The House by the Sea, Part 2 of 4

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Neal closed the door. “Thanks. Crossing the room, he gave me my usual ˜good morning’ kiss on the cheek and claimed his mug.

He added the milk and sugar I’d put out for him and sipped his coffee. Hmm. Maybe we’re pretending it didn’t happen. I can do that. “Breakfast? I asked.

“Thanks, but I had some leftover pizza. He laughed when my usual disgusted reaction to his favorite breakfast “ a grimace of distaste “ crossed my face. “I’ve got a full-day fishing charter, so I’ve got to get going.

“Okay. Was he watching me a little more closely than usual? Well, if he was there was no time to talk anyway. “We’re just going to hang loose today and slip into vacation mode. I thought I’d boil up some shrimp for dinner, along with the usual fixings. That okay?

Neal drained the last of his coffee and rinsed his cup. “Sounds great. Don’t know when I’ll be back, though. These guys are after meat fish. He grabbed his small cooler and headed for the door.

“Doesn’t matter; it can be ready whenever we are. Have a good day.

He opened the door and turned. “You, too. He favored me with a wicked grin and wink before he left.

Laughing, I decided not to worry about discussing the previous night. We either would talk about it or we wouldn’t “ our friendship was strong enough to survive either option. I warmed up my coffee and went to sit on the back porch, waving at Neal as he pulled Second Chance away from the dock and headed to the town pier.

When my husband woke up, I told him about the night before. He was not surprised “ he thought he’d heard something, too. Amused and rather indifferent “ since I wasn’t offended, neither was he “ Bill shrugged off the incident.

We had a perfect vacation day, swimming and lazing on the beach after getting the groceries. Neal and his group had a good day on the water; his Captain’s share of the catch would feed us for a couple of nights. That night we sat on the back porch and devoured a late supper of spicy boiled shrimp, corn, baby new potatoes, and green salad “ all washed down with crisp white wine. Sated, we quietly enjoyed each other’s company before heading to bed.

I woke in the middle of the night with a raging thirst, thanks to our spicy dinner and all the wine. Now aware of Neal’s late-night habits, I decided to throw on my husband’s T-shirt rather than stroll naked through the house. My caution was for naught; Neal was either already out of the house or in bed.

Bill was awake when I got back to bed, and grateful for the cool water I brought with me. After he drank, he reached out to pull me back into bed. The T-shirt surprised him. “What’s the matter? Cold?

“No, I just didn’t want to run into Neal when I had nothing on.

He laughed as he tugged the shirt over my head. “I think it’s too late for modesty. The shirt hit the floor.

“That’s not the point. Bill nibbled my neck; I forgot what the point was. He worked his way down, across the base of my throat and back up the other side, pausing to gently suck my earlobe before he worked his way back to where he started. Once there, he started down again. I shivered with pleasure and anticipation as he kissed and licked his way down to my breasts. Bill leisurely worked his way around from the outside in “ tops, sides and bottoms all receiving attention “ until I was desperate. He knew from years of practice exactly when to suck my nipple into his mouth, working it until I achieved a small, but satisfying, orgasm. While I trembled, he worked his way down my ribcage. I was greedy for the pleasure that I knew was to come. He moved slowly, savoring my skin until I was begging.

“Please. Oh, please. I was mad with wanting.

I felt as much as heard his self-satisfied chuckle. “Please what?

“Beast, was my reply. I reach down and tugged his hair. “You know what I want. I ran my hands over his broad shoulders. “Lick me. Suck me hard until I cum.

Excited by my explicit sexual demands, he slid down. “Anything you want. I raised my knees, spread my legs and fell back in ecstasy when he lowered his mouth to me, first licking and then sucking my clit. I heard a sharp intake of breath that did not come from me ¦ or him.

Turning toward the sound, I saw Neal standing in the doorway watching Bill go down on me. Neal was naked, erect and mesmerized. Without thinking, I held out my hand to him. When he didn’t move, I spoke. “Join us.

Neal tore his gaze from my husband’s endeavors and met my eyes, then looked back at Bill, who merely lifted his head, regarded at each of us for a moment and then went back to licking me. Almost sobbing with pleasure and desire, I again beckoned to Neal. “Please.

He approached the bed. I couldn’t resist the wicked temptation to caress his erection when he came within reach. I hadn’t touched another man in that way for years “ not since I’d been married. The sensation was familiar and strange at the same time; I felt very wanton.

Neal sat when I patted the bed next to me. I drew him down and kissed him. Again, familiar yet strange ¦ an old friend in a new role. He kissed me back; tentatively at first, then with more confidence. My head spun with from the sensations “ warm male lips on both sets of mine! It was sensory overload of the best kind.

… to be continued

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