The results are in! Good Vibrations Pleasure Poll: Are politics affecting your sex life?

Maybe you are glued to your news feed and don’t notice your sweetie has put on sexy underwear or cued up that suggestive playlist. Maybe you and your boo don’t agree on what makes America great. Maybe the way you tune all that out is to get down. If you’re an American, we wanted to hear about how our intense political climate has (or hasn’t) affected life between the sheets. So we asked you! Just consider us the FiveThirtyEight of Sixty-Nine.

Most of you–close to 65%–didn’t feel your sex lives were impacted by current politics, and we hope that means you were happy before and happy now. After all, if you’re going to tune out the red and the blue, what better way to do it, right? With or without toys, with or without a partner, arousal and orgasm are among the best distractions we can think of.

But over 13% of you replied with a resounding “Yes!” “The Donald distracts her from thoughts of sex,” one partner admitted glumly. A couple of respondents made similar comments. A few more mentioned stress levels. “Anxiety! Overwhelm! Can’t stop reading the news!” said one.

And almost 22% acknowledged that their sex lived had been “maybe a little bit” affected. A couple noticed that dating feels different now: “Potential dating partners more readily ask me my views,” said one. Another noticed their tendency to shy away from dating those far from them on the political spectrum.

The majority of respondents were between 35 and 54 years of age–almost half. Close to a quarter were younger, while a little over 25% were older. 97 women, 127 men, and 16 people who identified in some other way (trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, agender, or, my personal favorite, “eh”) participated in the poll, plus close to 40 people who specified no gender identity.

And while we didn’t drill down to red state/blue state or political party affiliation, we did ask our respondents what region of the country they lived in. Since we hold down the West Coast from the Bay Area, it wasn’t surprising to see that almost 41% were from the Pacific region. We’re in the Boston area too, and that was the second-highest region in terms of number of respondents at almost 13%. Next came South Atlantic (from Delaware down to Florida) at a bit over 11%; East North Central (Ohio to Michigan) with not quite 10%; and Mid-Atlantic (NY, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) at almost 7%. Less well-represented (but still standing up to be counted!) were the Mountain states (from Montana all the way to New Mexico) at a little over five and a half percent; West South Central (Texas and its neighbors) at a little over 5%; West North Central (Minnesota, the Dakotas, and the surrounding Plains states) at not quite 5%; and finally East South Central, sometimes also known as the Deep South; close to three and a third percent of our respondents hailed from that region.

Wherever you are, we thank you so much for participating, and we hope you’ll want to share your insights and experiences in future Pleasure Polls!

Good Vibrations

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