The Good Vibrations Guide: The G-Spot Review

Good Vibrations Guide: The G-Spot is a very short, very-focused book on the g-spot and female ejaculation. It’s published by Down There Press and written by Cathy Winks. The book takes just an hour (or less) to read, and it’s 63 with four seperate and distinct chapters. The text in this book is a bit small, so if you have eye problems, it may be difficult to read this text as the text is about an Arial 8-point font in the book. The book is also pretty average-sized at about seven inches tall and five inches in width.

This book just focuses on the idea of the g-spot and female ejaculation. It mostly focuses on the g-spot and how to stimulate it, and this book is obviously focused towards people who haven’t had much success stimulating their g-spot or don’t know much about the g-spot. It includes a lot of great information, but it isn’t anything too advanced, and it’s going to basically teach you what the g-spot is, where it is, how to stimulate it, and any other information that will help you feel the pleasure of the g-spot and anything else related to the g-spot.

The book is organized a bit awkwardly. I found myself not really knowing where chapters would begin and end. Sometimes, the headings weren’t really large enough for me to notice or read while reading the book. However, for the most part, the book still had a lot of great information. The book is easy to find information in if you want to pinpoint something specific. In a couple places, the book mentions the male prostate, but it doesn’t focus on it much. It focuses mostly on the female g-spot instead of on the male prostate.

The book is very open-minded, and the author does a great job of making sure to be fair about representing the facts, and the author makes it obvious that they just want the main point of the book to be to focus on achieving pleasure through the g-spot. I really like the fact that they make sure to mention that not everyone is going to enjoy g-spot pressure, but it’s worth giving it a try in order to possibly find a new hot-spot for your sexual life. The book, according to the authors, was written because the authors didn’t like the idea of other books out there that state that the g-spot is always the next big thing, so the authors wanted to make it obvious about the ways to stimulate the g-spot and about how much pleasure (or not-pleasure for some people) that the g-spot can bring.

The book has a lot of different and various topics that it covers. It covers a basic anatomy lesson and how it relates to pleasure, different pleasure zones in the vagina and surrounding area, the female prostate and female ejaculation, how to talk about the g-spot, how to hit the g-spot, all about female ejaculation, about using sex toys, and some end notes about the g-spot.

The book is a great read about the g-spot, and if you want a book that is completely about the g-spot and how to pleasure it, this book is a good book to look into. It’s not going be comprehensive about everything about sex, but if you specifically just want to look into the g-spot without anything else, it works well. It’s also a short read, so unilke other g-spot books, you can read it very quickly and be done. The Good Vibrations Guide: The G-Spot is available at the online Good Vibrations store.

Good Vibrations

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