The Rose of Mysterious Union

My lover and I are so hot for each other that nothing–not even our menstrual cycles–causes a moratorium on sex. And that’s a good thing because when you’re a lesbian, you have two menstrual periods each month affecting your sex life. And unless both periods sync up (which, in my experience, is rare), that means two weeks each month where sex may potentially be on hold. And for me, that’s just too long to go without.

So my lover and I have it all worked out for sex during our time of month. We’re both up to date on our HIV and Hep C tests so that blood exchange isn’t a worry. We’re not vampires, but we don’t have a problem with ingesting blood\’although it’s not our primary goal. Sexual pleasure is what we’re after.

I love the taste and smell of her during her cycle, which is stronger than usual. I lay her down on a towel and spend most of my time tonguing her clit until she’s so excited that by the time I slide my fingers inside to fuck her, she’s already soaked both from arousal and blood. She tends to be more sensitive this time of month and so fucking her pussy and biting her nipples takes on a gentler tone, until she is coming hard and fast beneath me with an added element of primal excitement derived from the presence of blood. It excites me too, since I feel marked by her when I see traces of blood on my face or my fingers.

As Jim Morrison once said, “Blood is the rose of mysterious union.” It’s not for everyone, but for us sex during this time of month seals our intimacy. I am hers, she is mine, and we are joined through love, blood and pleasure.

Good Vibrations

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