The Wet Nurse

She’d been sent to their home to substitute for Bethany. Bethany had been round and nearly silent with small, pointed breasts that, nevertheless,  produced enough milk to feed the first of the family’s sons. She had  provided stiff-jawed but efficient sexual care to the husband whose appetites were just short of incessant and whose tastes were, at times, what Bethany considered depraved. At times he would call her three or four times in one afternoon to pull his stiff prick out of his trousers for a quick jack-off or a clandestine sucking. But Bethany’s mother  had become ill and she was graciously excused by the family to provide  the sick old woman with care. The husband had taken great care in choosing Marilene as the family’s new wet nurse.

Marilene had come to the family after having conceived and birthed a child whose father was unknown and whom Marilene refused to name. Like so many of those types of children, it was sent to the adoption home so that Marilene could be hired out as a wet nurse. Barely had she parted with her own child that she knew she had to walk to town, to the office of Mrs. Hetzer who had accrued a small fortune from the subtly illicit hiring out of wet nurses, maids, and au pairs. Marilene had heard of Mrs. Hetzer several months before she became pregnant. The gossip had been that Mrs. H enjoyed an occasional “sampling” of some of her famously handsome employees. She had become popular in a rather short time because of her excellent eye for girls possessing loveliness and obedience, and also because new clients – all society men – were allowed a “taste” of the product before buying.

The aforementioned husband had paid Mrs. Hetzer a visit. Marilene had seen him pay her something extra and, smiling, impart inaudible instructions. Mrs. H quickly assembled all the girls in a line at the front of her small office. Shoulder to shoulder, hips touching, the girls were given a dry, shrill directive: unlace. There was a moment of punctuated silence broken by the click of Mrs. H’s tongue followed by the sound of her frenzied fingers unlacing one of the girl’s corsets. As the laces loosened the weight of her breasts slowly pulled down the cloth of her thin, white underclothes. All the girls stood mesmerized and unmoving and then suddenly in unison began to unlace as well. The husband watched with a thinly veiled enthusiasm. Once they were all unlaced, Mrs. H directed them to remove the cloth covering their breasts. They stood, 6 young women in a row, stripped from the waist up.

Mrs. H looked at him in bemused silence as he asked that the women organize themselves according to breast size, smallest to largest. Once this was done, he walked to the end of the line. He removed his gloves and began to touch each pair, first rubbing the skin at the top and underside of the breasts and then weighing them in his hands for the better part of an hour. Marilene could see his erection when he got to her. She averted her eyes as he fondled her breasts, the largest pair of the bunch. The gentle pressure of his hands was enough to send rivulets of milk down the undersides of her breasts, down her soft belly. The sound of ocassional drips onto the floor sent a high heat into her cheeks. Once he was done with the first part of the inspection he began the second. “You wouldn’t expect a man to purchase a bottle of wine without a taste first,” he’d said to Mrs. Hetzer. And with that he leaned over and sucked each and every pair of breasts, one breast at a time, savoring the nipples, delighting in the spillage and slurping of milk with his tongue, dabbing his chin politely, reflexively with his handkerchief.

When he got to Marilene he instructed her to hold her breasts up to his face. As he latched onto her left nipple Marilene first heard and then felt his hand quickly grab her cunt through her skirt. He looked up at her, his mustache tickling her puckered areola as he sucked harder than she imagined a man or really anything could. She felt her nipples expand and grow. She could feel his cold breath against her breast and she had begun to feel her uterus contract and her thighs tremble. As he slowly slid his wet mouth off of her left nipple she saw that it had become plump and pink at the tip. “Mmmm. Mrs. Hetzer, I prefer the taste of this one’s milk. I have no doubt she will provide superb service.”

Marilene had been sent to their home – morose, exhausted, breasts heavy with milk – because the wife had just borne a big baby boy.

When she arrived she was immediately given her work wear: a heavy black skirt with a light top meant, she imagined, to make her primary duties all the easier. She was also assigned unexpected cleaning duties. Her mistress had large hips and strong hands, dark hair and dark eyes. Marilene was delighted and confused by the differences in the wife’s behavior: around her husband she was flighty, disinterested, cold. Around Marilene she was attentive, affectionate, warm. Marilene felt momentary flashes of eroticism between them. Once they spoke in the hallway and the wife’s voice went from clear to nearly inaudible. As Marilene leaned forward to better hear her their breasts touched and this caused a near-instant puffing up of Marilene’s labia. She felt the blood shoot down between her thighs, and in the same moment her breasts let down what felt to be an embarassing amount of milk, enough to leave a small wet mark on her and her mistress’ dress. It looked like the mark a wet mouth might leave. They giggled and giggled until finally the mistress grabbed Marilene by the waist, pushed her against the wall of the hallway and went down on her knees. They didn’t speak or make a sound as she lifted Marilene’s thin top, unveiling just one of her veiny, engorged breasts, gasping a tiny little gasp of surprise and arousal, squeezing the breast hard and then taking it into her mouth. She stayed there sucking and sucking, silently, greedily. She wrapped her arms around Marilene’s thick waist, pulling her down to the carpet. The mistress kissed her mouth with milk-soaked breath. Marilene could taste herself. Mistress went from breast to mouth, breast to mouth again and again slowly maneuvering Marilene until she was lying on her back and her mistress was on top of her, sucking from both breasts as their hips moved and their pelvises pushed against each other.

Marilene heard the quick footsteps of the husband and sought to stop and cover herself up lest she get fired or worse, but her mistress held her down, pulling her arms over head. Marilene knew she could wrestle free if she wanted to, but she didn’t. She was embarassed to be lying there, in the hallway, exposed, humiliated with her enormous, leaking breasts bouncing as she writhed in feigned prostration. The mistress kissed her mouth and loosed one of her pretty wrists. She sat on top of her again, reached behind her and lifted her heavy skirt, pulling it up until it reached her hairy cunt. She slid a finger between the lips, holding the inside knuckle against her clit. Marilene gasped and moaned. The mistress patted her pussy softly at first and then harder, louder. Marilene heard the husband’s foot steps become louder and then stop. She tried to see or hear where he was but the mistress took up her entire field of vision. “You’ve been a very good girl, Marilene. And very good girls get their cunts eaten.” The mistress used her hand to separate Marilene’s thighs and began sucking her beautiful breasts again, looking up at her as she licked and flicked and bit her hard, raised nipples. Marilene felt a hot, wet tongue against her labia. Strong hands held her thighs open. The tongue went from her asshole to her clit and she heard the husband’s aspirated grunts as he stiffened and pointed his tongue, fucking her pussy hole and then her asshole with it. The mistress began to moan louder as Marilene’s milk began to pour out. The wife stood up suddenly, coming around near Marilene’s head and lifting it into her lap. Marilene’s head lay against her mistress’ breasts and she sat watching the husband on his belly eat her cunt. The mistress began massaging her breasts, squeezing and kneading them until she got a steady milk flow and began squirting it down to her pussy. The milk became invisible wetness against her cunt hair and the husband lapped it up. He pushed his fingers inside of her as he opened his mouth and the mistress began squirting the breast milk into his mouth as he fingered her deep and quickly. Marilene felt an overwhelming desire to piss herself and she held it as long as she could until finally in one big spasm it all came out on the carpeted floor.

He pulled his cock out and began to slap it against her mons. This sent little shockwaves through her, a dozen little after shock paroxysms as he slapped his hard dick over and over against her. Marilene was sweating as the husband pulled the wife out from behind her and removed her skirt in one quick swipe. She heard the stiches burst and there she stood naked from the waist down. Her soft, fat belly and puffy pussy inspired Marilene to quickly take to her hands and knees. Marilene crawled on all fours to reach her mistress’ fat cunt. She kissed her pussy and the mistress promptly opened her labia exposing her big clitoris. Marilene latched onto it and began to suck. She could feel her mistress getting moister and moister, holding her head. Marilene could barely breathe but she was unconcerned; she felt the husband’s hands on her lower back, spreading her ass cheeks. His cock pushed into her in one long stroke. Marilene could feel that same distant urge to piss begin to rise. He flipped her, keeping his cock inside of her and the mistress straddled her face as she stroked her tits. The mistress’ thighs covered the sides of her face and all she could hear were muffled moans and the sounds of her squishy pussy juice as she was pounded. He held her legs wide open and make her pussy big and open for his ramming and then would crisscross them together at the ankle making her pussy small and tight, bringing Marilene close to orgasm.

The mistress came and came on Marilene’s tongue until finally she sat against the wall, her fingers deep in her own cunt as she watched Marilene get fucked by her husband. She stared at her bouncing tits as the base of her husband’s dick would appear and re-appear with white frothy juice around it like a foamy crown. Marilene’s nipples stuck up, erect and milky and the husband was nearly screaming from the pleasure-pain of having waited so long to cum. He asked his wife what she’d like to see most and she directed him to hold Marilene’s legs open wide. He grabbed her ankles, spreading her legs as far as his arms could go, his biceps visibly strained and fucked her as hard as he could making her tits bounce and forcing her breast milk to spray and splay onto the wall and the carpet, his wife’s thighs and cunt. He knew he had one final thrust before he would explode. “Inside of her?” he asked. “Yes,” the wife said. He pushed into Marilene; his cock squirting one enormous ejaculatory load into her after another. He leaned forward licking the milk off his wife’s thighs and Marilene’s tits until his dick subsided, became limp and slid out of her.

Marilene was not given the afternoon off to recover. She continued her afternoon chores and awaited the next hallway surprise.

Good Vibrations

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