The Seduction

The Big Guy and I hadn’t had sex in two weeks.  In our relationship that is equivalent to the time it would take someone to travel to Mars.  The first week I had the flu.  The second week The Big Guy got sick followed by me getting my monthly female friend.

Last night we remedied our dry spell….

The Big Guy got home from work and as he walked through the front door, I realized I had forgotten what he had worn.  He looked hot.  Most days he wears a polo shirt and khakis.  Yesterday he had worn black suit pants and a button down long sleeve shirt.  If the kids weren’t all sprawled about around the family room, he would have gotten laid right there.  But, as the life of parents goes, the sex had to wait.  I managed to get up off the couch, avoiding the kids and toys and made my way over to him.  I gave him a hug, a kiss and the look.

He knows the look.  I give it to him a lot.  I would like to think I have perfected the art of being able to use my eyes to convey just what my body wants.  “Later” he said and gave me that smile that only he can give.  I love that smile.  He possesses the ability to melt my insides with his smile while at the same time leaving me wanting him, lusting for him, needing him.

The night went on, we chilled on the couch, watched some of the Olympics and when bedtime finally rolled around, tucked the kids in and made our way to the bedroom.  I was busy doing my normal, nightly routine, when The Big Guy walked into the bathroom and I knew I was about to get seduced.

And seduced I got.

“You almost done in here?” asked The Big Guy, rubbing his hands over my shoulders, down my back and teasingly ending above my ass, while at the same time, moving his hips back and forth against me.  “I am now.” I said while watching him in the mirror.  “Good.” he said and led me to the bedroom.  I looked over at our bedroom door to make sure it was locked.  It was, so I took off my clothes, dimmed the light and climbed in bed.  The Big Guy did the same and for a brief moment I laid there, looking into his eyes.  “I love you” I said.  “I love you too.” he said smiling.  “Now, be a good girl and remember to be quiet.  The older two kids are still up.” “I promise to try my hardest,” I said, giving him a flirty, bad girl smirk.

And we had sex.  And we fucked.  And we had sex again.  I came over and over, again and again.  The sex was fucking amazing.

“You are way ahead of me now.” he said, referring to the orgasm score.  “If someone wasn’t so fucking awesome in bed I wouldn’t be so far ahead.” I said smiling.

And it is true.  I had never experienced multiple orgasms before him.  It is shocking what can happen when you are madly in love with your husband.  The Big Guy can bring me to places I never knew I could go and feel.  Over the years he has given me pleasure and feelings I didn’t know were even possible to experience.  From the beginning of our relationship we had amazingly awesome sex.  Now years into it, I can honestly say that as our sex life has grown and evolved, that honeymoon phase feeling as never gone away.

I still get that electric feeling when he brushes against me.  I quiver with pleasure at his slightest touch.  I still get that warm feeling throughout my body at the thought of him.

I never forget how lucky I am to have the marriage and sex life that The Big Guy and I have.  I often wonder what keeps us so intimately close with one another, while others, including our friends, marriages fall into a miserable pattern of sexless days, affairs and ultimately, divorce.  Maybe it is luck that I found the one.  Maybe it is the fact that I was lucky enough to marry my best friend.  Maybe it is the fact that we laugh all the time.  Or maybe it is the fact that we both respect each other.  We both are willing to give and take both sexually and emotionally.  I am willing to fill every desire he has, just as he is willing to fill mine.

Even after all these years together and a household filled with five kids, we have managed to hold onto us.  We don’t let the stress of work and kids and life come between us.  We have managed to hold onto all those feelings of want and desire and taken them to a whole new level.  We have managed to keep our sex life a top priority.  If one of us is in the mood, we have sex.  If The Big Guy wants a blow job, he gets a blow job.  There is no excuse given, there is no turning the other person down.  And that is the biggest key to our relationship.  Knowing that after all these years, the other person is willing to always be open and sexual is an amazing feeling to have.

One I hope all of you are experiencing…





Suburbia Interrupted

Suburbia Interrupted is a SAHM to five, wife to one. When not shuffling kids to baseball fields and basketball courts, I write about relationships, sex with The Big Guy (my husband) and all the other crazy things that happen in my life, on a recurring, daily basis. My motto for life is simple: Each day, I attempt to balance motherhood, love and sex. Sometimes I get lucky. Sometimes I don't. You can also find me at Suburbia Interrupted or on twitter @sunshinemommy.

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