Through the Door

When I got home from class earlier than usual, I was looking forward to surprising Eric, maybe with some “I probably passed the test sex.  Then I heard something that gave me pause. I slipped out of my flip-flops and slowly shut the front door, trying to make my entrance as quiet as possible. Why? Well, there were unmistakable noises coming from the far end of the hall, where the bedroom was “ the bedroom I’d shared with my boyfriend for two years. I could hear the sound of flesh on flesh, of none“too-quiet moans and grunts “ the very familiar sounds of sex. Eric and I had been planning on opening up our relationship, true enough, but I hadn’t expected him to beat me to the punch. I was the one who’d been called insatiable on more than one occasion, by more than one man (and a couple women, let’s not forget them). I was a little shocked, but most of all, I was curious. What would she look like? Long hair, like mine? Curves, or a more boyish body? Would she be shaved, nothing to block the view of her pussy when it was being fucked, or fingered?

At first, I thought that I shouldn’t bother them. After all, Eric hadn’t expected me to be home so early, and maybe that was why she was here now, instead of them showing up together, inviting me to join them “ beckoning fingers, one on each of their hands, matching come hither stares, and then three bodies, instead of our usual two. Triple the pleasure, triple the fun.

And I wanted in on that pleasure, that fun. Eric couldn’t have all of it to himself, that would be patently unfair. After all the orgasms I’d brought from him, all the times I’d sucked off that lovely cock of his, all the times I’d made sure to fuck him just the way he liked. No, now it was my turn, and I wasn’t willing to just sit on the sidelines, cheering him on, but not actually getting any pleasure except for the arousal I felt at hearing those lovely sounds of sex coming through the bedroom door. The door, I found, upon my approach, which was wide open.

Standing in the doorway, a lovely scene was laid out before my eyes. A woman, with golden brown skin and a shaved head faced away from me “ she was on her knees, and it was certainly obvious why she was, as I could see part of her face, her lips wrapped tight around my boyfriend’s cock, and most of it was in her mouth. It was the first time I’d seen him with someone else, and although there was a small note of jealousy, more than that, there was a deep need to join in.

“Um, I hate to interrupt, but I finished the test early, so here I am.

The woman’s head whipped around at the first sound of my voice, her mouth wide open; ostensibly from the surprise of seeing someone else there when she was in the middle of sucking cock. “Oh! She practically gasped out the word, and began to rise from her knees.

“No, I said, “Stay down there. I want to join in.

“Okay? she said, her voice rising up a little at the end of the word. I knew I’d shocked her, and I had to admit, that made me a little happy, though not nearly as happy as joining in would make me. I stripped off my striped shirt, pulled off my leggings and panties, and kneeled down next to her, taking her in, this woman I might soon be fucking, this woman I would be sharing Eric with. His cock had gone a little soft, probably because he hadn’t been expecting me here, probably because he didn’t know what to expect now that I was here. I looked up at his face, the face I loved more than anyone else’s “ the strong chin, the delicate lips, the storm-colored eyes. And then I took the woman’s face in mine and kissed her, hard.

She tasted salty, a little like Eric’s flesh, but her lips were sweet, too, probably flavored chapstick like I often wore. She jumped a little when our lips met, and then I showed her I held the power in this room, not her, and she went limp, as I grabbed her waist and pulled her tight against me. I loved the feel of her tiny breasts against my fuller ones, her landing strip fuzzy and soft against my completely shaved self. She made soft little sounds as I kissed her, sounds that I liked, and a glance at Eric’s cock showed me he liked them too. Then I pulled back from her, from her lips, her body, and I smiled. “My name’s Ina. What’s yours?

“My name? It’s¦Wren. Nice to meet you, I guess? She smiled shyly, and I laughed.

“Very nice, indeed. Now, shall we get down to business?

“Yes, definitely.

“Then let’s get on the bed, it’ll be easier on there. I looked up at Eric, grinning down at us, and took his hand, leading him over to the bed “ the one that up until now had only ever held the two of us. Well, that was soon to change, very soon. And then it was that way no longer, as Wren joined us on the bed, moving us away from the way things once were in one short moment.

But there wasn’t time to think about it much longer, as Wren, a smile on her face, asked if we had any condoms. “I want to be fucked, she said, “While I eat your girlfriend out

“That can be arranged, Eric said. He leaned over and reached into the drawer by the bed, where all the good stuff was stored. Eric pulled out a familiar looking gold foil square, and began to open it. I rearranged my pillow, propping myself up a little, so there’d be enough room. Then I got an idea.

“Hey, Wren, have you ever had your ass fucked before? That act turned me on more than almost all others, and I knew Eric certainly wasn’t opposed to it. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, turned towards me, so I got to see the priceless look on her face, her mouth a perfect “O, showing that she really, really hadn’t expected me to say that to her.

“No. Are you¦suggesting it? I mean, I guess I could try it, just this once. A few of my friends rave about how good it feels. So¦yes, if you’re asking. Luckily, she was turned away from Eric, so she couldn’t see him place his hands together and silently thank God.

So, then the lube came out of the drawer too, the big bottle that we always got because we went through it so quickly. A lot of people wouldn’t buy a woman like me liking lube, or much less loving it, but just because you get wet easily doesn’t mean you can’t still use a little help down the road of pleasure. I was heading down it at a quicker pace than usual at the moment, already picturing what would soon come to pass.

I spread my legs, and Wren got down on her hands and knees, her cute little ass up in the air, a silent request to be filled. I knew that Eric would take his time, and soon this woman would forget her pussy even existed. She’d beg her lovers, female or male, to fuck her ass, to slide their fingers deep inside, to slide dildos and cocks into her other hole, oh no, not her pussy, no, please, please, deeper, harder, bigger. But that would be later.

Now, I watched as Eric put on the condom, then lubed up his fingers, and then I felt Wren’s mouth on me just as Eric began to slide a finger inside her. She jumped a little, a gasp that shook her lips against me, and I smiled, looking up at Eric, watching as he slid another finger in, then twisted them back and forth, a sensation I knew quite well, a sensation that I loved so very much. And then I watched as Eric wrapped his fist around his cock, watched as he slowly began to enter her. I found myself wishing that I could see as his cock spread her wide, as her ass was fucked for the very first time. But my part of the entertainment was just beginning, as Wren’s tongue began to flick at me, and soon I lost track of Eric, my eyes sliding shut, small sounds coming from me as her mouth did its work.

Every once in awhile I would open my eyes, smile up at Eric, and he’d smile back, and then I’d watch for a little bit, watch as he thrust his hips in a steady, slow rhythm. I could tell quite quickly that Wren was enjoying herself, because her moans vibrated against my cunt as Eric began to go deeper, as he sped up a little, too. But Wren was a good girl, and she kept up the firm smooth flicks of her tongue against my clit, and I knew my non-orgasmic state wasn’t long for this world. I could tell Eric was getting closer too, and I sent him a look, one which I hoped said, “I’m close, and “Let’s come at the same time. And maybe he got it after all, maybe he could tell that Wren could take more from him now, too, because he grabbed her ass and began fucking her in rough, fast thrusts, driving into her ass, and she could barely keep up with her job on my end, but I was so close, it didn’t matter. Then I felt my cunt tighten, and if there was any chance I wasn’t going to come, that chance was soon long gone. I grabbed handfuls of the sheets, and my hips rose up, shoving my cunt tight against Wren’s face, and then all I could do was say, “I’m coming, over and over again, louder each time.

When I looked up, because Wren’s face was suddenly gone, I saw that very familiar look on Eric’s face. He was mid-orgasm, and it was obviously a good one. His lips were open, mouthing silent words. I didn’t know if he was praying or swearing, and it didn’t matter “ either way, he looked beautiful, either way, I loved him. It was almost like Wren became invisible for those few seconds I spent staring at his face, and then his eyes slowly fluttered open, and he began to move his lips again, a minute number of words tumbling out. These I knew quite well “ there were three of them, and they matched my own thoughts perfectly. We were both happy to share, it seemed, but he would always come first for me, and I for him. That is, unless we came at the exact same time.


Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton's first novel, Dreaming of Her, is published by Bold Strokes Books - it's an erotic, lesbian, fantasy novel, and has a fair share of romance as well. Her gay, fantasy novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books, and her writing appears in various anthologies, including Eve's Big Bang, Kinky Girls, and Dark Desires. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

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