Tight Places: A Drop of Color

Guest Contributor Jiz Lee interviews Nenna for Good Vibrations Magazine.

Good Vibrations’ sister company, Good Releasing, has been producing films through their lines HeartCore Films, Pleasure-Ed Series, and Reel Queer Productions. I’ve had the pleasure of appearing in many of their films, and love their directors who include Dave Naz, Madison Young, Carlos Batts, Courtney Trouble, and Kimberly Kane. I’m very excited about their newest director and most recent release, “Tight Places: A Drop of Color” by my friend Nenna. When GoodVibes.com asked me if I’d be interested in interviewing Nenna for the Magazine, I jumped at the chance to share with the sex-positive community what I think is a pivotal film from an inspiring person. Enjoy!


“Tight Places: A Drop of Color” is your directorial debut. Was the experience of creating your first film what you anticipated?

Actually, I didnt know what to expect but did alot of Praying to lead my way.  But also, I did make alot of phone calls, watch a lot of porn, attended the industry trade shows, and dissected behind the scenes… to sum things up, I indulged into alot of Good Smut.  I also relied on my Uncle Henry who told me to go for it!  He taught me everything I know about film/television given that he is also a Producer/Director.  Looking at him work on his documentary Plan B, showed me that film making is really no easy task but then again it is… I must have patience.  With lessons I learned while watching him, I learned one valuable lesson to apply to porn, “different is good!”  And given that this isn’t just Porn, I cant wait for viewers to watch over and over and over again while on the phone talking to their friends saying, “You gotta go buy this!”

What lead you to direct this movie, and how did the ideas you had for develop along the way?

Inspiration for this film came from wanting to 1) have more porn out there for young adults to have an option to identify with and 2) to make an honest and intentional effort to portray Persons of Color (POC) as Powerful Beings that happen to be sexual.

Along the way, the idea developed to shoot sex in extremely tight places such as bathrooms, cars, closets, and other restrictive places.  Out of the idea came the title “Tight Places: an Erotic Porn”, which was scrapped after there was much difficulty finding Persons of Color to have sex on-screen.  Finally, “Tight Places:  A Drop of Color” gave me what I needed to explain the entire film.

Do you have any mentors, or other people (whether professionals in the industry or not) who have inspired and encouraged you?

I’m inspired by the Oakland Community, Diana DeVoe and of course my family namely my Uncle Henry.

Your first draft title included the words “Erotic Porn”; what are your thoughts on the words “erotica” and “pornography”? How does this inform your work?

Well, by definition erotica is literature or art dealing with sexual love; and pornography is seen as sexually offensive.  Again, the original title of my work was “Tight Places: an Erotic Porn”.  With that title I had hoped to capture both audiences to make a stronger support base for my work.  But as I went along in the editing process, I needed to show people what I mean and from that formed my artistic eye in what I intentionally wanted to be my trademark!  Given that I’ve put on several erotic art events in the Oakland area: “Sugar in the Raw: an Erotic Photography Movement” for 2 years, and “Behind the Red Door: a Look Inside Porn”, my belief is that to be able to do what I love — EroPorn — I MUST incorporate text book artistic expressions in order to explain to people that it’s more than Sex… it’s really Poetry in Motion.

“Tight Places: A Drop of Color”, like many adult films, portrays explicit sex between its cast. However it also includes a “non-sex” cast who share their thoughts about adult films. Their presence creates a community dialog, one particularly focused on the representation of queer women of color in adult entertainment. What is your philosophy when it comes to portraying community on film?

It’s necessary to portray community on film, at least for my projects.  Some audiences want to go deeper into the mind of the director and/or cast to find out what it must be like to either be on set or off set working in the ‘industry’.  With this being an all Person of Color cast, it was important for future casting that I gave these intelligent beings an opportunity for their voices to be heard while educating the audience. This will serve to advertise my approach to adult film-making and gain a level of respect from future cast members.

Where do you feel is the focus of your work, and what are your goals for your career and your vision?
Although it has been like finding needles in a haystack, I plan to focus, for right now, on shooting Persons of Color because it is so rewarding.  There is more story in the persons whom don’t want to have a sexual role as it is about those that do want to have sex on film.  Because of the difficulty of finding a multitude of Persons to be apart of the sex roles, I have creating a documentary (Fuck-U-Me-Ntary) talking to Persons of Color about their ideas on sex which can be scene in the DVD extras on each film.  My long term goal is continue to be a part of the adult community while transitioning into mainstream acting.  I’m born and raised in Las Vegas; Jenna Jamison is born and raised in Las Vegas… my possibilities in the industry are limitless, not to mention in Life!

What are your views of Sexual Education?

My 1st sex talk was: “Don’t get pregnant!”  My 2nd sex talk was given to me by my aunt Robin, who gave me the Good Vibrations Guide to Sex at about age 20.  So, I would say sex ed is necessary. Which is why I love my community work through San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI.org).  I’ve been with them for about 3 years now and HEART my active role in their Speakers Bureau which goes out to community organizations to educate.

Last month, you and I spoke to students of a Female Sexuality class at UC Berkeley. If you could design a course, what would you teach?

The course in Freedom… taught in modules:

  1. Learning to let go of what does not serve you.
  2. Acceptance.
  3. What is Love?

The 1st module would deal with all of the feelings most people have about victimization and inadequacies .  The 2nd accepting the choices you make.  And the last, “What is Love?”, would deal with definitions we were taught as children and creating definitions that only work for each individual.

What are some other things readers might like to know about you?

I love Porsche cars, hats from all cities size 7!!!, enjoy traveling and meeting incredible people.

What are your next projects, and how can fans keep up to what you’re doing?

Jiz, I’m honored to have ‘Fans’… people interested in seeing me do my best!  I had to re-read the question a few times.  At this time, I’m excited to announce that I’m onto a new venture, SugaCards, which is my own line of Erotic Greeting Cards for sale on my website.  Other projects include a book on my experience in the sex industry as well as an erotic photography book in conjunction with people from my communities.  But to keep with the reason for the article, I’m on to my 2nd film: “Hella Brown: Real Sex in the City”.  I’m currently shooting at this time but am hoping to cast a few more progressive and talented Persons of Color to be a part.  Hoping to get a few folks from the South to shoot!

Here is where everyone can get in touch with me:  NennaPresents.com; Facebook: NennaRoss; and Twitter: RazorEdgeGyrls.

People can also leave voice messages that can be made public on my website or future films at 510-214-3335.
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