The House by the Sea, Part 1 of 4

The house was as quiet as an old wooden house on a spit of land by the ocean can ever be. ˜Quiet’ meant that the house creaked during the night as the warm breeze moved through and around it. The wind carried with it the murmur of the rustling palm trees and the susurration of the waves as they splashed on the sand and then fell back to gather their strength for their endless assault on the beach.

Moonlight streamed in the windows and illuminated the floor, its planks worn smooth by years of being trodden by sandy feet. The plain white curtains shifted in the breeze; the cool light revealed the gratified expression on my husband’s face as I lowered myself onto him. I shuddered with pleasure and tried to keep quiet as he filled me; the small house was open and I did not want to wake our Neal, our host.

In silence, I rocked back and forth, slowly lifting myself off of Bill and then sliding down onto his hardness. As I moved I fancied that my slow movements and our breathing took on the cadence of the elements around us: I rising and falling with the rhythm of the surf; our sighs of pleasure coinciding with the whispering of the palms. Head back and eyes closed, I enjoyed the feel of the sea breeze on my skin, and the sex-enhancing sounds of nature.

An out-of-rhythm noise from beyond doorway caught my attention. When I looked around, I found myself staring into Neal’s eyes. He was standing in the half-shadowed hallway. A towel was around his waist. Apparently, he had intended to slip out for a late-night swim. Instead, he was watching us make love.

Neither of us could look away. The moonlight streaked his blond hair with silver and made his tanned, muscular body seem fairer than it really was. Unmoving in the dappled light, Neal looked unreal “ more like a photographic study than a live male. I, on the other hand, was still moving. Oddly enough, I felt no embarrassment; no need to cover myself or alert my husband to our friend’s presence.

We broke eye contact when Bill slipped his fingers between our bodies to stroke me to an orgasm that was blinding in its intensity. After the last shivers of pleasure swept through me and I could again focus, I returned my gaze to the hallway. Neal was still watching but he was no longer immobile. He touched himself as he watched us; his towel a dark pool at his feet. When I experienced another orgasm, I stared straight at Neal. Aroused beyond belief, I flooded my husband with hot cum. When Bill increased the force of his thrusts I focused my attention on him, acutely aware that Neal was watching.

It was all I could do not to scream as one of the most intense orgasms of my life jolted through me. My husband thrust up hard “ once, twice more and joined me in orgasm. Hearing a groan from the hallway, I looked toward Neal in time to watch him cum into his hand “ a sight so erotic it caused me to cum again before I collapsed across my husband’s chest.

When we had caught our breath, I rolled to one side and sat up. The moonlight angled across an empty hallway. I was too exhausted to do anything more than curl up next to my husband and fall asleep.

The next morning dawned bright and clear. I was up early, making coffee and enjoying the view. The ocean was a color of blue that took my breath away. Neal was down on the dock getting his boat ready for the day’s charter. I looked around as I waited for the coffee to brew.

Neal had done wonders with the place. After his divorce he had wanted to leave the city and get away from everything for a while. His pleasant memories of school breaks spent visiting a great uncle led him south. Neal tracked down his relative and found him ready to sell. The house and dock had become too much for the old man to keep up with; he wanted to be in a retirement condo near his grandchildren. Since Neal had bugged out of the corporate world with plenty of money, the match was perfect.

The house was far enough away from town and neighbors for Neal to have the quiet he craved, but not so far that shopping or eating out was a hassle. Neal had kept most of the old place as it was, modernizing only the kitchen and bathrooms. He’d had an engineer shore up the house and dock “ a well-done job that retained the outward ramshackle-but-charming appearance of the house while securing it against Gulf storms. Then Neal bought a boat and went fishing for a while “ he said he needed time to think and get his life together.

While he was thinking about what to do with his life, Neal earned his Captain’s license and Dive Master’s certificate. He slowly acquired more gear and equipment. After a while Neal started taking people out fishing and diving. His temporary respite from the rat-race had turned into a life that I thought suited him very well.

Movement outside brought me back to the present. Neal was headed toward the house. Can’t avoid it any longer, I thought. I poured us both a cup of coffee and waited for him to come in the house.

He opened the door and looked at me as he wiped his feet. “Good morning.

“Good morning. Coffee’s ready. Now what am I supposed to say? I wondered. Sleep well?

… to be continued


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