To shave or not to shave…

I had a conversation lately with a dear friend of mine–one of my very best girlfriends–and the subject of “down there” shaving/trimming came up. We were actually discussing trysts and adventures that we all had way back when we were still wet behind the ears, but manscaping, vag-scaping, and trimming came up, and I was caught off guard because I didn’t think it was such a big deal. I figured all of my friends already either shaved or trimmed–to me it’s second nature in the shower. Ya know, get in, turn the water on, lather your hair, shave your pubes. Boy, was I ever wrong. Apparently, some women were still stuck in 1970’s mode because they just didn’t know how to go about tackling the goodies, so to speak.

For women, there are about a million different methods for the delicate care you give your lady parts. You can schedule an appointment in a salon for a professional wax, or you can buy a kit and do it yourself. You can wax it bald, get a landing strip, and even have little shapes (even letters and words) waxed into your down-there-do. You always have the option of getting just a trim. You can shave it all off, too. Or just trim it with special made bikini razors. Know that when you shave, rather than wax, you should use shaving cream made for sensitive skin if you’re not sure whether or not your girl parts are sensitive to creams and lotions made for shaving. Oh, and you should probably use some sort of oil or lotion on your freshly shaved area (after your shower) if you opt to go bald. Shaving can dry your skin out, and that’s not an area that I would suggest allowing to dry out.

I can imagine that the sole purpose of shaving and trimming is to make the good stuff look good, too. We wear special little naughty things so that we look good when we want to show our lovers how much we appreciate them, on special occasions, or just to make ourselves feel good. Why not extend the same care to your intimate parts, too? This goes for both men and women. Personally, I go with the bald is beautiful look because I’m not talented enough with a bikini razor to trace little triangles and hearts into my hoo-hoo patch, I don’t have the time to just trim it, and because it feels so much better that way–for me. For you, it may be irritating. Everybody’s body is different, so what works for your friends (or me) may not work for you at all.

Also, a trim, wax, or shave is a good way to learn different sensations in your bedroom play. Without the boundary of all that hair there, you can feel so much more! Sex will feel different, but in a really great way. Skin to skin contact is awesome, especially right after a fresh shave/wax.

You know what your options are, so now you just have to weigh them. If you don’t have the extra dough to spend on weekly or monthly waxing trips to the salon, you can do it yourself. Waxing is a real pain for some, so if you can’t wax it yourself, shave. You can buy kits for both methods. Stores sell shaving creams for sensitive skin that you can use, and you can get special bikini razors. If you’ve never shaved it bald before and you want to try the bald look on for size, make it an erotic experience with your partner.

For men, it’s a whole new ballgame. Same rules apply, but it can be different. In my personal opinion, a man who trims is awesome, a man who grows it wild and willy-nilly should trim, and a man who shaves…well, it’s not my cup of tea at all.

I have a few tips that I can share with you about your landscaping options, so never fear. You got this!

1.) Do this while it’s CLEAN.

2.) Preparation– If you’re waxing, remember to relax (whether it’s a DIY job or a salon is at the reins). Gather all of your materials, regardless of which method you’re using. This includes, but is not limited to: sensitive skin shaving cream, razors, bikini razors, scissors (if it’s your first time and you have earned the title “Amazon Queen” down there), intimate lotion or oil for afterwards, towels, cleaning products, stencils (if you’re using them–and they can be fun and handy to use), and

3.) RELAX! Whether you’re having yourself waxed in a salon or if you’re waxing yourself, this is extremely important for so many reasons. If you’re shaving, it’s also important. No pulling hairs or skin, no nicking yourself with a razor, no blunders!

4.) Have a partner shave/wax you if you don’t want to have a perfect stranger do it in a professional setting. I would look at the salon like going to the gyno. Go clean, go prepared, and remember–your vagina is not the only one they’ve seen, nor are they going to make odd and uncomfortable comments about it. They’re professionals, and they do this for a living. To them, looking at a vagina is like me looking at a computer screen–it’s just another day at the office.

5.) When you’re done, put some moisturizer down there and dry it off VERY WELL.

Here’s a great idea for you. After you get your new down there do, try an erotic photo shoot in your bedroom with your lover. You can prepare for this ahead of time as a together thing or a by yourself thing. Pick out a few background options. You can change the sheets on your bed and use something other than flannel. You can set a chair by your window and use some dark curtains for a background, that way you can sit in the chair, spread eagle, and have your lover take a few sexy shots that can stay just between the two of you. Whatever makes you feel good about your decision for a new do, do it.

Happy New-Do Fucking!


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