The Hike

He could see sweat beading at the small of her back.  They were mid-hike – his favorite hike – and he had been watching her for nearly an hour now, becoming more and more aroused by her rhythm and sweat. She walked about three paces in front of him with a swing to her stride. He had an overwhelming urge to grab her by the hips and lick the tiny beads of transparent liquid off her skin. His lips could almost feel her neck against them, sticky smooth. He could feel the chemistry clouding the air between them, but it was technically their second date and he wasn’t sure how she’d respond. He paused for a moment.

“Fuck it,” he thought, “passion is meant to be had.”

He ran up and put his hands on her hips, and walked in sync with her for a few paces until they slowed to a stop. He felt her hips under his hands and pulled her closer so that her ass pressed up against him.

“Well hello,” she said with sultry humor. Any remaining hesitation he had dissolved as she leaned back, melting into him. She cocked her head up and to the left and their mouths came together effortlessly. Magnets. Their tongues and lips danced a sensual tango of pressing, and licks, and sucking.

His hands had moved up from her hips, slowly sliding along her body until they reached her breasts. He could feel her erect nipples through her tank top. His fingertips traced tiny circles and he pinched softly as she pressed her back into his chest, kisses and breathing becoming deeper.


She was amused with his timing as she had been planning on making a similar move up ahead, but this was just as good. The amusement only lasted a moment as she quickly became consumed by the raw passion that flooded her entire body.

The more he played with her nipples, the more she felt a tingling warmth growing between her legs. She could feel how hard he had become. She reached behind her and ran her hand over his shorts, curving her palm around his penis. She slid her fingers up and down, circling the tip and feeling his erection intensify.

She grabbed one of his hands and guided it down until his fingers rested where she burned for them. He slid his finger along, feeling her through a thin layer of spandex – the hint of a crevice. Her hair tickled his lips as he whispered, “I can feel how wet you are through your clothes.”

“I want you to feel me under my clothes,” she responded. His hand moved up for a moment then slid its way under her waistband, slowly down to the wetness that had gathered. She let out a gasp.


Her wetness made him dizzy. His index finger nestled in a valley soft skin, he rubbed her up and down from the top of her clit to the entrance of her vagina. He could feel her faint undulations in response to his touch. He pressed harder and slowly slid his finger in, the lower part of his palm still up against her clit.

They shared a tense excitement, knowing someone could come around the bend at any moment; half listening for signs of hikers and half not caring. His groin ached with desire as he repeatedly brushed up against the round curve of her ass with his finger inside her.

She turned around to face him, her arms wrapped around his neck. Their attraction was pulsating. It was an attraction that spanned both physical and mental territory. They smiled, both knowing the smile meant: I want you. She grabbed his arm and scampered up a small incline so that they were above the path. Of all the times he had been on this hike he had never left the path. He led her over to a large, slanted boulder.

They joined lips and it was as if they had never paused. Kissing harder now hands groped arms, neck, ass, face. Both were relishing the loss of control. He lifted her tank top up and tasted the nipples he had felt just minutes earlier. As he kissed and sucked the little domes of flesh, their shape and texture made him even harder. She unsnapped his shorts with a flick of her wrist and unzipped them. He pulled her spandex shorts down and she stepped out of them. They both were consumed by the urgency to fuck.

“Do you have a…”

“I brought one…”

“Glad someone was thinking ahead…”

He put the condom on and she leaned back against the cool surface. He put the tip of his penis at the entrance to her vagina, and could feel her warmth. Leaning in he slowly penetrated her. She could feel him sliding in and up. He could feel her tight around him. He pushed in all the way, and then stayed there for a moment, grinding side to side and into her clit. He grabbed one of her legs and brought it up to his hip, thrusting passionately. His hand on her ass, pulling her in, her weight lifting slightly with each entry. His penis pulsed with blood and life.

Her hips tilted up to him, each thrust delivered a powerful sensation that surged through her. He asked if she wanted to try another position. She shifted them towards the small rock to her right and he lowered her down against it. He lay her back and she opened her legs as wide as she could, letting him enter her as deeply as possible. She reached down and cupped his testicles, her hand filling with flesh.

They locked eyes, his cock deep insider her, her clit pressing against his body. He felt himself sliding out almost all the way, then plunging back into the tight wetness. As he fucked her slowly, pressing into her with each thrust, she wrapped her legs around him tightly, fucking him back.

Their bodies undulated together, pounding into each other with rhythm and desire. Unexpectedly, the hint of a climax became an imminent orgasm…a wave of sensation crept up and they felt themselves at the edge of delirium. Groins throbbing, a blinding pleasure rushed through them. They both let out unabashed moans of release as their bodies made uncontrollable thrusts and spasms. As they came back to the world they were breathing heavily. For that moment they were at peace with their bodies, and the air around them.


As they made their way back to the trailhead, he walked about three paces in front of her. She watched him move, flashing back to him inside of her. She saw his sweat and knew his smell. The whole time, he felt her walking behind him, felt her watching him. And he now knew her softness, her tightness. Life was good.

Anijav Phoenix

I am a non-profit professional working in San Francisco. I am passionate about promoting the vast spectrum of pleasure and (consensual) sex...oh and also dancing, eating, social justice, and plants! To preserve the distinction between the non-profits I am associated with and certain personal interests, my participation in the sex-positive community is under the pseudonym, Anijav Phoenix.

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2 Responses

  1. Lynne says:

    Phew! Hot!

    Some of my best memories are getting off the hiking path. Thanks for making those memories return so vividly!!!

  2. tom says:

    I love getting off the path when I hike.