I grabbed my phone and went straight for the bathroom. My heart was racing and I could feel my wetness hitting my panties. His text messages were aggressive, forward and sexual. I closed and locked the door; I yanked my pants and panties down without even unbuttoning or unzipping. I sat on the toilet spreading my thighs, my fingers went straight for my wetness and circled my clit. The phone dialed him and we whispered our greetings and the heavy breathing followed. I rubbed while he moaned and talked to me. My responses were minimal, quiet and short yet my breathing sustained.

Hearing his arousal, his need, made me squirm and close my eyes. I wanted to be anywhere private but here. I wanted him to hear me, I wanted him to know I needed him as much as he needed me. My muscles tensed every time he said my name, every time he said he loved me, every time he called me baby. I love hearing him, I love getting inside of him, I love how my words can make his heart crumble to a million pieces.

He robs the breath from my lungs when I read his words. The blood rushes to my face when he talks filth in my ear. My heart flutters in my chest when I think about him consuming my mind. The world right now revolves around us and our 100 mph courtship.

I could hear voices outside the door and I couldn’t concentrate on him. I wanted to hear him cum for me and I had to cut the call short. He promptly texted me that I was “cruel” and that he felt that he could be damaged physically from such torment. I reassured him that I was a dom and knew for a fact that he was not damaged.

We had to wait out the rest of the day aching for a release. The teasing only got worse and the anticipation grew with every word typed.

When I finally heard his voice with normal volumes I wanted to come right then and there. He makes me insatiable that I cannot stop once we start. I masturbated to near exhaustion and only then we were able to talk about the weather and simple pleasantries.

Dark Gracie

Dark Gracie is a widely read sex writer, blogger, and deviant extraordinaire with a cult-like following. She gets up close and personal approaching sexuality with her trademark fallen-from-grace humor that entices readers. Her work has appeared in Fleshbot, Sex and the 405, BohoCrush,, Safeword Magazine and published in Erotica Diaries & Mayhem Magazine.

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