The House by the Sea, Part 4 of 4

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The sun was down by the time we drove into town. We had decided to have a “date night, complete with movie, ice cream, and maybe a little necking on the beach. During the drive into town I found out that the guys had indeed talked about our situation. The details of their conversation, however, were somewhat sketchy.

I questioned my husband. “Just ˜Everything is okay’? What’s that supposed to mean?

“Just what I said. I know he’s fine with it. You’re obviously okay with it, so that makes me okay with it, too. He seemed puzzled by my curiosity.

“That’s it? No details? Did you even discuss what “it means?

He shrugged. “What more do you want? It is what it is and the details will sort themselves out, I suppose. He gave me a sideways look. “What did you want me to do? Tell him chapter-and-verse what you like in bed?

“Well, no. I grinned at him. “I can take care of that if it becomes necessary.

“I figured as much, was his dry response. “So what’s the big deal?

Mildly exasperated, I just sighed. “There isn’t one. Men! They never discussed anything properly. If a girlfriend and I had been sharing a man, we’d have spent half the night talking over all the juicy details. Since that remark earned me a second sideways look, I hastily reassured him. “Really. Everything is fine ¦ this could get pretty interesting. I changed the subject. “Gonna buy me some popcorn at the movies, Handsome?

He feigned outrage. “What? You want popcorn and ice cream? You’re kind of expensive. He ran his hand up under my skirt. “On the other hand, what kind of return do I get on my investment?

I slapped his hand. “Maybe nothing. This is a date, remember? If you’re nice, I’ll let you feel me up during the movie. Snuggling next to him, I tickled his ear with my tongue. “I’ll decide later if you’re going to get lucky ¦ or not. Teasing and holding hands, we bought our tickets and saw the show. I got my popcorn, Bill felt me up during the movie, we had ice cream after and we both got lucky “ without Neal “ later that night.

Neal did not have a charter the next day, so we packed some lunch and cold drinks and headed out on the boat to enjoy the sunny skies and crystal-clear water. Figuring that there wasn’t much of me that hadn’t already been seen, I dispensed with my bathing suit. The guys did likewise “ at least for swimming. There was lots of looking, and a little teasing, but no overt comments or activity. We just had a nice, quiet day on the water.

Our evening was quiet, as well. A simple dinner, a game of dominoes and some star-gazing from the porch finished off a great day. Pleasantly tired from the day’s exercise, we said our goodnights and turned in early “ us to our room and Neal to his.

He came to us later that night. Bill was again on his back and I was on my hands and knees rubbing my nipples across his chest “ teasing him before I lowered myself onto him. I was very focused on my task; Neal had to clear his throat to get our attention. Naked and already hard, Neal had come part way into our room.

I sat up, sliding my husband’s penis inside me as I did. “Are you going to join us tonight?

Neal nodded, “If you’ll have me.

I certainly was going to have him. I had suddenly realized that I had before me the potential to make a sexual fantasy of mine come true. I smiled, “I’d love to have you ¦ right after I have Bill. Right after. Neal’s eye’s widened at that. As I had done the other night, I held out my hand to him.

This time, Neal didn’t hesitate to approach. He tossed something on the bed and then put his arms around me. Neal kissed me and toyed with my nipples while I moved up and down on my husband. Four hands caressed me; lips and penis excited me to near delirium. I fell forward onto my hands.

“Get behind me, I practically ordered Neal. “I want you to be ready to replace Bill when he’s finished. I was being bossy, but I didn’t care; it was my fantasy come true and I wanted it my way.

Neal did as he was told, positioning himself on the bed behind me. He stroked my back, thighs and ass. I caught my breath when his slippery fingers lingered there for intimate exploration. Since Neal had brought lube with him, it was obvious that Bill had told Neal what I like in bed. Neal’s slick finger slowly penetrated my ass; I was in ecstasy.

Once Neal’s finger was deep inside me, he held it still. I moved forward then back, impaling myself on thick finger and thicker penis until I achieved a world-class orgasm. Neal slowly removed his finger, wiggling it to enhance my pleasure. Bill grasped my hips and thrust upward into me, his orgasm as intense as mine.

Bill had barely finished spurting into me, when he shifted and slipped from my body. Neal immediately pressed his erection against me. I could barely wait for Bill to get out of the way. Reaching between my legs, I guided Neal’s cock into my still-throbbing pussy. I came again as he pushed deep inside me.

Neal’s grasped my hips and fucked me with a steady, long-stroked rhythm that I loved. Bill sucked my nipples and I achieved orgasmic heights that I had not known existed. Neal fucked me a long time, letting himself cum only after I was virtually unconscious from unending orgasm. My fantasy had become a blissful reality.

We spent the rest of our visit in sexual exploration. By the end of our vacation, we knew that our threesome was not just a casual experiment. The ties that bound us as husband, wife, and friend were even stronger than they had been when we arrived.

Neal never remarried. He still lives in the old wooden house by the sea. We visit often.

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