The Lesson

Alli Brookes knew it was wrong but there was something about him. Something that drew her in and kept her there. Something that made her heart pulse fast and her pussy pulse even faster. Maybe it was the way his hair fell to the side as he spoke with his hands. Oh, his hands¦

“Focus Alli, focus, she told herself, snapping back into reality, realizing she hadn’t been taking notes but rather biting her bottom lip in desire to the point of bleeding.

She wanted him. She craved him. She needed him. Alli was a smart girl, both book and street smart. Getting into something hot and heavy with any professor had never crossed her mind until she landed herself in Mr. Erikson’s Literature class. For months she had been drooling over him but never did more than stare. No cliché dropping and picking up of her pencil or asking for “extra credit, she was more mature than that childish, smitten high school behavior. She was a sophomore in college and a gorgeous one at that. Her petite frame paired perfectly with her breasts, her silky brown locks reaching midway down her back and her eyes the color of the sea.

Alli found herself leaning slightly back in her chair, eyeing Mr. Erikson head to toe. He was in his mid-thirties but had the body and face of a twenty-something. His hair a wavy sandy-blonde, his smile friendly, his frame a lanky yet sexy build. She’d sworn she’d give her right arm to see him shirtless, to touch his smooth tanned skin, to feel it against\’

“And that’s it for today. Please have pages 236-262 read for Thursday, announced Mr. Erikson which jolted Alli out of her daydreaming. Looking down at the V in her rather thin sweatpants, she realized what she had been doing. Her face grew red hot with embarrassment, she had been touching herself through her pants. Shocked, she couldn’t believe she had done it without thinking. It’s like when you’re at the movie theater, the atmosphere with it’s pitch black and surround sound, you become so enthralled with the movie, sucked in and forget momentarily where you are.

“God, I hope like hell he didn’t see that, she muttered under her breath.

Ashamed, she stood, gathered her things and made her way to the door. She hadn’t realized until then that she was one of the last to leave. Realizing she had to hustle to make it to her next class across campus within the next ten minutes, she quickly glanced his direction, just to reassure herself that she was overreacting, that he hadn’t seen a thing. His eyes found hers quite quickly. He was sitting at his desk, his hands folded with his lips resting against them. He appeared to be in thought.

“Oh God, she thought, “he knows.

Forcing herself not to stop, her feet carried her to the doorway just as her professor rose to his feet and called out her name, “Alli.

“Yes? Alli said as she whirled around and took two steps back into the room.

His hands were now in his pockets, casual-like as he strolled over to where she was standing. Alli was nearly shaking as he looked down at her in a concerned manor but couldn’t help feeling completely at ease by his musty yet clean scent.

“Are you ok? he asked.

Letting out a bit of a sigh along with a chuckle, she answered, “Of course I am. Why do you ask?

“Because normally I see you everyday scampering out of here at the end of class like the building’s on fire, a smile creeping along his face.

Her eyes darted around the room searching for an excuse, “Yeah, I’m just not feeling well today. Sorry.

He studied her eyes, trying to decide whether to believe her or not, he caved, “Alright. I just wanted to be sure one of my brightest students wasn’t getting into trouble.

She forced a smile, “No, no trouble here, Mr. Erikson.

“Good, that’s what I like to hear, he said with a pat on her arm.

That night Alli replayed her conversation with Mr. Erikson but imagined it going much differently. She imagined her answer to him was that she was in fact not ok. He would ask why and she would tell him because she’s been fantasizing about a man she couldn’t have. He’d ask who and she’d tell him it was him. He’d gently kiss her and then it would begin; the stripping, the fucking.

Exposing one of her nipples through her nightshirt she could already feel it growing hard. She imagined her hands were his, exploring her body for the first time. His tongue, circling her nipple in place of her moistened finger. She let a hand slid down beneath the sheets, pushing up her drawstring pants to gain access to her pussy. Already wet with her juices, she slipped a finger inside, then two, closed her eyes and gave into the pleasure her hand fed. Momentarily breaking the feeling, she brought her moistened fingers to her lips and gently sucked them. Had he been there, she thought, it would be to his lips her fingers would have been brought to for tasting.

Her pussy grew wetter and her breathing stronger as she began focusing on her clit, rubbing it faster and faster. “I need you, she whispered aloud and she imagined how his hair would feel grazing her check as he kissed her neck. Their clothes would be gone and replacing them would be the raw energy she so craved, to feel his warm skin against hers, to hear his breath in her ear, his hard cock pushing deep inside her. The thought of him coming deep within her cunt made her orgasm, her chest heaving with post-desire and delight. Sleep blanketed her and left her soaked fingers resting atop her breast.

The following two days came and went and before Alli knew it, she was back in Literature class staring at Mr. Erikson.

The hour passed quickly and at the end of the period Mr. Erikson said, “Alli, may I speak with you a moment?

Surprised, Alli made her way to his desk, “Yes, professor?

“I’d like to talk with you later today.

“Ok, what about? said asked puzzled.

“Well, just your progress in the class, he said.

Confused, she hesitantly agreed, “Ok, what time?

Mr. Erikson glanced at his watch, “How about after the rest of my classes for the day, say 4:00 back here?

“Alright, Alli answered with a polite nod and turned to walk away.

Baffled because up to this point, she thought she had been doing just fine in his class. Maybe he wanted her to help tutor a fellow struggling student? She wasn’t sure. All she knew is that she was going to be seeing her professor after classes, most likely one on one, and this time she wouldn’t be caught wearing sweats.

“Ah yes, Alli. Come on in, Mr. Erikson greeted her as she poked her head in the door promptly at 4 o’clock, closing the door behind her. “Have a seat.

Alli walked towards the front and center seat, her auburn curls no longer in a ponytail but flowing freely over each shoulder, her kitten heels clicking with each step. Her figure sported a fitted black tank with a white eyelet skirt that rose slightly in the back when she sat. Just as she did, she glanced at Mr. Erikson for approval and caught his eyes on their way back up to hers. He flashed a quick smile, not knowing how long she had been watching him stare.

“So how do you think you’re doing in the class, Alli? he asked while taking a seat in the desk beside her.

Alli folded her hands on her lap, “Well I thought I was doing just fine, that is, until you made me think otherwise today.

“You are fine, Alli, great actually. I’m just a little worried about you, he said turning his body towards her.

“Uh, how so? she asked more lost than before.

Mr. Erikson looked at the floor before leaning in slightly and lowering his voice, “Because I know.

“What? You know what? Alli said, still trying to understand.

He flashed his oh-so-friendly smile before telling her, “You don’t have to pretend. His eyes fell from her eyes to her lips.

At that moment, Alli knew. Her heart began racing as she grew aware of the sudden warmth of her pussy. Still she pressed on with a fake laugh in her voice, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, her cheeks on fire.

He brought himself just a few inches closer to her with each response, “I saw you the other day, in class back there, motioning slightly with his eyes towards the back wall of the classroom.

Alli bit her lip to keep her composure.

“Yes, and I saw you doing that too, he said nearing even closer.

Alli felt as though she was melting. Into what? Embarrassment? Lust? She didn’t know nor did she care.

Mere inches from her lips, he said with a devilish grin, “Alli, I want you to do something for me. Will you, please? his scent and warm breath tickling her cheek.

“Yes, she said softly, breathlessly, her eyes focused on his lips and his on hers.

His eyes fell down the front of her body and rested on her folded hands still on her lap. Reaching for one, he took it in one hand and gently pushed apart her legs with the other. Lifting her skirt slightly and pressing her hand to her panty-covered pussy, he said, “Do it again.

Alli let her back give into the chair as she began to rub her pussy atop her underwear from end to end. Glancing at her professor, she could see a large bulge forming in his pants already. He began rubbing his cock through his slacks, the thin material not leaving much to the imagination but it wasn’t enough. Alli wanted more. After slipping a finger beneath the side of her panties, Mr. Erikson inhaled sharply.

“How long have you wanted this, Miss Brookes? he asked, his eyes still fixated on her movement.

Aroused more than ever before, her eyes fluttered open before answering, “Too long.

His rubbing getting faster by the sight of her, Mr. Erikson asked, “How many times have you come to me, Alli? Tell me.

“God, too many, she cried breathlessly. “I need\’ 

His tongue viciously searched for hers as he pulled her up close to him. Hands were everywhere, hers began under his shirt and his on her ass. He led her to the back wall, pressing his hardened cock against her sweet pussy, he ground into her. Removing her top in a single movement, he stepped back as she began working on the buttons of his shirt. As each one exposed more of his smooth gorgeous chest, her pussy grew wetter and wetter. His knee gently met her pussy as her hips continued to grind into nothingness.

Reaching around to undo her clasp, he freed her tits, immediately taking one in his hand and the other in his mouth. Alli gasped as his tongue circled around her nipple just as she had imagined the other night. Reaching for his belt loops with a mischievous grin, she turned him around so he was now against the wall. After undoing his pants, she slid her hand down the front of them just like he had done before. Tracing the top of his briefs with her fingers, she dropped to her knees and kissed him, teasing him, circling the heat of her mouth along the insides of his thighs. She continued her torment relentlessly, touching him everywhere except for where he wanted it most. At last she slid down his briefs and took him in her mouth. He moaned, his fingers entwined in her hair pushing her to take him deeper. Alli’s tongue swirled around the tip of his cock as he thrust into the mouth which sucked him so good.

She began stroking him as she rose to her feet. He thanked her with a deep kiss and slipped down her skirt, exposing her wetting panties. Leaning her back on a nearby desk, he placed her legs over his shoulders and removed the soaked material exposing her beautiful pink, shaved slit. Taking her hand in his, he guided it to her pussy once more and commanded her, “Three fingers. She did as she was told. In and out her fingers slid, coating them with her sweet juices. He was stroking his cock as she did this and couldn’t help but think what was next. Without warning he removed her hand and licked each finger clean, one by one. She shuddered.

His warm thick cock rested against the entrance to her pussy, rubbing it up and down her now oozing slit. She bucked her hips each time he came close to her opening until he pushed himself into her with no intent on backing out until he was finished with her. He thrust hard, each time their hips meeting. She clawed as his back, begging for release, their heavy breathing in perfect unison. The pleasure was far too great to end but she couldn’t hold back. She came with a loud cry and him just seconds behind.

Since then, Alli always makes sure to get a good seat during Literature so she can show Mr. Erikson just how focused she really is and if she’s lucky, maybe he’ll ask her to come by after class.

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