is the way it focuses each of you on the act itself. Like entering church, you’re not there to do anything else. The distractions of life are shut out. The phone won’t ring (unless you’re stupid enough not to quell the cell!) The dog won’t bark. The kids won’t knock on the door, and you won’t devolve into talking what color the new carpet for the living room should be.

In the backseat, it’s simply go time. The focus and intention for fun can create an almost sacred atmosphere. You’ll be ensconced in a love nest. Revel in the atmosphere of, “nothing but me and thee and whatever our creative bodies can conjure.”

A note for the gals: Skirts are the quickest way (should the need arise) to transform from wanton sex goddess to respectable gal sitting primly in the passenger seat. And, the more flexible you are, the more fun this is.

A note for the guys: be prepared to use some muscle to help hold the best positions.

Yes…the more fit you are, the more delicious an experience you’ll have in the backseat. Let that be your motivation to get your tuckus to the gym and/or yoga class!

After your hour of worship in the Backseat Church of Oh! you really won’t want to hang out too long. There’s no coffee hour. Enjoy your afterglow, clear away any evidence and then go. Hit the road; crank up some appropriate tunes; drive to your next task with a smile on your face and a saucy secret smoldering in your loins!

Anja Vikarma

Anja Vikarma is an author living in the boondocks of upstate New York. She delights in using playful erotic prose to enliven and tantalize readers. Most recently, she was published in the anthology, “Stretched: Erotic Fiction that Fondles the Imagination.” In addition to writing, Anja teaches yoga and creative writing, plays in a rock band, and is an amateur tap dancer. You can get a daily dose of yum from Anja at her Facebook page. Anja's profile pic is "Breath of the Dakini" by A. Andrew Gonzalez

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