The Women Behind Hathor Aphrodisia

Nathanda and Mellta Swift make naturally sexy lubricants!

Good Vibrations was founded in 1977 by Joani Blank and to this day continues to be woman-focused. The executive and top level management team is all woman-run, many of whom have been with the company for 20 years! From Chief Operating Officer Jackie Strano and Chief Cultural Officer and Staff Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen, to our Purchasing Manager Coyote Days, who corresponds with many new companies entering the adult novelty industry, Good Vibrations supports women in leadership positions. Many of our vendors are women-owned businesses and we’ll be spotlighting these extraordinary companies in a series of interviews with the women who make it happen. 

This interview by Coyote Days profiles Nathanda Swift and Mellta Swift from Hathor Aphrodisia  — a woman-owned company producing Ecorotic®, eco-friendly  natural lubricants that are all plant-based with aphrodisiac properties.


How’d you get started? What gave you the idea?

In 1989 we crafted a line of organic massage oils .  Over the next few years Hathor developed a therapeutic spa line with over twenty-five facial and body products containing aphrodisiacs or “euphorics”. Hathor Professional Skincare was distributed through salons and destination spas. We sourced organic and ethically cultivated oils from around the world and became very interested in Sustainable Agriculture.

Not sure what sparked our interest… sex probably, and working with aphrodisiacs! In 2000 we decided to do our own survey of the personal lubricants available on the market. We realized that we could offer a healthy alternative — a clean and natural lube with no parabens, glycerin, petroleum, aspartame. We believe that the products you choose for sex should be as natural and healing as any of your other personal care products. .


What obstacles have you found along the way?

There have been obstacles of course. Operating a small two-woman company in a corporate world has been a challenge at times.  As we were ahead of our time in putting a natural lube on the market we had to educate our customers. We found our niche in many of the new “Sex-Positive” often Female or LGBT run stores that were popping up. Their focus seemed to be more on sex education and an awareness of using natural substances for sex whether it be non-phthalate dildos or non-paraben lubes. Hathor Aphrodisia has been featured in many “Green Sex” articles over the last couple of years. Consumer awareness has played a huge role in our success so far.

Hathor Aphrodisia Lickeurs Lube

Hathor Aphrodisia Lickeurs Lube

What does it mean to you that you own an woman-run company?

Gender aside, it feels amazing and at the same time natural that we  do what we love. We are a family business.  We imagine a world where sex/gender is irrelevant.  As women with family it has been our primary focus to find a natural rhythm and balance between work and children and play. For this reason it has taken longer for us to make our mark but that is OK, we are very happy with the way things are going.


Which of your products is your personal favorite?

We are very proud of our lubricant Hathor Aphrodisia Pure Water-based lubricant with Horny Goat Weed; it is clean and pure and has only seven simple plant ingredients. You barely notice it’s there — we like that! And for more fun, our Orange/Coconut Lubricant Lickeur. It’s tropical, organic, yummy and sweetened with stevia! Tastes like Malibu!

Hathor Aphrodisia Lubricant Pure

Hathor Aphrodisia Lubricant Pure

What’s next for the future?

To maintain Hathor Aphrodisias’ exceptional quality and keep things simple as we grow… we have some sexy ideas up our sleeves but that’s yet to be revealed!


Thanks Nathanda and Mellta, and keep up the great work! Find Hathor Aphrodisia at Good Vibrations.

Stay tuned for upcoming interviews and women-run business spotlights in future posts on Good Vibrations’ Online Magazine!



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