The House by the Sea, Part 3 of 4

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Neal’s hand lightly brushed my breast, almost as a question. “Yes, I whispered against his mouth. “Please. My nipples hardened under his work-roughened fingers. I flicked my tongue across Neal’s lips, seeking another taste of him. His kisses became deeper; his caresses more firm. Neal’s desire fueled mine and when he lowered his mouth to my breasts, my back arched with pleasure. My husband – who was still sucking me – sensed my impending orgasm. He held me down and thrust his tongue deep inside me. I think I screamed.

As my orgasmic shudders subsided, I had to push them both away. I was not finished. I just couldn’t take any more direct stimulation right then. I stroked Neal’s rock-hard erection as I urged my husband to slide up and over me. “I need you inside me.

While I played with Neal, Bill began to fuck me. Again on the path to orgasm, I lost focus. Neal moved out of reach. I gathered my wits enough to turn and look for him; I didn’t want him to leave. Neal was still there “ standing by the bed and touching himself as he had done the night before. I reached out and put my hand on his thigh, needing to stay connected. Neal masturbated while we fucked. He trembled under my hand as he approached his climax; I shook with orgasm, which caused my husband to thrust deeply inside me and cry out his pleasure. Almost at the same instant, Neal groaned with his release. The sounds of their pleasure intensified mine. Later, I found out that my fingernails had left marks on Neal’s thigh.

Neal leaned down to kiss me, and then left our bedroom almost as silently as he had arrived. I thought I heard him whisper, “Goodnight, but I wasn’t certain.

I found the sheet and pulled it over us; Bill was instantly asleep. One of these days, we gotta talk about this, was my last thought before I joined my husband in oblivion.

The next morning was a replay of the previous morning “ coffee, Neal getting his boat ready for a charter, a lazy vacation day for Bill and me “ we all had a breezy ˜everything is normal’ attitude. Going with the flow seemed to be how we had all decided to handle our night-time activities.

That evening, a few of Neal’s friends came over for a cookout. It started with an idea to meet for drinks; the next thing we knew, everyone was bringing something. I marinated some of Neal’s catch and put it on the grill and we had ourselves a beach feast, complete with bonfire and late-night star-gazing. We stayed up too late, drank a little too much wine, had a great time “ and slept through the night.

Fortunately, the next day’s charter was a night dive; no one was in any shape to get up early and go out on the water. The guys worked Second Chance while I puttered around the house, then flaked out in the hammock on the porch. In other words, I stayed away from the dock. Bill and Neal had a pretty close relationship, even though “ or perhaps because “ Neal was several years younger than Bill. The two of them actually talked about real stuff, not just carburetors and different types of boat paint. I thought maybe, just maybe, if there was to be any discussion about what we had done, it would happen while they tinkered with Second Chance.

I didn’t realize that I had fallen asleep in the hammock until the rumble of the boat engines woke me. The sound was a smooth purr, indicating the success of the afternoon’s work. Next, I heard the sound of the compressor running as Neal started filling dive tanks. The sun was low “ I’d slept a quite a while “ so I decided I’d better get started on an early dinner. I had the food on the table by the time the guys had finished filling the tanks and gotten cleaned up.

During dinner I got the impression that the guys had talked about more than just boats. Nothing directly to the point was said, but Neal made a couple of comments about staying up to late and then falling asleep in the afternoon, comments that “ combined with the twinkle in his eyes “ I could have interpreted a couple of ways. Since his teasing remarks might have been nothing more than a reference to the previous evening’s beach party, my only reply was a light reminder that I was on vacation. Before I brought up the intimacies we’d shared, I wanted to find out from Bill what they had talked about.

As we cleared the dishes, Neal thanked me for the meal. “If you’re going to do the cooking, you can stay as long as you like, he joked.

I laughed. “Thanks. It’s been great to escape the city; I hate to think about heading home soon.

Bill joined in, “I do need to get back at some point and I’m not leaving without her. He gave Neal a knowing look. “Besides, I saw the way some of the local ladies were checking you out last night. If we stayed around too long we might cramp your style.

Neal’s demeanor sobered. “I’m not interested in being checked out, at least not for a while. I like what I’ve got going now. That wicked grin appeared on this face. “Besides, my style just might be changing.

Before either of us could react to that remark, Neal was on his way out the door. “I’ll be back kind of late. Have a good evening. He had to have heard our startled laughter as he made his way to the boat.

… to be continued

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