The Morning After, Part 1 of 4

I fall for straight girls, that’s my problem. I like a challenge and they’re so uniformly delectable, I’m crazy for them. The blonde in bed next to me is the ostensibly heterosexual girl currently driving me wild. Last night I held her tight, her back pressing against my breasts, as she rode her boyfriend to orgasm. Last night I played hide and seek games between her legs with my tongue while she suckled her man’s dick. Last night she sighed at my touch, relaxed with her well-endowed if selfish boyfriend sharing in the experience. Today she’ll shrink at my touch¦at first.

I watch her angel’s face as I slip one hand beneath the thin white sheet that covers our naked bodies. Boyfriend is gone, to work or with his boys, it matters not to me. This is my time and I am going to make the most of it. I want to make OUR fantasies come true today. I lightly caress her bare thigh, waiting for her to stir from her peaceful slumber. The fine, almost undetectable blonde hairs on her smooth skin stand on end, but she does not register the feel of my fingertips yet. I slowly slide my hand towards the hot crevasse between her legs, but still she does not sense my touch. I’m impatient for her desire to match my own, so I gently slip my hand between her soft thighs and inch boldly forward, into her until I feel the first drops of wetness on my index and middle fingers.

She is beginning to surface from the depths of her deep sleep, but she is nowhere near fully conscious yet. My index and middle fingers dance over her lips before slipping between them. Though she isn’t fully awake yet, her body is. As I move my first two fingers achingly slowly in and out of her sweet centre, her wetness makes the sound I love more than all others, and the quickness with which her body responds to my touch warms me from the inside out with desire and anticipation. I notice the beginnings of a small smile play across her kissable lips.

I continue to stroke her from within as my thumb seeks out her clitoris. I have to work to restrain myself and keep my touch feather light and gentle as I tap on her pleasure button with the rhythm she liked best the night before. I want to feel all of her, ravage her, and pull her to me, but for now I have to settle for what I think she would ask for if she were in a more articulate state. She moans softly and rests her hands against the pillow behind her head as she opens wider for me. In doing so she has dropped the sheet and exposed her small but perfect breasts and for a moment I am overcome by the desire to just sit and stare at her beauty, but then I remember that my movements are what keep her in this breathtaking state of ecstasy.

Just as my left hand finds its way into her hair, she realizes my touch is not the masculine one she expects and her eyes flutter open as her hips stop inching forward toward my hand and fall back onto the bed.

“Oh. She watches me with confused eyes still clouded with sleepiness. Last night, I tasted her and made her buck her hips against my mouth while her manly boyfriend watched, but now she pulls the bed sheet up over her chest when she fully registers that I am the one lying next to her. She sits up and her long gold curls fall forward as she breaks her gaze with me and looks down at her lap. “I thought you would have gone already.

Last night, I suckled her breasts while she rode her boyfriend’s cock. Last night I tasted her sweet juices while she sucked him eagerly until her emptied himself down her throat. Last night she was free, but in the cold light of day she wants to pretend none of it ever happened. Fine, I can play this game if it gets me back into her private heaven. She has a badly concealed look of frustration and disappointment on her face as I pull away from her.

I stretch out on my side and hold my head up on one hand to look up at her. “I thought I’d stick around and see just how much more fun we could have together. I slowly cat stretch and “accidentally drop my half of the thin sheet we share, to reveal my body before throwing her my best devilish grin. She looks down and away again, before nervously pushing a strand of her silky curls behind her ear. I scoot closer to her warmth and try to get her to meet my eyes.

“I just thought we could spend the day getting to know each other better. I fight to control my hand as it desperately seeks out her skin once more. I compromise and place a tentative hand on her concealed knee, but I can feel her skin burning through the thin sheet and the feeling almost makes me lose my careful calm. She looks up to meet my eyes as she tells me what she’s decided.

“I can’t do this, not without my boyfriend. It’s cheating. Last night was a one time thing¦it was his idea¦ She scoots away from me as if to get up, and as the sheet falls, revealing her soft milky-white skin once more, my hand shoots forward as if of its own volition. Suddenly I’m kneeling on the bed, cupping her breasts from behind with a firm touch, as she stands with her back to me, leaning back to softly press against my breasts. She moans and I feel her resistance melting away. I run my tongue up the nape of her neck as I ease her back onto the bed. She sits rigidly on the very edge of the mattress between my thighs, with my left hand cupping her right breast and my right hand slowly inching its way towards the throbbing mound between her creamy thighs.

She inhales deeply as I hold her close and whisper in her ear, “Last night was for him. What do you fantasize about? Her feet are still on the carpeted floor and she could easily pull away from me, but I couldn’t stand that agony. I try to help her make up her mind by gently easing her backwards with me. She struggles to suppress her moans as my fingers snake into her secret places and she lets herself fall.

to be continued…


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