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Oh the places we’ll go…


I just got back from holiday and, I must say, I have learned to be the best packer in the world. Despite the lies told me about the conditions of the places I was visiting, I managed to have everything I needed on this trip and more.  But one thing that concerned me when traveling was taking my toys.


Airline restrictions practically prohibit everything from boarding the plane in your carry-on. I mean, you can’t even take water with you. Not that I’m complaining – as long as it ensures my safety, I’m wiling to comply. But packing sex toys can be a difficult task, especially since you don’t want to damage anything and no one wants to launder clothes stained with lube on holiday.


Tips for packing up toys:


Silicone dildos – I put them in socks. Weird, I know. But it keeps them clean, and then I shove them into shoes. Again, sounds strange, but it prevents them from getting dirty or bent out of shape on super long flights. Plastic bags have some weird affect on certain types of silicone that I don’t quite understand, but I know it isn’t good for them. No Ziploc baggies for my silicone toys!


Vibrators – Remove the batteries. Seriously, if anything in your bag vibrates the authorities will assume it’s a bomb and blow up your bag. How embarrassing would it be to have you bag blown up because your Laya started up? Depending on the material of the vibe, I either put it in a sock or baggie.

**If your vibe is an electric one – lock the controls if possible (like with the Nea). I don’t mind hauling chargers, so sometimes I opt to drain the toy before packing it to ensure it won’t turn on. My friend opts to “MacGyver*” her toys – she takes cotton balls and tapes one on either side of the controls, to ensure nothing will press against it and accidentally turn the item on.


SoftSkin/Cyberskin Toys – I would advise against traveling with these toys. They’re definitely in need of more care than your average toy, so you may want to leave these behind. If you choose to take them with you – pack each individually. Seriously, you’ll end up with a glob of what used to be your favorite toys if you don’t. Dust each individual item with cornstarch and since the toys ‘sweat,’ I would recommend putting it in a little box. The sock tip won’t work with these, as they will be covered with lint the second they touch cotton.


Glass toys – I designate a sweatshirt to this cause. I but the glass toy in the middle (if it’s got a pouch up front, that’s where it goes) and I wrap the entire thing up in a bundle. Glass is super resilient and it’s highly unlikely it’s going to get damaged or break, but small scratches from the heel of a shoe can ruin a great toy.


Lube – Lube is tricky. You can opt to put some of your favorite lube in travel containers. I like to purchase a travel size (1oz or 4oz, depending on length of trip) to take with me, that way I have lube for the trip and lube waiting for me at home. I put the lube in baggie, just in case it explodes and hope for the best.


Harnesses – I never considered something could go wrong with a harness on a flight, but my friend had a bizarre experience with the O-ring getting caught on something and actually tearing the harness. Strange and unlikely, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Some harnesses come in little pouches, which are awesome to store them in, but if yours didn’t – I would recommend wrapping it up in a shirt or something to prevent it from bouncing around your bag and getting mangled during the flight.


Batteries – If your toy takes watch batteries, take extras with you. Seriously, AA and AAA are easy to find but finding the right watch battery can be a never ending quest.


Happy trail sand travel safe!





*yes I know the term “MacGyver-ed” is extremely dated but seriously, that dude was awesome!


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