Times Two

The first time with Peter and Nadia, there’s no room for niceties. No lush bottles of wine, long talks about anything and everything, the slow build of arousal as your blood starts to boil until it practically spills over. I’d already done enough of that since I’d met them at a bar two weeks before, spent hours thinking about them — their same black hair, stylish tattoos, dirty, flirty looks across the room. And so perfect for me, in an open relationship.

Tonight, we are at their place and the consensus seems to be that I am in charge. They both have worn skintight outfits that make their asses practically pulsate, an electric sign that says “touch me.” I line them up next to each other on the bed, his thin, slender ass next to her ultra curvy, rounded one, a vision of bootyliciousness that makes me wish I had a camera other than the one in my mind. I’m not sure where to start first, because both look so delectable, I could lick and bite and taste and slap for hours.

I scrape my nails down her bare back and she wiggles, making her whole body move in the sexiest of ways. I scrape my nails from the back of her neck all the way down and don’t stop until I reach the plump flesh of her ass. When I finally do, it’s like ass nirvana, and with my left hand I stroke his curvy rump. Everything one could want from a behind is right before me, and it’s almost overwhelming. Then again, I find that ass, proffered up to me with sass and honor and eagerness, overwhelmingly delightful.

I bring each hand up in the air and let them down hard, the sounds reverberating through the room as they each wiggle in tandem, their heads turned toward each other. It’s hard to feel mean, to fire up the proper fuel for this, when they are just so dreamily in love, but I try. I turn slightly and work only my best arm, my right, and smack her ass continually, fast and hard, then move onto his, each one offering up different sensations.

I can feel his slaps travel throughout his thin body, can see more of the impact as he squirms, his toes rising up from the floor. They are holding hands as I unleash not fury but desire, that special tingle in my hand and surge in my heart as I give my all to spanking them, turning their white skin into a canvas of color, red and pink lines, abrasions I know they will feel for days on end. I feel myself blush as I look at his asscheeks, so easily bruised, so quickly reddened, angry little sparks of blood popping up from the surface, as my hand also pulses with blood and power.

I lean down and lick along his heated flesh, taking a firm bite, and he moans. They inch closer together and when I look up there are four lovely rounded curves awaiting my ministrations. I am awed at their ability to give of themselves like this; even though I know they want it, are waiting for more, it’s still an honor and privilege I don’t take lightly.

I return to her, running my hands over her lush, wonderfully overflowing cheeks. “You have such a beautiful ass, I’m surprised it’s not permanently red from being spanked all the time. How can one resist?” I lean close to her and whisper, biting her neck as I do, feeling the shiver travel down her back. I pinch and squeeze her butt, buttering her up before the real pain begins. I put my left hand on his back, to steady myself and let him know that he will be next. “Spread your legs, baby,” I tell her, and she does, just a little bit, enough to let me see a little of her juicy, pink folds, enough to make sure that she’ll be conscious of how wet she’s getting, enough room for my hand to slide up along her slit in the middle of her spanking.

I lean gently against Peter as I bring my hand back and give Nadia a good, solid whack. Her skin is so pale that my handprint appears immediately, a striking red symbol that looks totally gorgeous. I do the same to her left cheek and then pause for a moment to look at her. Nobody says anything but I notice her stick out her ass just a little further, so miniscule most people would never notice, but there it is — she wants more, and my own pussy starts to thrum when I see this.

Her ass has been beckoning to me all night, her whole body really, all fleshy curves poured into the close confines of a corset, bursting forth in all the right places, making her admirers unsure if they want to leave her sexy clothing on, or take it off and unveil her nude lusciousness. I pull her asscheek up with my left hand so it is stretched out, taut, pulling slightly against her cunt, and then smack her again, a little harder. Then again, and I feel the slap reverberate back into my hand, that slight tingle in my palm that tells me I’m doing a good job.

I rest my hand against her cheek lightly, letting my thumb slightly graze her shaved pussy, and she is even wetter than I’d expected. I slide my thumb slightly further down, letting it rest along the edges of her slit, teasing her by not moving. I scratch her back with my other hand, then reach over and run the ball of my hand hard down his back. I am dying to see his cock, to taste his hardness, but I can’t look at it now or I’ll be distracted from my mission.

Then I’m overcome with lust, and I fondle both of them, forgetting about my resolve and shoving my thumb into her cunt while my fingers rest around the opening of her ass, tapping, suggestive. I rearrange them so that he is on his knees, and I pull on his hair while slapping her fleshy, pale white ass, covering every inch of it with loud, noisy smacks that I feel all the way up my arm.

She grabs onto the sheets, pulling them almost all the way off the bed, clutching them with all her might to help shield her from this pain she wants so badly. He brings his hand to her back, stroking and holding her, letting some of the pain travel through him as I keep whacking her, tapping her now lightly with a riding crop, testing her. Her body is so fabulously responsive that I want to do everything imaginable in one fell swoop, but I pace us, keeping within her limits, caressing and punishing all at once. That is the beauty of spanking, it is tender and harsh, angry and loving, sweet and sour all mixed into one raised arm, one daring strike, one flash of insight that what she truly wants is this consecrated contact.

I place her in the middle of the large bed, then put him on top of her, a pile of playfulness that I absolutely can’t resist. I take out the paddle, my favorite one, the one that is shiny and red and always looks brand new no matter how many asses it connects with. I bring it down hard against him, rewarding him for his patience, knowing he will feel each smack deep into his bones, and she will too as he bounces on top of her, his cock boring into the crack of her ass, teasing her with its hard promise. I throw all my remaining energy, every last surge of need and want into his ass, until it is entirely red, surely painful, as he hugs her and wiggles and squirms, not knowing what he wants, only that he needs this. “Yes, yes, I-” he breaks off, a strangled cry as I smack him harder, drowning out the sound of his garbled words, not listening anymore as I unleash it all until he comes, spurting onto her back, a vision of murky white that makes me smile as I put down the paddle.

I bring us back down to earth, where our breathing returns to normal, where we smile and giggle, slightly shy again, the air around us charged with the most delicious sexual energy. I pull them up by the roots of their hair, push their faces together for a kiss, momentarily feeling slightly left out, until they turn to me, lavish me with kisses and nibbles and attention. I reach down and fondle those sore, red, tender asses, and smile because I’ve gotten double the pleasure. No triple, quadruple — hell, there’s no quantifying this glory, only hoping that we can do it again. Very, very soon.

Good Vibrations

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