It was a simple tweet: “Today, I plan on tormenting him. He had read it but didn’t quite know what was in store for him.

Earlier in the morning we were having sex and he suffered from a dreaded leg cramp. The lack of fluids seems to get the better of us when we are together. He was not able to orgasm but I was lazily touching his cock and balls.  His erection came back and it was at that point that I had decided I wanted to torment him during the day.

“I think today I will torment you. I said with a grin. He smiled and I am almost certain brushed off my comment.

We went about our day as normal. We ate and ran errands. After we made it back home I went to the room to nap. I had decided after answering some emails that I wanted to nap with my ass plugged. I had this grand plan of watching porn with him that night, him plugging my ass with the Njoy 2.0 and me sucking his cock while fucking his ass with the Njoy Pure Wand. We women are very calculating however, that calculation does not always end as formulated.

I pushed my large Njoy plug into my ass slowly and fell asleep.

It was dusk when I felt him slip into bed with me. I felt his hand rubbing my back and I turned to face him. I was wearing a white tank top and black panties. He was still fully clothed.

We started to make out and I could feel his cock strained in his jeans. At one point he wanted to unbutton his pants but I pushed his hand away. I think at that moment he realized what torment meant. I rubbed the length of his cock in the jeans. I moved my head down and bit the head of his cock and listened to him hiss.  I slowly unfastened his jeans and grabbed his cock outside of his boxers. He let out another gasp. I sucked his cloth-covered cock and I could tell this was making him crazy.

“Are you ready to go to dinner? I said with a huge grin looking up at him.

He let out a growl, “So this is what you meant by tormenting me.

“Yes, I said, “What did you think I meant?

“I thought you were going to tease me through out the day but then when you didn’t I thought you had forgotten. He explained.

“Nu uh, I said pulling his boxers down to reveal his cock. I stared at it very erect and throbbing. I pushed the head into my mouth and gave it a few sucks. When I pulled away he let out another growl.

“I knew you were going to do that, he said.
I let a small evil laugh. I loved having this kind of control and keeping him from getting what he wanted.  He rolled on his side to continue making out with me. His hand snaked between my legs to finger me. I immediately came when his two fingers pushed inside. I am certain he could tell I had a plug in my ass but when he pulled out and moved his fingers down he felt the metal.

“What’s this? He said lightly touching and the handle.

I smiled and giggled a little bit at his discovery.

I pushed my mouth next to his ear, “Have I told you how much I love your cock?

“Not lately, he pushed from his lips.

“I love sucking on it. Gagging on it. I love how it feels in my hands, I whispered in his ear while pressing up against him.

“Part of me wants to turn you over and just take you, he growled.

Hearing him say that made me almost cave in. I wanted to tell him the two options he had was:

1. Wait it out.
2. Take me but I’m going to put up a fight.

He pushed his hand back down to the plug in my ass and started to play and pull at it. I kept squirming.

“I could be fucking your ass right now, he whispered.

I let out a gasp.

“Pull it out and push it back in, I whispered.

He slowly pulled the plug back out and pushed it inside.

“Again, I groaned.

He repeated the task. The plug slipped back in easier than before.

“I can do this over and over but it won’t come inside you like my cock can, he whispered.

I let out moan. I wanted to cave in. I wanted him to take me.

“Again, I slurred.

He repeated the task. The plug didn’t resist going back in.

“I want to be in your ass, he whispered.

I came at the words and felt the gush come from my cunt and soak my panties even more.

“I want you in my ass, I said in a dream state.

“Do you want me in your ass? He asked to make sure I was ready to seal the deal.

“Yes, I didn’t resist nor gave it a second thought. The grave mistake I had made was try to torment a man when in fact I would be tormenting myself.

He pulled the plug out and I turned over pushing my ass in the air to greet his raging cock.  Slowly he pushed the head of cock into my ass and I let out a moan. I can’t express enough how much I love that feeling of a cock being pushed into my ass. It’s better than being pushed into my cunt. He eased in as to not hurt me and when I felt comfortable with his cock in me I said, “Fuck me hard.

He started to thrust in and out of my ass and he was right, no toy would give me this feeling, this interaction.

“Hurt me, I blurted out.

His fingertips dug into the flesh of my hips as he slammed his cock deep in my ass.  I knew he was near coming in me. I pushed back against his cock. I wanted to feel him coming in my ass.

“Come in my ass, I slurred.

I don’t think he could hold it any longer and he let out a grunt as he came filling my ass. I clenched his cock and his body jerked every time I squeezed his cock. His cock slowly softened out of my ass and we fell to the bed panting and catching our breath.

“I didn’t think you would cave, he said between breaths.

“That’s the drawback of tormenting. I want it just as bad, I answered.

Dark Gracie

Dark Gracie is a widely read sex writer, blogger, and deviant extraordinaire with a cult-like following. She gets up close and personal approaching sexuality with her trademark fallen-from-grace humor that entices readers. Her work has appeared in Fleshbot, Sex and the 405, BohoCrush,, Safeword Magazine and published in Erotica Diaries & Mayhem Magazine.

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