The Morning After, Part 4 of 4

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She unceremoniously rolls me over onto my belly and then pulls me up by my hips until I’m in a kneeling position, balancing on my forearms and my knees.  She shoves the thick pillows she used before, under my hips so that now they raise my ass in the air as I am lying prone.  I have gone from liberator to captive in mere seconds.  I shiver as my ass lies exposed and vulnerable and my face pushes into the mattress.  I can smell the mixed scents of her sweat and my growing wetness collecting on the soft down pillows supporting my hips.

At first I think maybe she’s got a spanking fetish she wants to work out.  Then I hear the soft clink of the harness buckles and I tense in eagerness and nervousness as I anticipate her plans.  She’s going to beat me at my own game, make me beg, make me squirm and I don’t even mind.

I hear her shuffling through the contents of her bedside drawer again and a second later, the squirt of liquid being squeezed out of a bottle.  Then after a moment of silence, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, she presses the lubed dildo forward against my asshole.  I tense up out of reflex, but work to relax my muscles, as she presses forward completely unconcerned about my body’s resistance.  Thankfully, I’m no stranger to this game, or her enormous toy wouldn’t have budged one millimeter into me.  Still, she has to work to push the thick cock into my ass.

I yelp as the huge head of the cock slides into me.  I love the feeling of fullness and my body’s slow acceptance of her tool.  The anticipation of having her long, thick shaft disappear all the way inside me takes me to an even higher state of arousal.  I notice my body relaxing and opening up to this intimate penetration and just as suddenly as she took control of my pleasure, my straight girl has slipped inside my most secret place.

As she varies the rhythm of her thrusts to learn what I like best, I gasp and twist the sheets beneath us with shaking hands.  She works the shaft slowly in and out of my hole and even though I want her to fuck me hard and make me hurt, the idea of her riding me and taking her time, turns me on in a totally different way.  I obsess about her movements and close my eyes to picture her hips working the huge dildo in and out of my tight backdoor.  My pussy is dripping all over the pillows holding me up and I try to find relief by rocking back against her, but my movements only make the pressure worse.  I want to moan, to scream and tell her everything she’s making me feel, but the only brain function I seem to have left is the one that lets me breathe.  It’s quiet as she slips in and out of me, awkwardly at first and then more skilled with every stroke.

It’s harder to breathe as I get closer and closer and she must have decided she’s had enough too because suddenly she begins to pump into me¦hard.  I want to beg her to stop because it’s too much, feels too good, but I feel like I’d die if she listened to me.  Every drop of blood and ounce of strength in my body feels like it’s rushing to my gaping cunt and clenching ass as I take her hard thrusts over and over again.  I try to spread wider for her, to curve my back so she hits just the right spot, to slam backwards to meet her thrusts, anything to make myself come.  Just when I think I can’t stand it anymore, can’t take any more pleasure, any more stimulation, she slaps my ass hard between strokes, and the sting breaks me.

I start to come and she seals herself into my ass, only moving her hips in a kind of circular motion, but keeping the cock as far in me as it will go.  I’m crying and I didn’t even know it until now.  She rides my climax with me as she comes from fucking the dildo.  When we come back down from the high of the ride, I am present enough to experience the final pleasure of her jerking hips slow to a satisfied stop.  Her breath is hot against the back of my neck as she slumps forward on top of me.  She goes to pull out and this time I stop her.  I don’t want to lose this connection yet.

A few minutes later we break apart.  I turn to face her, worried she’ll reject me now that we’ve come, but she leans over me and kisses me long and soft as she pulls the sheet over the both of us.  “That was nice, she yawns and snuggles against me before closing her eyes for sleep.  “If we take a quick nap, I figure we have time for once or twice more before Josh comes home.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll be able to teach him a thing or two about women.  I can already feel my Cheshire cat grin spreading across my face when she says this.  As long as she’s part of it, any threesome between us will never be a crowd.

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