Torments and Orders

He called her less than two hours before the book club meeting.

He did it on purpose; she was sure of that. At first, his conversation had geared towards the usual day to day inquiries lovers ask one another. But as the time passed, his jovial tone made way for THAT tone, the one that always caught in her stomach, fluttering and falling into long swoops. The temperature seemed to spike and drop simultaneously. She was hot, wanting air, and yet, goose bumps formed on her arms.

He teased her for almost two hours, low guttural tones mixed with whisper soft words in her ear, saying all those things he knew she loved, making her desire for him increase to a point she could barely handle. She stretched back on the sofa and thought about touching herself, but knew he would notice her breathing change. So, she sat in silence, listening to the torture of his voice. It made her melt, purr, twinge in anticipation, and whimper at the tone. It was a liquid heat, rising and bubbling as it threatened to boil over.

She could have told him that she had to go and hang up before she got too frustrated, but she didn’t; she wouldn’t.

She sat there tense with crossed legs wishing his voice didn’t heighten her need. When he was done, he ordered her to wait until after her meeting and then go masturbate once and once only. He said that he’d be home in a couple of days and then laughed, and before she could respond, he said goodnight, with the promise of pleasure and pain.

He hung up just before the knock on the door.

She sat through the book club meeting too tense to add anything substantial. She fidgeted and found it difficult to sit still. The heat she felt, but could do nothing about, incited many trips to the kitchen for more ice water. Throughout the meeting, she clutched it in both hands as she smiled and nodded at the other women. When she closed the door after the last guest and walked into her bedroom she thanked all the gods she could list.

The next afternoon when he got online, he opened her email and read:


What you did last night was truly sadistic! You wanted me to let you know that I had done what you’d asked. I did. Let me tell you about it. After getting ready for bed and getting some necessary play items, I played. I stretched out on a folded towel on my bed, with thoughts of your torments in my head. My legs parted, and my right hand rested on my thigh, slowly caressing it. I knew that if I touched my clit right then, it would be over. I had to wait.

As I lay there, I thought about you watching me and talking to me. I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed an ice cube from my water glass. I leaned back, tracing it around my lips, every now and then licking and sucking it into my mouth. I pictured you watching me, watching it slip into my mouth, watching my lips suck it in. I could hear you moan then, which only excited me more.

My eyes closed as I moved the ice cube down my neck and across my collarbone. I shivered slightly as I slid it over the tops of my breasts. Leisurely, I traced it around each nipple. Beads of water trickled down the sides of my breasts, creating goose bumps all over my exposed flesh. After a while, I snaked it down my stomach to the top of my shaved mound. I was already really wet, and the water dripped down my pussy and mixed with my fluids on the towel.

Then, I took another ice cube and slipped it between my pussy lips. I gasped as the cold shocked my warm center. I circled my clit while I moaned and shifted on the bed. When I pushed it inside of me, I squealed. The ice melted all too soon, and I thought about slipping in another one but decided against it. I began manipulating my clit with my fingers, stopping only to slip one or two inside me. Each time I removed my fingers, I brought them to my lips and suckled them.

I pictured you watching. I could envision your eyes darken as you watched me then and a wildness that’s always present as though you were starved and I was a four-course meal. Picturing you like that spurred me on. I continued my teasing of my clit and added more pressure, and before I knew what was happening, I came.

As my body quivered from the orgasm I thought about your command to only come once. My clit throbbed, and I was breathing hard like I had just run a race. But, as my body cooled I knew I was going to break your rule.

So, I grabbed my vibrator with little dolphin attached near the base of it to stimulate the clit. I leaned back and teased myself, sliding just the tip in and out. My eyes closed as I got lost in the feeling. I moaned your name, imagining you above me, teasing my cunt with your cock. As my need heightened I thrust it in hard, grunting, before I turned both the shaft and the dolphin on to medium. I left it there for a few minutes and enjoyed the vibrations in my pussy and on my clit. My cunt walls tightened around the vibrator and I moaned, relishing the feel of it inside me. I could hear you telling me what a bad girl I was being, and I closed my eyes tightly and whimpered.

As I lay there with the vibrator deep inside me, teasing my clit and my G-spot, I played with my nipples, flicking and twisting them. My back arched, and if you had said something to me at that point, I would have come. Had you been there, above me and with your hand around my throat as you moaned, I would have gushed. I would have lost it then. But you weren’t, and I held on for a few more minutes. I worked it in and out hard, thinking of you behind me with one hand fisted in my hair and the other holding on to my hip, pulling me back on to you forcefully.

You were taking me, and I loved it. I gasped as it slammed in and out of me. It hit my cervix a few times, and I bit my lip trying not to yelp. I begged for more and for the release that was so close. As I fucked the vibrator hard my breasts bounced, and when I thought about you pinning me to the bed, groaning as your orgasm crested, I came violently. I screamed, arched my back, shuddered uncontrollably, and collapsed back on the bed. I lay for a while quivering and trying to catch my breath before I put away the vibrator and threw the towel into a laundry basket.

Then, I slept.

I’ll await whatever punishment you deal out.

Truly yours,

As he finished reading the email, he grinned. He had expected her to come more than once and disobey him, but he had underestimated her potential for return torment. While he sat, rereading her email, he planned her punishment.

Copyright 2006, Angelica Bound

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