The Morning After, Part 2 of 4

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Her back presses my breasts flat as she lies on top of me, but I can’t bring myself to change our position because touching her as she is at this moment feels so good. I tease one erect nipple with my right hand while the fingers on my left hand tease her inner thigh with feathery touches. As her breathing becomes more erratic under my touch, I find the strength to break away from her for just a moment. I slide out from under her and stack a few huge pillows at the head of the bed, for her to lean back on. She opens her eyes for the briefest second, but I use my palm to place gentle pressure on her abdomen in the way I know can intensify arousal and she wordlessly leans back against the pillows, lost in pleasure once more. She looks absolutely decadent.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she must still be afraid to take this plunge with me, because her thighs are pressed tightly together, barring me from experiencing her core. I lift her closed legs over my left shoulder while sliding my hand down the underside of her thighs to reach her lips. Soft tremors shake her legs as I just barely stroke her pussy lips and she moans for me, “Mmmm¦ Her legs slowly part and I edge my hips in between them until my throbbing mound presses against hers. For a moment I just watch the pleasure play across her features as we touch. Her eyelids tremble as I prolong the torture and make her wait, slowly rubbing against her sex. I try to kiss her, but she instinctively turns away, not quite ready to let go. Still, I must be right about her because she arches up off the bed and angles her torso towards me, as if to present me with her swollen breasts. I move my lips down her delicate jaw, tracing a path down her throat until I’m a t the valley between her shaking mounds.

I slowly work my way from one to the other, gently sucking on the skin around her nipples, as she curves towards me, seeking relief from my mouth. I tease her skin, with my mouth on one breast and my hand gently squeezing and releasing the other. To make her as frustrated and aroused as I am, I refuse to satisfy her by suckling her hardened nipples. Instead, I draw a wet line down her belly with my tongue.

It feels like hours pass as I watch the tight skin of her stomach tighten and release as she pants from arousal. I take pity on her and softly roll her nipples between my fingers as I kiss my way down to her moist lips. I run the palms of my hands over and over her erect nipples in a circular motion, as I point my tongue and slip into her slit. She raises her hips off the bed to draw me in deeper even as she moans softly, “please, please¦I can’t¦ and I realize the naughty feeling of all this turns her on even more. Even as she whispers weak cries of protest, she begins to squeeze her own breasts and tease her nipples as I use my tongue to pleasure her. Finally, I begin to suckle her hard clit and she gasps with her face turned to the pillows beneath her, “Oh god, please¦ I reach up and gently pull her wrists together behind her back to hold them in the soft manacles of my hands and she gushes into my mouth as she thrashes harder against the bed, “Ple ase, please, oh god, oh! I feel her belly and thighs tense as her cunt begins to shiver around my tongue and I do the unthinkable. I release her hands and pull away from her before she can scream her release.

She looks at me stunned, and I lean back away from her to watch her look of ecstasy crumble. “Why? She sounds like she might cry. I tell her, “I thought I just wanted to have you, but that’s not enough. I want you to want me. She stammers, “How? What can I do? I’m prepared for this and I crawl towards her. She leans back against the pillows again, watching me from a prone position. I smile as I hold myself above her and tell her what I want.

to be continued…


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