The Sexy Parts

I’d known only since the day before. We’d met while I was signing copies of my new book at a local bookstore. Kim had pushed her way to the front of the line and tossed her copy on the table. She told me to sign it, “For the girl who gave me the hottest night of my life.”

Five feet tall, blonde hair, blue-green eyes, she was the stuff of wet dreams.

“But I’d be lying,” I said.

“Not after tonight,” she said, confident.

We were in my hotel room, starting the second night of a one-night stand. She reached for the champagne, running her long, sexy fingers along the neck of the bottle, curling them around it when she reached the tip.


She was naked except for white ankle socks with lace. I’d asked her to leave those on. She popped the champagne cork and slid the tip of the bottle in her mouth, letting the thick foam spill over her lips and fingers.

She licked foam from her fingers, then she filled tulip-shaped glasses and handed one to me, straddling my chest as she did. She slid up until her knees came to rest on and her either side of the bed, her pussy within licking distance.

“Wanna eat me?” she asked.

Her little-girl face was almost enough to make me feel guilty for the thoughts running through my mind, but her naughty grin reminded me she was all woman.

I set my glass aside, slid my hands under her ass, and pulled her to me, working my tongue between her damp blonde curls to tease the pink pearl of her clit. I ran my hands up over her freckled breasts, caressing her pale-brown nipples with my thumbs.

She tilted her champagne between her breasts. A sparkling trail ran down her belly, past her navel, then ran down through her pubic hair and onto my tongue.

She dropped her empty glass over the edge of the bed, then slid back and leaned over me, dangling her wet breasts in my face. I pushed them together and licked her champagne-flavored nipples until they stood out hard. Her damp pussy brushed the tip of my cock.

She wiggled back until the head of my cock just barely penetrated her outer lips.

“Wanna fuck me?” she whispered. She pushed back some more. “Tell me how bad you want it.”

“More than anything,” I said.

She stroked my balls and slid her hand up my cock the same as she’d done to the champagne bottle earlier. She rubbed it between the plump lips of her pussy, caressing the soft, wet pink folds, teasing it against her opening.

She turned around suddenly, taking her pussy away from my cock, putting it in my face. I spread her ass, digging my fingers into the soft flesh and pulling her wide, fully exposing her pretty pink pussy and taut ass hole. She moaned with pleasure as my tongue slid inside her.

She enclosed my cock with her breasts and jerked me off, catching the tip of my dick in her mouth every time it peeked above the creamy slopes of her breasts. She sucked and licked it a few seconds before releasing it again. While she busied herself with my cock, I ventured up and circled her taut anus.

She looked at me over her shoulder, moaning, and said, “Ummm, I like when you lick me there.”

We shifted positions again. She laid down on the bed. I kissed her neck, then brushed my lips over her nipples. After tracing the faint blue veins of her milk-white breasts, I went to work on her belly button.

She fingered her pussy and then stuck it in my mouth. I licked it clean, then I dipped my head and kissed her pubic mound. She opened her legs wider, took my face in her hands, and directed me to the spot she wanted me to lick.

“Oh yeah, right there . . .” she gasped.

She pumped her hips, rubbing her pussy against my face. I nibbled her clit, then I kissed my way down one leg, leaving a trail of kisses all the way. I took her sock off with my mouth, kissed her ankles and sucked her delicate toes. I did the same with her other foot.

By the time I reached her pussy again, she was fingering herself. I replaced her finger with my own as I nibbled her clit.

“Fuck me now,” she insisted.

She guided me inside her. The walls of her pussy closed around my shaft until it felt like I was being sucked into her. She opened her legs wide, then lifted her ass off the bed as I entered her with a single smooth thrust.

She grabbed my ass and wrapped her legs around my waist as I fucked her.

“Suck on my tits,” she panted.

I hooked my mouth over one nipple and sucked. She pumped her hips harder as I drew a good portion of her breast into my mouth. She was athletic. Her muscles rippled as she twisted and turned and arched her back.

We devoured each other. She moaned and gasped, her fingers clawed the sheets and tore red marks down my back, and we slipped together in a sweat-drenched dance of skin on skin.

She came first, arching into me and shuddering as the pleasure overtook her. I pushed all the way into her, reaching my own climax only seconds later.

We took a shower afterward, where Kim locked her ankles behind my back and held tight as I fucked her against the wall. We had room service for dinner — a bottle of wine and seafood — then made love again before falling asleep in a tangle of arms and legs.

She woke me up the third morning by sucking my cock. A bowl of strawberries and whipped cream sat on a cart next to the bed.

“Breakfast in bed,” she said.

I plucked a strawberry from the bowl. She came up to give me a long, deep kiss. I turned her over and painted her nipples with sticky red strawberry juice. Next I rubbed a handful of the sweet, plump fruit into her already-wet pussy, then topped it off with mounds of thick whipped cream.

I went down on her, lapping up the sweet berries and whipped cream, tasting her pussy with every swipe of my tongue.

She turned over and raised her bottom, sliding a hand between her legs to open her pussy with two fingers. I entered her from behind, effortlessly slipping my cock into her sticky-sweet pussy. Her tits jiggled with every thrust, my balls kissed her clit in rhythm.

“Ohhhh . . . I’m coming, yeahhhhh . . .” she cried.

She pulled away, turned on her knees, and jerked me into her mouth. We lay together afterward, satiated for the time being.

“You never told me which part of my book you like best,” I said, holding her close to me.

She kissed me. I tasted everything in that kiss-strawberries, whipped cream, our combined juices . . .

“That’s easy,” she said. “The sexy parts.”

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