The Morning After, Part 3 of 4

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“I want you to talk to me.  “What?  She watches me, still gasping, wracked by torment and afraid of losing her orgasm completely.  I gently rock my sex against hers to punctuate my words, “Tell. Me.  Exactly. What. You. Want. Me. To. Do.  She looks away.  This is hard for her and I wonder if I’ve pushed her too far too fast.  As I continue to gently rub the excruciating heat of my notch against hers, she closes her eyes in ecstasy once more, and I know she feels this too, feels all of it.  Her heavy lids part and her deep green eyes bore into mine as she seems to reach a decision.  “Please, she purrs, “please make me cum.  She slides her hands around my back and runs her soft palms up and down my spine, encouraging me to ride her.  “Please fuck me.  Suddenly she has made me forget what I wanted from her, how I wanted to make her beg.  I need to come and I need to make her come.

The only sound in the room is our heavy breathing as I slide up and down against her.  Her hands are stroking my back, keeping time with our slow ride.  Our hips are moving together in perfect harmony and she surprises me.  She slides a hand between us and plays with my protruding clit as her other hand grips the slippery skin of my back to teach me the faster rhythm she wants.  Our bodies are covered in sweat-sheen, as we slide together in satisfying friction.  I’m even more shocked a moment later, when she reaches into the bed stand beside us to hand me a complicated looking mass she has retrieved from it with her eyes closed.  It’s a dildo in a harness.  Before I can ask her anything, she opens her eyes and digs her nails into the skin of my hips as she whispers, “I want to feel you inside me.  Please fuck me.

I melt at her look and make quick work of the buckles around my hips.  She holds herself up and strains to kiss me as I tease her lips with the dildo, running the head slowly up and down her slit.  She begins to pant and lets herself fall back against the pillows behind her.  I revel in the squelching sound coming from her wetness as I tease her with my new appendage.  Just as she starts bucking her hips up off the bed in frustration, I ease forward and press the bulbous head against her tight, resistant opening.  The boyfriend bought this for us to use the night before, but when she complained that she couldn’t possibly fit something so large inside of her, it was banished to the nightstand.  Now, she is so wet, she assures me it is exactly what she needs.

Still, I am careful as I begin my overture to her silky, naked pussy.  I know she’s experienced, but I’ve never seen anyone take anything this large before, let alone someone with a pussy as tight as hers.  I press forward using my own special rhythm for her, to give her time to accommodate the enormous size of our toy.  I slide into her achingly slowly, going two little thrusts forward and one back, inching my way inside her stretched opening.  She is flooding the mattress beneath us with her love juices but still, I try to be careful.  My slow motions have gotten her even more worked up and she moans little cries and struggles beneath me, clearly caught between being grateful for my hesitation and frustrated from want of relief.

Her mouth hangs open in wordless ecstasy as she urges me to push forward, by digging her nails into the skin of my back.  Her pale skin is growing rosy at the base of her throat and her chest and I can feel her whole body growing hot beneath me.  With a guttural moan she begs, “Please yes, oh god! Please put it in me!  I roll my hips forward to push the final inch of the dildo’s length into her and she grunts loudly.  When I’m fully inside and sealed against her, she slides her hands down my back and grasps my buttocks firmly.

The pinch of her nails digging into the skin of my ass causes me to reflexively thrust into her and she yelps from half pain half pleasure.  “Yes, perfect.  Please do it to me.  Please fuck me, please please fuck me.  She urges me to pump deep into her and I cannot refuse her cries, though her thighs squeeze tight against my hips, hindering my movements.  She teases my nipples with her palms and as the base of the dildo rubs me just the right way, I find myself getting as wet as she is.  We’re both breathing hard and she screams my name.  I almost come from the sound alone.

She tilts her pelvis towards me to get a better angle for deep penetration and she arches her back as I hit the perfect spot inside her.  The sound of our wet skin slapping together fills the room as I drive into her hard.  We grunt in anticipation of orgasm and she begs me to push harder, deeper into her filled and unyielding cunt.  When I can’t, she digs her nails deep into my ass and the sensation helps me find a way to get deeper into her.  She cries out in ecstasy and I realize I was wrong.  She understood this all along.

She’s gone silent, so silent I have to make sure she’s still breathing.  It’s almost as if she’s holding her breath as she strains against me and her whole body tenses.  She unclenches one hand from its death grip on my buttocks and with no warning at all, begins to finger my ass.  I push into her again and we come together.  It’s a silent explosion, as if after all our moaning and screaming cries of climax are expressed inside in the walls of our pulsing and grasping cunts.

I go to pull out of her but she wordlessly holds me close as her breathing slows.  She sits up, holding me between her thighs to keep my new dick inside her.  I examine her face with curiosity, and see she wears a new expression; one that is issuing some unspoken challenge to me.  Without a moment’s hesitation, she lifts one of my breasts and takes the tender nipple into her warm mouth while pinching my other nipple between her fingers.  I shudder from being touched while I’m still so sensitive.  As she sucks harder, I throw my head back in pleasure and suddenly the harness around my hips falls away.  She pulls away from me and pushes me back from my sitting position.  Seconds later I find myself pressed against the mattress with her holding herself above me.  As she leans over me with a hungry grin, I realize that suddenly the tables have turned and now I’m the prey and she the predator.

to be continued…


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