Total Submission

Alex pushed open the front door of the dormitory and began to climb the stairs to the third floor. As she climbed, she thought about what she was going to say to her friend. She’d been trying to decide for the better part of a week whether she should talk with Dana at all. She’d even consulted with a couple of their mutual friends about her dilemma.

“She won’t listen to you, Jane had warned. “And she’ll just resent you for having said anything.

“And she’ll tell you how great the sex is, added Alice. “She’ll probably accuse you of being jealous.

Alex knew they were probably right, but she couldn’t stand by and do nothing. She said as much to her friends.

Jane had just sighed. “I admire you for trying, she’d said with a shrug, “but that boy has cast a sex spell over her, and until it breaks she’s going to continue behaving like a submissive puppy dog.

“Submissive is the last word Alex would have used to describe Dana when they’d met two years earlier during freshmen orientation week. The words “feisty, “flirty, and “sassy would have come to mind. She gave as good as she got when it came to bantering with guys, and she could even be a bit of a tease. She’d kept more than a few boys at their college dangling on a string until she’d made use of them and sent them on their way.

All that had changed when she’d met Tom two months earlier at a Saturday-night dance. Dana had been standing right next to her when a tall, handsome boy with rugged good looks and piercing black eyes had sauntered into the room.

“Who’s that? Dana had asked immediately, her voice quieter than usual as she watched him walk across the room.

“That’s some new junior who just transferred here, said Jane. “I’d be careful, though. I hear he’s already seduced half the girls on his floor.

But Dana hadn’t been careful; she’d gravitated to Tom like a moth to a flame. Just an hour after they’d met, Alex had spotted the two of them leaving the dance by a side door. And when she’d run into her friend at lunch the next day, Dana’s eyes had had a dazed look about them that she’d never seen before.

“I have to get back to Tom, she’d said immediately when Alex suggested that they hang out. “See you later.

But the elusive “later never seemed to come. Dana spent more and more time with Tom and less and less with her friends. Jane was right. It was as if he’d cast a spell over her.

Alex was glad to find that the hall on the third floor was empty. She was so focused on what she was going to say to her friend that she didn’t want to be distracted by having to make small talk with anyone else. When she reached Dana’s room, she took a deep breath and raised her hand to knock on the door.

It was then that she heard the sound, something halfway between a groan and a muffled word she couldn’t quite make out. She lowered her hand and listened.

“Please, the voice pleaded, and Alex realized at the same moment both who was talking and what activity that person was engaged in. She heard a low, unintelligible murmur that she assumed must be Tom. Even though she couldn’t understand what he was saying, his voice had a soothing, hypnotic quality that sent a shiver down her spine.

“Yes, Dana said. “I want your big cock. I want it bad. Alex heard the low murmur again. “In my pussy, Dana continued. “I want it in my hot, wet hole.

Alex was suddenly aware of a growing moistness in her own nether regions, not to mention a low throbbing sensation there. She knew she should leave, walk away before somebody came out of a room and caught her listening, but she felt frozen in place.

A sudden smacking noise, as if someone had clapped his hands together, made her jump. Dana’s subsequent moan communicated a sense of both longing and lust. Then came that low murmur again.

“God, yes, Dana begged. “Spank my naughty ass. Spank this bad girl’s ass.

A series of smacking sounds followed, during which Dana’s moaning grew steadily higher and shriller. Alex realized that the crotch of her panties was now soaked through, and she thought she could catch a whiff of her arousal in the air.

“Leave, she told herself. “What are you doing? Just go. But despite her own urgings, she still didn’t move.

Dana was talking again. “Oh, god. Oh, please. Fuck me. Right now. Fuck me.

The smacking stopped, and for a moment all Alex could hear was Dana’s labored breathing. The next moment, however, her friend let out a high-pitched wail of pleasure.

“That’s it, Dana said. “Fuck that cunt. Fuck it hard.

Judging by the sound of flesh smacking together, Tom was following these instructions with enthusiasm. She heard his deep voice again.

“Yes, Dana said. “Yes I am.

“Say it.

For the first time Dana could make out Tom’s words. His tone was non-nonsense\’a command rather than a request.

“I’m your little slut, Dana moaned. Oh, god. Yes, yes. I’m your little slut.

The politically correct part of Alex was horrified by Dana’s words, but the sexual part of her had never been so aroused in her life. With a sense of shock, she discovered that her right hand had slid down between her legs as if it had a life of its own. She also realized, with dismay, that the deep, animal-like groan still echoing in her ears had emerged from her own mouth. The smacking sound in the room instantly ceased, and the door flew open.

Alex found herself face to face with a naked Tom.

“I didn’t, she started. “I mean. . .” Try as she might, she couldn’t get the words out. She felt as though she’d been drugged.

Tom stared at her for a moment and then glanced down to her hand. As he assessed the situation, his initial look of shock transformed into a sly smile.

“Well, well, he said, “if it isn’t Dana’s sexy friend. Do you enjoy listening to your friends fuck?

Before Alex could protest, he took her by the arm, drew her into the room, and closed the door. Dana was kneeling on the bed, her legs spread wide, one hand working furiously between her legs. Alex looked at her for a moment and then back at Tom. She found herself staring into those dark, penetrating eyes.

I’m sorry, she managed to stammer at last. “I’d better go. But once again, she didn’t move.

Tom laughed. “I don’t think so, he said, and slipped his hand between her legs as if it was the most natural act in the world. Alex felt an electric shock of pleasure run through her and heard herself groan again.

“I think you’d better join us, he went on, rubbing her crotch a little more firmly as he spoke. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl look so horny. Am I right? Are you a horny girl?

“Yes, Alex heard herself whisper, “Yes.

“Yes what?

“I’m a horny girl.

Alex couldn’t believe these words were coming out of her mouth. She sounded like Dana. What was it about this man’s voice? she found some distant part of her brain asking.

“Why don’t you start here? Tom asked, taking her by both shoulders and pushing her gently to her knees.

Alex could see Tom’s erect cock just inches in front of her face. It looked enormous, and it was glistening with the juices from Dana’s pussy.  Don’t do it, she told herself. You’ll regret it. Just say “no. Then she leaned forward and licked the underside of his shaft from base to tip before wrapping her lips around its thick head.

Her clit was throbbing so hard at this point that she felt it might explode As she sucked on Tom’s cock, she began to fumble desperately with the snap on her pants. She needed to get them off now. She needed to spread her legs for this big hard cock

“That’s it, Tom said in that low, mesmerizing voice as he thrust himself deeper and deeper into her mouth. “That’s the girl. Now you’re getting it.

Jane ran into Alex at dinner the next day. Her friend was sitting alone with a rather distracted look on her face.

“What happened to you last night? she asked as she slid into the empty seat across from her.

It seemed to take Alex a moment to focus. “I don’t remember, she said vaguely. Then she glanced at the clock and jumped up. “Gotta go, she announced abruptly.

“Wait a minute, Jane said. “Where are you going? I thought we were going to study for that chemistry test together.

“Maybe later, Alex said. “Right now I’ve got to see Dana about something. It can’t wait.

And with her mind clearly on something other than chemistry, Alex hurried away.

Clive Dixon

An English teacher in a former life, Clive Dixon now works as a psychotherapist. When not listening to his clients talk about their sex lives, he writes erotic and other fiction. His stories have also appeared in Clean Sheets and Penthouse Variations.

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