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The Orgasm Whisperer, Part Two

Read part one of this story.

I helped him up off the couch, led him down the hall and into my bedroom, pulled him onto the bed and back into my embrace. We started kissing again, and his hand found my pussy, still hidden behind a pair of pink, lacy panties.

“For such a dirty girl, these sure are innocent panties,” he said, slowly brushing his fingers across them as he spoke. “Do you think you’re a dirty girl?”

This hard, intense exterior that was here in place of his previous behavior was rather surprising, but not at all in a bad way. No one had ever been like this with me before, and I liked it more than a little. In fact, I had managed to soak right through my panties as he called me a dirty girl, and what else could I say but, “Yes, I think I’m a very dirty girl.” I hoped to sound sultry, as dirty as he was making me feel, but it came out sounding slightly tense, because I had never done something quite like this. Sex, for me, had always been, as my friend Tara had told me time and again, very vanilla. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to try more interesting things, it was that they scared me a little. So I’d gone what seemed like a great many years without even this level of kinkiness, and I was certainly scared•scared of what would progress, scared that it might change me, change everything. And scared now that, maybe, it felt a little like home.

Lewis slowly slid my panties down my legs and stood there for a second, dangling them by his finger. “Now, a dirty girl like you, a filthy girl who will fuck a guy on a second date,” and he winked as he said this, which helped to mitigate the slight sting his words caused, “I don’t know if she should even be allowed to speak. What do you think? Do you think you need to be gagged? I’d like to make these panties good for something, and they certainly weren’t useful while you were wearing them, nor would they be useful lying on the floor.”

I didn’t hesitate for a second. “Yes, I think I need to be gagged.”

“Good.” Lewis leaned forward, and caressed my head, stroking down the side of my face and tracing my chin with two fingers. He tilted my head up towards him, and I opened my mouth, expectantly. Then Lewis spoke again. “One thing before I gag your filthy mouth•if I do anything, anything at all that you don’t like, grunt three times. Like this•uh-uh-uh. Got it? And I promise not to push you too far.”

“Got it.” A grin had found its way to my face, and it was still there as he slowly shoved the panties, bit by bit, into my mouth.

“Now, I seem to remember you having a problem of sorts. Not good enough orgasms, was that it? I think I’ve figured out what’s been missing from your sex•you need someone other than you to be in control, judging by the puddle between your legs. I’m guessing getting this wet is be a new thing for you.”

I quickly nodded my head. It was true, the wetness had slicked up both of my thighs, and my panties had been quite damp even before they were placed in my mouth. I could taste myself on them, something I’d never tasted before•a slightly tangy sweetness. I found myself wondering if all women tasted like this, and if orally fixated men were constantly searching for the sweetest tasting woman. Then I was quickly brought back into the room, as Lewis shoved me down onto the bed, grasping my wrists in his left hand. This was the first time I noticed what nice hands he had, with long tapered fingers, but there was a surprising amount of strength contained within them, or he wouldn’t have been able to restrain me so easily with just one hand. Then again, I wasn’t fighting him very hard.

And suddenly Lewis’s hand was on my pussy, his fingers on my clit. The sensations caused by that first touch of his hand down there was undeniably one of the best things I’d ever felt. So this was what great sex was like. It seemed as though I’d just been playacting all this time during my sexual encounters, pretending that the sensations caused by those other lovers were as good as it got. But this, this was far beyond that, and oh, had Lewis ever been right. I needed to be roughed up, to have someone else decide all the moves, to have the man I was with arrange the entire act himself. I would simply be there, his, lost in bliss, willing to do whatever he asked. Because this quickly growing intensity between my legs, caused merely by a hand, a gag, and minor restraint of my limbs, this was like nothing I’d felt before. I moaned through the makeshift gag, and Lewis’ fingers sped up, and I knew this would be an orgasm that would leave all the other ones in its wake. It built, and built, and then the world faded away, and all that was left was my my pulsing cunt, and pleasure, pleasure spreading in wave after wave, till it almost felt like I glowed.

Then, what seemed like days later, it was over. I felt weak, and I slowly turned my head towards Lewis. I hadn’t noticed until then, but he was lazily stroking my side, a huge grin on his face.

“I was wondering when you’d come back into the room. How was it?”

*                                        *                                        *

I woke up up around nine, a smile quickly finding its way onto my face. I looked in Lewis’ direction•well, it should have been his direction, but he wasn’t there. Instead, on the pillow was what looked to be a business card. I picked it up, and read where it was from•Not Guilty About Pleasure, it said, the sex toy store where Tara worked. She hadn’t told me that Lewis worked there too. I’d only been in once, and it had been a quick visit. I was too embarrassed to buy anything, and had left almost as fast as I’d entered. On one corner of the card was scrawled “Turn me over”, so I did. On the other side, in tiny, precise script, Lewis had written me a note, inviting me to come in and pick out a vibrator•he’d give me the employee discount, for being such a good fuck. And maybe, just maybe, I might like to check out their BDSM section too. They had a great selection of paddles, and he’d be happy to help me choose one of those as well.

I smiled, and bit my lip, imagining how he’d help me pick out the paddle. My hand slid into my panties, and there wasn’t much delay before I came, long and hard.

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