The Naughtiest Christmas

I was always naughty about Christmas presents. Wrapped up under the tree, just sitting there taunting me, their contents begged to be guessed at, but I’ve never been a very good guesser. I am, however, great at wrapping things — and rewrapping. I know it’s bad.

And Erica has always been good at surprising me.

Maybe she knew I’d sneak a peek at her Christmas goodies. She and I had only been together for three months, but since she lived with four roommates — and spent most of her time at my considerably more spacious top-floor apartment — we’d decided to put our gifts for each other under the tree at my place.

The afternoon I most caddishly revealed Erica’s gifts, she was stretching herself into unlikely postures at her yoga class, dreaming of how I was gently prying the tape from the big box, delicately peeling back its shimmering silver paper.

And staring with mixed horror and excitement at a box stuffed with gifts that would make the Marquis de Sade blush. And maybe even giggle.

Ball GagFirst there was the ball gag, improbably large for Erica’s small, pert mouth. It had a red ball and black leather straps that formed a harness, presumably meant to go around the head. The dog collar might have been intended merely as a post-punk fashion statement if it weren’t for the shimmering silver chain with its clip and black handle, without a doubt meant to serve as a leash. Then there were the wrist and ankle cuffs, black leather and padded with sheepskin, clipped with metal carabiners to nylon-webbed straps.

I felt my cock hardening as I ran my fingers over the glistening black leather of Erica’s gifts. We’d joked and teased about bondage, but never tried it — yet. Our three months together had been filled with frenzied sex, but the erotic charge we felt for each other was such that we’d rarely had time for experimentation. We were too busy fucking.

Now, though, I knew Erica was presenting me just such an invitation. I imagined her as my prisoner, cuffed, gagged and stuffed full of dildo, my paddle leaving her gorgeous ass a bright-red, rosy hue. Just the thought of it was enough to make me touch my cock. I stroked myself to orgasm right there under the Christmas tree, with the vivid image of a decked-out Erica as my prisoner blazing in my head. I had to jerk off again just to get my hands steady enough to carefully rewrap the present so my naughty Santa wouldn’t know I had betrayed her confidence.


Despite two orgasms, I was still horny as hell when Erica dropped by after yoga. I seized her the second she arrived, pressed my lips to hers while I wrestled her out of her leotard. Her body writhed against mine as I turned her around and pressed her against the door, then entered her from behind, still standing. The whole time I was picturing how she’d look in those delightful Christmas gifts. She came before I did and wondered, later, at my sudden and uncontrollable passion.

“I guess I just missed you,” I said guiltily.


Star SpankerThe few weeks until Christmas flew by in a flurry of frenzied sex punctuated by the occasional gift-buying. I was hotter for Erica than I’d ever been, knowing what a kinky, naughty secret she held. She thrived on the “secret” of her presents, and begged me to guess at the contents of the silver-wrapped box. I played my part as best I could, wondering out loud if she’d bought me that down comforter I’d liked or a new leather jacket.

She seemed gleeful each time I guessed wrong. “I think you’re going to love it,” she would say, then look worried. “I think.”

“I’m sure I’ll love it,” I would say, trying hard not to be too obvious. “Is it a new set of curtains for the living room?”

“For God’s sake,” she said once. “How boring do you think I am?”

“Not very boring at all,” I said with a smirk.


We decided to save our presents for each other until after the Christmas Eve trips to visit our nearby families were completed, until after we’d made the rounds of our friends’ houses on Christmas Day with bottles of wine and gingerbread cookies. We came home on Christmas with Erica positively bouncing.

“I get to open my present first,” she said. “After you open yours, we’re not going to do anything except play with it. All right?”

“Awwww,” I whined, just to be annoying. “Can’t I open mine first? We’ll want to play with yours, too.”

I finally gave in, and Erica cheerfully shook the heavy box that held her laptop computer. When she opened it, she sat there staring at it in horror.

“Jesus Christ, it’s too expensive,” she said.

“It’s the thought that counts,” I answered blithely. “Besides, you can get into cybercrime to help get me out of the poorhouse. Now can I open my present?”

She put her arms around me and kissed me. “All right,” she said. “But I’m not 100% sure you’re going to like it.”

“Oh,” I chortled. “I’m quite sure I will.”

Her eyes narrowed in a moment of suspicion, but then she smiled broadly. “Open it!”

Bonds Have More Fun KitIt felt strangely deconstructive unwrapping a present I’d wrapped in the style of Erica’s wrapping, pretending to struggle with the little strips of tape and the big red bow. When I opened the box and feigned astonishment, I was only partly acting — because I could hardly believe I’d made it to Christmas without spilling the beans. And I was so fucking turned on knowing that Erica, at her request, was about to become my prisoner.

I held up the harness in shock and dangled the leash and the collar in front of her.

“You are one naughty fucking Santa,” I said, starting to play the role. “You are a very, very, very bad Santa.”

“Do you like it?” she asked sheepishly.

“I love it,” I said. “This is such an incredible fucking turn-on. I’ve fantasized about this for as long as I can remember. I can’t believe you bought all this stuff.”

“But you like it?”

“Oh yes,” I said. “I like it.”

She nuzzled her face into my neck and whispered, “Want to play?”

“Absolutely,” I told her.

“I’ve got another part of your present,” she said. “I’m going to go change into it.”

“Excellent,” I told her. “I’ll meet you in the bedroom.”

Erica disappeared into the bathroom while I went to the bedroom and slipped out of my warm Christmas clothes. I turned down the lights, laid the naughty gifts out on the bed and laid down alongside them, as if in invitation. My cock was already hard anticipating the submission of my little slave.

Erica came out of the bathroom wearing the hottest piece of lingerie I’d ever seen on a woman. She wore a black push-up bra, accenting her small breasts, and a black garter belt with fishnet stockings, the black lace panties on over the garters. The sporty type, Erica usually favored relatively utilitarian cotton-spandex panties and sports bras. Seeing her decked out like the sluttiest femme in creation turned me on even more.

“Do you like it?” she asked nervously.

I climbed to my knees on the bed, naked, my cock standing almost painfully hard. “Get over here,” I told her.

She came for me, climbing onto the bed and pushing me onto my back. She kissed me hard, then trailed her tongue down my neck and nibbled my ear. Her hand disappeared into her lace thong and came back slick with her juices. She slid her fingers between my parted lips.

“See how fucking wet you make me?” she whimpered, pushing her fingers deep into my mouth. I nodded, sucking eagerly at her juices. Her voice tightened. “I’m going to make you pay for that.”

“Um… okay,” I said, confused.

“I’m going to make you pay for that, you little bitch.”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, you want to play hard to get?” she growled.

“Um,” I said.

Mistress Manual”Go on,” she said, and her hand left my mouth only to return a moment later with the ball gag. “Play hard to get all you want. Mistress Erica’s in charge tonight, slave, and you don’t get to say no. Understand?”

Her finger was pointed right at the tip of my nose. My eyes felt like they were swimming uncontrollably in my head as I tried instinctively to focus on it. Finally, I looked up at her eyes, which were cold with fury. Her beautiful face held an expression I’d never seen before.

She grabbed my hair and slapped my face.

“Get it?” she snarled.

It wasn’t even a tap, so light I could barely feel it, but it made the point and established the role. All my images of Erica bound like a submissive tart were swirled together in a mëlange of shock and dismay — even as my cock throbbed harder than ever between my legs.

She slapped me again, barely a touch, just a whisper that told me she was in charge.

“Get it?”

“No,” I sneered, looking at her with mock disgust. “I don’t get it at all.”

So she slapped me again, this time harder, hard enough that I could feel it, hard enough that my cheek warmed under the blow and sent a cascading flood of excitement down to my cock.

“I’ll shut up that smart mouth,” she said. “Then you won’t mouth off any more.”

Breathing hard from the light touch of her slap, I nodded. “Yes, Mistress. You’ll have to gag me to keep me from mouthing off.”

She laughed. “Oh, you’ll mouth off later,” she said. “You felt how wet I am.” Then she popped the ball gag into my mouth and quickly and expertly cinched the black leather straps around my head. It took her all of 15 seconds. What felt like another 10 seconds was spent locking the dog collar around my neck and attaching the leash. Just how good was she at this, anyway?

I had propped myself up on my elbows during our saucy little exchange, and now Erica grabbed the metal ring at the top of the head harness and pushed me down flat onto the bed, curling the chain leash in her hand and holding my face absolutely still. My mouth spread wide around the ball gag, and just as an experiment, I tried to talk.

“Slaves are meant to be seen and not heard,” said Erica. “Except when I slap you. Then you can whimper.”

Whipsmart”Yes, Mistress,” I tried to stay, but it came out as a strangled yelp, which only seemed to turn her on more. She grabbed the leather restraints and quickly cinched them around my wrists, expertly threading the nylon webbing through the headboard. Then she climbed off the bed and gave my ankles the same treatment. The rough way she grabbed my legs to position them just so made my cock surge against my belly.

Erica circled the bed once like a beast surveying her domain, a cruel little smile on her face. She hooked her thumbs in her little black lace thong and pulled it down her thighs, revealing a freshly-shaved pussy, yet another something I wasn’t expecting. Stepping out of her thong, she pushed it into my face, smearing the crotch — soaked with her juices even though she’d barely worn it at all — over my face. I took a deep breath of her scent and felt my cock respond with a fresh pulse of excitement.

Then Erica descended on me hungrily, pouncing on the bed, one hand grabbing the ring of the head harness and the other curving around my hard cock.

“My slave knows what his Mistress wants,” she growled. “Stay hard long enough and maybe I’ll let you eat me out.” She threw one lithe leg over my hip and stretched on top of me, guiding my cock between her spread legs. Her cunt was molten, slicker and wetter than I’d ever felt it, as she sank down on my cock. A shudder went through me as she pushed herself onto me and sat up, towering over me and looking absolutely delectable as she began to grind slowly back and forth.

She reached down dug her nails into my chest; my back arched as she left long, angry furrows down my bare chest. My hips lifted off the bed and drove my cock deeper into her; she pushed down against me and wriggled back and forth, stroking the head of my cock against her G-spot. She laid down on top of me as she began to pump her hips up and down. She seized the ring of my head harness with one hand, wrapped my leash around her the other and growled into my ear.

“You like that, slave? You like servicing your Mistress with that big, hard cock?”

I nodded fervently, feeling the pressure against my head as she held me still both at the top of my head and at my collar. Her eyes closed as she began to moan.

“Right… there…” she sighed. “Don’t move, slave. Hold absolutely still.”

She began to fuck me hungrily, and I had to fight to obey her command. I wanted to fuck her hard, but I didn’t dare — even after weeks of relatively vanilla sex, I knew from experience that Erica came faster when she could do the fucking. I struggled to hold still as she pumped her cunt down onto my cock, her moans growing in volume as she got closer. I also had to fight not to come — I didn’t want to give up my hard cock just yet. I wanted to please her, and I knew my Mistress would come several times before she was satisfied.

“Right… fucking… there…” she groaned, and came, her body shuddering against mine as she drove herself down onto my cock. I could feel her pussy clenching around my shaft as her orgasm overtook her. She only stopped for a moment, though, as the shivers of her completion went through her. Then she was on me again, fucking me harder than ever and sitting bolt upright, her yoga-trained thighs lifting her wholly off of my cock and then ramming her down hard onto me again.

I wanted to tell her I was going to come, that I couldn’t hold off any longer — but all I could do was whimper deep inside the gag. I was an instant away from letting go before Erica shuddered again and, still gripping the leash, drew her nails down my chest again, this time breaking the skin. The pain brought me back into my body and away from my orgasm as she came for the second time. I held myself still, desperately trying not to come as I looked up at her and felt my arousal throbbing powerfully through my whole body.

“That’s a good cock, slave,” she told me. “You’ve earned your reward.”

Her thighs shaking a little, Erica drew herself off of me and quickly unbuckled the harness that held the ball gag in my mouth. I took a deep breath as she pulled the ball free and forced the harness up over my forehead. She passed the leash into her other hand and turned around on top of me, spreading her legs and settling her pussy down onto my face.

Sensuous Magic”Show your Mistress how much you appreciate her using your cock,” she snarled, her voice sounding more forceful than ever. My tongue settled onto her clit and began to seethe against it; she rode my face upright as she ground her hips back and forth. “Taste your fucking cock,” she growled, and her voice descended into whimpers as I serviced her pussy, licking all the way from her entrance to her clit and back again, then suckling gently on her clit. I could taste an unfamiliar musk mixed with that of her pussy. She reached down and grabbed my cock around the base, behind my balls, and squeezed — just firmly enough to make me squirm.

“Harder,” she ordered. “Suck my clit harder and I’ll let you come when I do.”

She began to stroke my cock as I obeyed; she knew I was as close as she was. As I worked her clit faster, she slumped forward onto me, tugging on the leash even as she guided my cock between her lips. She began to suck me fiercely, matching every stroke of my tongue on her clit. My hips rose to meet her, and I knew I was going to come in her mouth.

I exploded moments before Erica did; her lips clamped tight halfway down my shaft and she took every drop of my come. My cock muffled the cries of her third orgasm, but I could still hear them and, even more so, could feel the vibrations of them coursing through my body. As she finished coming, she lifted herself off of my face and then pushed down again, the momentary break intensifying her orgasm. She sucked my cock dry as I increased my pressure on her clit, and when she finished swallowing everything she slid off of me and turned, laying fully on my body. She pressed her lips to mine and the unexpected taste of my own come did nothing but make me descend further into my role as her slave. Her tongue slid sticky into my mouth and I opened wide for it, my cock still spasming from my intense orgasm.

Finally spent, my Mistress laid on top of me and gently rattled my chain. When she finally reached up and unclipped the webbing that held my wrists to the bed, I put my arms around her and held her close.

“So, slave,” she sighed. “Were you surprised?”

“Oh yes,” I said sheepishly. “It’s exactly what I deserved.”

She gripped my leash and smiled.

“You’ve got that right, slave. That’ll teach you to peek.”

My face reddened and my Mistress nuzzled her face against my ear.

“So I was right,” she said. “You did peek. You’re a naughty little slave, you know.”

“Oh yes,” I said. “I most certainly am.”


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