The Girl with a Purse

She filled her pocket with a few of the free condoms in the bowl by the door while waiting for the girl to get her coat. She had more at home, but she just wanted to be sure she had some at the ready — it had been a while, and she couldn’t really remember what drawer she had thrown them in. The girl came walking towards her with a sly smile and Joey felt a throbbing begin in her clit. The girl was coming home with her.

Joey concentrated on driving while the girl dug through her purse, reapplied her lipstick and popped a mint into her mouth.

“Want some?” she asked.

Joey went to reach for the mint but the girl was too fast — her fingers, and the mint were inside Joey’s mouth before she could say or do anything. Joey sucked hard on her fingers, while looking ahead at the road.

“I’m going to fuck that pretty mouth of yours,” said the girl. “I’m going to bruise those pretty lips.”

Joey reached over and pulled the girl’s skirt up. She ran her finger along her clit, covered by a thin layer of white cotton. The girl moaned. She pulled her fingers out of Joey’s mouth and put them in her own. Joey had a hard time keeping her eyes on the road, and luckily she didn’t live far from the bar. They were at Joey’s place within minutes.

Joey opened the door and let the girl in first. As soon as Joey closed the door behind her, the girl turned to her and began running her tongue along Joey’s neck, up to her ear, and over to her mouth. Joey shoved the girl’s skirt up and hooked her finger under the underwear. The girl was really wet, and Joey felt her stomach jump a little as her finger slid easily inside her lips.

“Wait, I’m fucking you first,” said the girl, pulling away suddenly. “Where’s your bathroom?”

Joey pointed down the short hall.

“Go get naked,” she told Joey. “All the way, naked.”

Joey did as she was told. She lay on her bed, feeling a little self-conscious. She had grabbed a few of the condoms out of her pocket and put them on the nightstand. She was reaching to turn the light out when the girl came into the room.

“Don’t turn the light off, I like to see who I’m fucking.” She straddled Joey’s lap, and pushed her down on the bed. Though she still had her skirt on, Joey could see the girl had put on a harness and the dildo peaked out from the edge. Joey reached for it.

“Want to suck it?” said the girl. “What do you say?”

“Please and thank you,” said Joey. She grabbed a condom and pushed up the skirt. The dildo was long and curved, and Joey couldn’t wait to be filled by it. She quickly put the condom on and the girl moved forward so that Joey could wrap her mouth around the cock. The girl was gentle at first, pushing and pulling it out slowly, but soon she was testing Joey’s limits. Joey grabbed the base of the cock so that she could control the rhythm and depth. The girl continued to fuck her mouth. Joey’s hands gripped the girl’s ass as her pelvis rocked to and fro, and Joey opened her mouth wider and wider. The girl was demanding and Joey was wet. Her clit throbbed and it took everything she had not to touch herself. “How do your lips feel?” the girl asked, pulling the dildo away and pushing several fingers into Joey’s mouth. “I know you want to fuck me now,” she said, “but I’m not done yet. Get on your stomach.”

Joey flipped over and put a pillow under her pelvis. She ached to be fucked deep and fast.

“Where’s your lube?” the girl asked. Joey opened the top drawer of her nightstand, pulled out a bottle and handed it to the girl.

“You’re almost out… have you been a bad girl? Have you been fucking a lot of strangers?”

Joey wanted to explain that the last time she had used that lube it had been with her ex-girlfriend, and that she had never picked up anyone at a bar before, but she didn’t.

“I want you to fuck me hard,” is all she said.

And the girl did. She poured a small dot of lube on the tip of the cock and spread Joey’s ass cheeks. She pushed Joey’s head and neck down with her hand and held them there as she pushed and pulled the cock out of Joey’s pussy mercilessly. Joey screamed into her pillow when she came. She hadn’t even fingered her clit, like she usually had to do to come — the fucking was all she needed.

The girl pulled out and peeled the condom off. She threw it to the floor. She took the dildo out of the harness and laid it next to Joey’s face, on the pillow.

“Sit up darling, my ass needs you,” she said. “Put another condom on that and lots of lube… I want you to work me.”

Joey quickly did as she was asked. She grabbed two condoms. She put them on — one on the cock and one over a few fingers, and then smothered the dildo with thick lube. The girl stacked three pillows and laid forward across them. She was already rubbing her clit.

“Start slow,” she said.

Joey put two fingers slowly inside the girl’s pussy as she slowly slid the dildo in her ass. The girl moaned and began breathing faster. Joey followed the directions her breath gave her, and slowly started fucking her harder. The girl hands gripped the edge of the bed as she braced herself, and Joey took this as a sign the girl was ready for a fast fucking. Joey matched the rhythm of her fingers to the dildo. She closed her eyes, and with all of her strength, she pulled and pushed and pulled and pushed in and out of the girl’s ass and pussy. The girl writhed and moaned and pushed her face into the pillow. She was talking, but Joey couldn’t hear her. She continued fucking the girl fast and hard until the girl reached back between her legs and grabbed a hold of Joey’s wrist. Joey stopped and the girl went limp. Joey lay her head on the back of the girl’s legs, breathing hard.

“Hey, do you know where I left my purse?” the girl said, turning her head towards Joey. Joey jumped up to get it off of the floor. The girl sat up and began to dig through it. She held her hand out to Joey, offering a mint. Joey went to reach for it and the girl pulled back her hand.

“Open your mouth,” she said, “open those fucking lips.”


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